Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

One of the most amazing and played games of all time, created by naughty dogs. Naught dogs are going for the Fifth part. But today we are going to talk about the collection of uncharted. The first three games of uncharted were quite amazing to play with different story-line. In this blog, I will tell you about the three games and their experience while I played them. Make sure to read or listen to this blog before playing them. But if you have played before then reading this blog will make you play more and more every day. In this review, I will tell the story by combining every cutscene of the game. where I say gameplay in the reviews, It means the game has started. it’s about sir Natan drake and his uncharted legacy which was about to happen.

Character In the game:

Nathan Drake

Victor Sullivan

Elena Fisher

Chloe Frazer

Zoran Lazarevic

Atoq Navarro

Harry Flynn

Katherine Marlowe

Young Drake

Uncharted: The Game

Uncharted is a motion Graph game with realistic graphics. The game is developed by Naughty Dog, Bent studios, and blue point games. The designer of this game is Amy Hennig and more. The first uncharted game was released on 19 November 2007. The game was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Entertainment for Playstation.

The Story

Uncharted revolves around a young man Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan. These two or treasure hunters, explorers but most of all thieves. Nathan Drake is the Hire of Sir Francis Drake, who also was an explorer of his time. To submit his legacy Nathan starts his journey to different parts of the world for different treasures. but most important to prove Francis drake all theories were correct. More will be told once you review these three games. with a different storyline.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Uncharted was released on Nov19, 2007. The story starts with the moto of sir Francis drake:

There must be the beginning of any great matter,

but the continuity unto the end until it is thoroughly finished yield the true glory

Sir Francis Drake 1587

There was a coffin and a girl was recording. The coffins of sir Francis drake. Nathan found the coffin of Francis drake and inside there was nobody but only a journal which was of Francis drake. Nathan found the coffin in the middle of Panama seas. As they were about to go, They saw some ships coming at them. Gameplay. a plane came to the sea and saved both the girl and Nathan. As their ship was destroyed, They jumped into the sea. Now the uncharted storyline.

The Story-line of the game

And there he was victor Sullivan aka Sully. The girl’s name was Elene fisher. She is a reporter and was recording the whole expenditure. They got somewhere quiet and Nate told sully that Francis drake found EL DORADO the city of gold. You have always heard the story of the city of gold. Do you? Forget it. Moving on, As I was saying Now they decide to find el dorado but they have one problem. Elena? they leave Elena at the docks and go on for the search of El Dorado.

The search of El Dorado

A jungle Far away from London. They think that the gold is somewhere in there. Gameplay. They went into a cave and saw the place was empty. Nate says that he thinks the Spanish took it. but They to find it. Gameplay. They see a wall and Nate was shocked to know they this was not the city of gold. It was a golden idol made up of gold. They see the track that the idol is somewhere else as the Spanish took it. They followed the tracks. Gameplay. They went backside and find a wrecked ship. He said you wait here I’ll go inside and see if I find something. Gameplay. Nate find the germans in the shipped killed horribly. Nate finds a Map where he finds the collection of where they have taken the golden idol.

The Villans

Gameplay. Nate jumps from the ship and when he comes up to the ground he sees that men are aiming at Sully and he finds a game giving him a hand to come out. Nate meets Gabriel Roman and Navarro. Navarro is the real villain of the story. but you’ll find out reading more. So where was I. Yes, the Roman wants Nate to tell in everything about what he finds in the ship and the ship’s blows. But before that roman killed sully, But when the ship blows Nate got Away. Gameplay. As they search for Nate Elena Saves Her and Nate asks what are you doing and she helps her and insists Nathan that see will come with him as she needs her Story.

The Plane Wrecked

As now sully is killed by roman and Nate escape from his grasp. Now Nate and Elena go to an island in the middle of the pacific ocean. As they arrive above the island, someone on the island started shooting at and the plane got destroyed. Nate and Elena both jumped from the plane. Elena went first and was disappeared and got out late and jumped from the plane. Gameplay. Now Nate is safely on the ground but has to find Elena and the plane because the map was in the plane. Gameplay. Nate sees the plane in a tree or part of it. he goes up and grabs the map. through the plane window, he sees Elena’s parachute but didn’t see her.

Elena and Francis Drake’s Note

Gameplay. As Nate goes to the way where the parachute is and sees Elena Filming something. Nate goes to save her But Roman’s men find Nate and start attacking him. GamePlay. After Killing all men, they went inside the cave and find a note with a map. I,m not gonna tell you what was written because you have to play the game to enjoy every moment of it. Nate finds a tower in Drake’s drawing And goes to the tower. Gameplay. In the tower, he founds Ships in the sea and Elena but before could anything Roman’s men attack Nathan.

Out of the Frying pan

As Nathan Woke up he sees himself in a prison. Elena was there in the window, and she says wait I will get something to pull you out. In the meantime, The gate opened and Nate is surprised to see Eddie raja his old enemy. Eddie has the map now and asks Nate to help him find the gold. While Elena broke the prison from the back and she and Nate escaped. Eddie goes after them. Gameplay.

The Drowned City

As Nathan and Elena come to the end of the road. Eddie was about to grab him and the map, but Nathan jumped into the water and found the Drowned city. Eddie’s men were firing at Nathan and Elena. Gameplay. Now they are finding a way to get off of this island. they don’t how. Elena shows Nathan the recording she was doing on his camera and Nathan sees a boat and says let’s go that’s our ticket out. But Elena asks are you quitting. Don’t you want to find it? but Nathan says let’s go. there they sea a jet ski to leave the city. Gameplay.

To the boat

Nathan and Elena see a tower to see where the boat is. When they find the tower, they got inside and sees the journals, maps, and every old stuff there was. And there was a journal. In that journal, there was the entry of a golden idol. They see the idol’s photos in the journal. Elena Ask Nathan why this ring is special to you. the ring Nate wear’s on his neck. Nathan tells Elena that this ring is of Francis Drake. Then they go outside and see that is there. Elena says you go get the boat I’ll stay and get some more footage. you go and get the boat and pick me up. Gameplay.

Sully is Alive

As Nate was about to capture the boat, Elena comes and ask Nate that he need to see something. Nate sees in the footage that Sully is alive. Elena asks Nate do you really trust this guy. Nate goes with Elena to save sully. they Go to the monastery. Gameplay. Nate and Elena go into the deep jungle and find the body in a trap. Nate sees and tells that this trap which was made of our plane and that scares Nate. They come to the place where sully is. Gameplay. The guard sees both of them and starts shooting them. But Nate Kills Them all and is happy to see sully Alive. Nate asks how are you alive? Sull tells that Drake’s book took a bullet for him.

The Treasure Vault

Sully tells them that he figures out the treasure is in this monastery inside a vault. Find the vault, you find the treasure. Gameplay. As Nate finds the entrance to the vault. he finds that Roman Men are guarding the vault entrance and ask to sully to create a diversion for me. So that WE could get inside. Gameplay. As Nate, Sully, and Elena are in the vault. Now they just have to find the sign which is in Drake’s journal to enter the vault. Gameplay. As they Found the Sign. They get in. Sully was about to enter and Nate Realized that it was a trap and push sully back and Now they both need to find a way to get out.

Heart of the Vault

Gameplay. As they were going Eddie saw than and try to kill them but Nate and Elena ran and got into a cave. Where they see the body of Drake. As Nate realizes that he just ended up here. Now Nate is ready to movie On Or is he? Gameplay. Nate and Elena Found A way to go through the cave with the ladder as Nate pulls Elena up. She finds a way to get Nate up. But Eddie shows up. he was about to shoot Nate, but they heard voices and see an unknown creature attacking them. Gameplay. The creatures are killed and Elena brings a rope and says climb. Nate tried to save Eddie but could not do so. Nate and Elena are shocked to see what creatures are they. The creatures follow them but they find a room and close it.

The Curse of El Dorado

Nate and Elena are tucked in the room with no way out. But Nate says let’s get the power on with the generator so that we could go. She broke the mirror and says you go turn the power on and come back for me. Gameplay. As Nate enter the generator room, He saw a film that shocked him. He saw a letter written by sir Francis drake. Say:

My end is near. The gold of Eldorado Bear’s a terrible curse. The Spanish have opened hell, become a demon.

More you can see when you play the game. Moving on, Nate realizes that the gold of Eldorado is making people into demons and it should not leave the island. And Realize that Francis Drake was right about everything. As Nate was about to leave he heard the demon noises and start fighting with them. Gameplay.

The gold of El Dorado

When Nate comes back for Elena, He sees that Elena is captured by Roman and Navarro. They both leave with Elena So that Nate Could not do Anythink Stupid. As of now, Nate has to find Sully, Save Elena, And stop Roman and Navarro from Taking the golden idol. Gameplay. Nate finds Sully and goes to save Elena. They went under the Cave and see that Roman and Navarro Are already there. Behold the golden idol in Infront of you. The gold of El Dorado. Navarro asks Roman to open the gold So that he could see the real treasure. When he opens it. Roman becomes a demon after smelling the position. And Navarro kills Roman. And bring Down his men to take the idol. Nat asks to stop but Navarro leaves with Elena so that Nate does not follow.


As Navarro Leaves with Elena, The demons Attack Nate, Sully, and Navarro’s men. Gameplay. Nates leaves sully and follow Navarro on the Ship. As the final Showdown begins With Nate stop Navarro. Elena meanwhile kills the Helicopter pilot and Elena and Navarro Crashes on the Ship with Nate. As Now Nate and Navarro Fights. GamePlay. Nate pull the helicopter and it Downed in the water taking Idol And Navarro both as Nate End is the First historical journey. Sully comes With a small boat to leave the island. As they were about to leave Sully Ask Nate to see this. Sully brought A lot of gold With him And Nate his Happy. And they got off the Island in the boat as the First Uncharted Game ends.

Last Part of the blog

As for whoever reads this blog at the end, I appreciate it. Nathan has proved his Legacy. There is more Gameplay than are in here. Most of the topics I thought would be interesting but loved to write. Before going Read the Quote.

“Follow the heart the Way to Follow

In the End Mind will Stop Ordering you.”

Thats all Folks. See you in the next blog .Till then Read or listen.

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