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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

One of the most amazing and played games of all time, created by naughty dogs. Naught dogs are going for the Fifth part. But today we are going to talk about the collection of uncharted. The first three games of uncharted were quite amazing to play with different story-line. Like In this blog, I will tell you about the three games and their experience while I played them. Make sure to read or listen to this blog before playing them. But if you have played before then reading this blog will make you play more and more every day. In this review, I will tell the story by combining every cutscene of the game. where I say gameplay in the reviews, It means Uncharted 3 has started.

Character In the game:

Nathan Drake

Victor Sullivan

Elena Fisher

Chloe Frazer

Zoran Lazarevic

Atoq Navarro

Harry Flynn

Katherine Marlowe

Young Drake



Uncharted: The Game

Uncharted is a motion Graph game with realistic graphics. The game is developed by Naughty Dog, Bent studios, and blue point games. The designer of this game is Amy Hennig and more. The first uncharted game was released on 19 November 2007. The game was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Entertainment for Playstation.

The Story

The story revolves around a young man Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan. These two or treasure hunters, explorers but most of all thieves. Nathan Drake is the Hire of Sir Francis Drake, who also was an explorer of his time. To submit his legacy Nathan starts his journey to different parts of the world for different treasures. but most important to prove Francis drake all theories were correct. More will be told once you review these three games. with a different storyline. All of the uncharted worlds belong to them. And the uncharted treasures.

Uncharted: Drake’s Deception

Uncharted 3 was released on November1,2011. The game starts with Natan’s voice-over saying the motto of T.E. Lawrence aka Lawerence of Arabia.

The dreamers of the day are dangerous men for they may act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible.

This I did.

T.E. Lawrence

Lawrence of Arabia

The game starts in London, England. Nate and Sully are walking on the road, going somewhere. They went into a club for a deal. There they meet with Talbot. Nate’s deal is money for the ring he has of Sir Francis Drake which I was talking about in Uncharted 1. Nate realize that the money was fake and now there are in big trouble.

The Search for Iram

Gameplay. As Nate and sully are beating the goons, they outside and fight them. As a car comes and the men grab Nate And sully. They meet Katherine Marlowe. The woman who wants the Ring and an old friend is now an Enemy of Sullivan. As Marlowe takes the ring from, Nate and Nate was about to attack him, Cutter shot Nate and then Sully. Marlowe leaves the area. Flashback.

20 Year Earlier

Flashback brings us back to Colombia where Nate is just a kid. He is standing in the street. About to do something. Gameplay. As Nate walks into the museum where Francis drake things are. Nate sees the ring and wants to steal it. As he needs a key, He sees a strange man and that man was Victor Sullivan. Nate follows Sullivan. Gameplay. Nate sees Sullivan is making a key in a shop to steal something from the museum. Sullivan put the key in the wallet and Now Nate has to steal the wallet from Sullivan. Nate follows Sully. Gameplay.

Greatness from Small beginning

As Nate steals the wallet from sully and ran aways as gonna a far sully caught him. They had a talk and Nate gives his wallet back. Now Nate goes back to the Musem to steal the ring. As Nate was about to steal Marlowe and Sully comes there. Nate runs with the key. Gameplay. Nate is about to get killed, but Sully shot the man. And then they go to a restaurant to have a talk. Sully convinces Young Nate that we can tag along. Now they both introduce themself. Flashback over. Present.

The lost City

As Marlowe leaves Nate and sully are alive. Cutter is their friend. Now they are going after Marlow to catch a device she has. because Nate gave him a fake ring. Chloe Comes into the scene. Chloe tells that they are in there. in the Store. The shutter is not opening As Nate has to find a way to get in. Gameplay. Nate goes and brings and opens the shutter from inside. As they get in there is no car nothing. but Nate figures out that there is a secret passage. They go in And find That Marlowe is using the ring in the device. Marlowe gets to know that the ring is fake and tells everybody that she wants the ring. As they have been followed.

The lost city Part 2

Gameplay. As the cost is clear Nate finds the golden hind with help of the ring and the device. As the golden hind is drakes ship. Nat find a map and they got away with the map. Later on, Nate tells everyone about Lawerence of Arabia and the city of Ubar. he tells everyone that Marlowe is after the city’s treasure. Nate tells to find the location we need to find the map which is in two-part half in France and the second half is in Syria. Nate and sully go to France and Chloe and cutter go to Syria.

The Map Part 1 (France)

Nate and sully are in France and are in the jungle. Gameplay. As Nate and sully find a Mansion. Gameplay. Nate and sully found a secret passage and goes underground but found nothing as they were coming back up they saw Talbot and his men. And now Nate fights them. Gameplay. Nate finds one of Talbot’s men dead. But Nate said what happen to him. Gameplay. Nate and sully found another secret passage which lead them to john Dee’s lap. Gameplay. In the lap they fina another door which lead them to the grave inside the grave there was an amulet. The amulet is the map. but it’s only half. Now as they were leaving Tablet comes.


Nate gives the amulet to Talbot and he leaves as Nate and sully are in high trouble. Spiders that eat humans. Gameplay. Nate and sully escaped somehow. you will know when you will play the game. Now Talbot was destroying the mansion as Nate and sully are in there. Gameplay. Nate and sully somehow got out of the mansion. Now they are worried that if there were followers maybe Chloe and Cutter may are also followed. As they go to Syria to meet Chloe and Cutter.

The Map Part 2 ( Syria)

The Next Night, Nate and Sully reach Syria and have to find Cutter and Chloe now. Gameplay. Chlo and cutter meet Nate and sully. Cutter tells Nate that he has found out everything, That Marlowe is some part of a secret society that was created four Thunder years ago. In the Scrip which Cutter showed to Nate say as high as below. To find the location you need to go to the top of this building. As Marlowe and Talbot are here.Gameplay. When they got on the top, Nate use the star to find out the location. Gameplay. Nate and everyone were about to enter the location, but Tablot fired a poison dart at Cutter. Cutter is Now in control of Talbot.


Cutter is Still holding on as Nate and everyone enters the passage. Now they have to find the amulet. Gameplay. As Nate finds the amulet, they all now know Where to go in Yemen. They were about to leave as Talbot comes to attack them. but Cutter shot Talbot. Nate and everyone ran But Cutter Broke his leg. And they all Escaped. Now Nathan and sully have to Yemen to Find Iram. There is only One Person who can help them to enter Yemen. My Favorite Elena Fisher.

Histroical Research

Nate and Sully are in Yemen With Elena, As now they have to find the location which was on the amulet. Gameplay. When they reach They have to go below and find the exact location of Iram. Gameplay. Now Nate finds a room and inside that room, Nate found the exact location of Iram. Nate didn’t write any detail But asked to sully to memorize this. As they were about to leave, Nate is hit by the same dart, that was used on Cutter. Nate asks Elena and Sully to Run. And Nate becomes unconscious. When he woke up he Found Marlowe in front of him.

Dead End

Marlowe asks Nathan to tell us the location, but Nate tells them that only Sully Knows And you are of no use. As Nathan woke up again her FInd himself in a ship with goons Ready to kill him. Gameplay. Now Nathan is captured and has to find a way to get out. Gameplay. The leader of the goon asks Nathan about Iram but Nathan Escapes. Now The leader of the goons Ramaes Blows up the ship. Nathan somehow survives with the help of a plank. The next day, Nathan is at the shore and goes to Elena. Elena tells Nathan that they have Sully Captured. There are going to the desert on the plane. Nathan first rest and night. he Goes to the plane to jump on it. Leaving Elena Behind. Nathan asks Elena to stop and go home. Then Nathan Runs to the Plane and moves in.

The Rub’al Khali

Nathan is now in the plane and attacks the plane from the inside. As a result, The plane is destroyed and Nathan is in the middle of the desert with nowhere to go. So Nathan starts to walk. Gameplay. Nathan walks day and night. And the next day, with a little life left in him, he saw a dead town. Gameplay. By the way, uncharted is one of the best adventure games you ever wanted to play.

The Story

Nate moves to the town he sees Marlow’s Men attacking him. Gameplay. As they were attacking Nate, A group of men came with the horse and killed everyone and saved Nate. Later that night, He thanks the man who saved his life. He introduces himself and Salim the sheik of the tribe. Salim tells Nathan the story of Iram. He says that there are evil powers like Djinn Traped by king Solomon. These Djinn are trapped in a brass. And Marlowe is after that. Salim helps Nathan to attack Marlowe and save Sully.

The Caravan

Nate and Salim attack the caravan. Gameplay. Nathan Saves Sully. Sully tells Nate that Marlowe is in the city and we need to stop him. Nate, Sully, and Salim go After Marlowe. Gameplay. Now then A storm hits and Sully and Nate Find the door of Iram.

Iram of the Pillars

Gameplay. Guys, This is terrifying. Nate and Sully enter Iram the city of the Djinn. As they were in the city and stop to drink water. After they drink water, Nate sees that Talbot has Killed Sully. Nate goes after Talbot and Marlowe. Gameplay. Nate sees Sully and is surprised. Sully tells Nate that it’s the water. Water makes people hallucinate. And Marlowe is after the water. Nathan thinks that’s not the water but whats’s in the water. The brass. Nate Destory’s machine was Carrying the brass.

The Final Battle

As the city starts to go down, Nate and Sully are trying to save their life by running out of the city. As well as Marlowe and Talbot. Marlowe dies. Nathan and Talbot had a fight. Nathan and sully are saved by Salim.

The End of Nathan Drake

Another city was destroyed and Nate and Sully Survived Again. Nate Had a Small talk With Sully. A lovely one. In the end, Nathan Asks Elena to Marry him. And The End. what will happen now in the uncharted3 and the series so far ends.

Last part of the blog

I reviewed by telling you the whole story. I loved all three games and Now will go for that fourth. Remember guys Sometimes you will love the blogs and sometimes you don’t. Todays Quote

History is what you create,

But legend’s is what history creates.

That’s All Folk’s See you In the next blog. Till then Read And listen.

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