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Uncharted 2: Honor Among Thieves

One of the most amazing and played games of all time, created by naughty dogs. Naught dogs are going for the Fifth part. But today we are going to talk about the collection of uncharted. The first three games of uncharted were quite amazing to play with different story-line. In this blog, I will tell you about the three games and their experience while I played them. Make sure to read or listen to this blog before playing them. But if you have played before then reading this blog will make you play more and more every day. In this review, I will tell the story by combining every cutscene of the game. where I say gameplay in the reviews, It means the game has started. the uncharted 2 is amazing for everyone.

Character In the game:

Nathan Drake

Victor Sullivan

Elena Fisher

Chloe Frazer

Zoran Lazarevic

Atoq Navarro

Harry Flynn

Katherine Marlowe

Young Drake

Uncharted: The Game

Uncharted is a motion Graph game with realistic graphics. The game is developed by Naughty Dog, Bent studios, and blue point games. The designer of this game is Amy Hennig and more. The first uncharted game was released on 19 November 2007. The game was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Entertainment for Playstation. Uncharted 2 is one of the games that has everything for a person to love.

The Story

Uncharted 2 story revolves around a young man Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan. These two or treasure hunters, explorers but most of all thieves. Nathan Drake is the Hire of Sir Francis Drake, who also was an explorer of his time. To submit his legacy Nathan starts his journey to different parts of the world for different treasures. but most important to prove Francis drake all theories were correct. More will be told once you review these three games. with a different storyline.

Uncharted: Honor Among Theieves

Uncharted 2 was released on October 13, 2009. The Game Start With the moto of Marco Polo.

I did not tell half of what I saw

For I knew I would not be believed…

Marco Polo

on his Deathbed,1324

The Games starts with Nathan on the wrecked train. Blood is coming out of his body. He’s been shot. The game starts that Nate regains his consciousness. Find himself with a lot of blood and the train is about to go down. As Nate falls From the train barely grabs the edge of the train. Gameplay. As Nathan climbs up, the train goes down. Natan finds himself in snow and finds a way to sit and becomes unconscious. Flashback Comes. Btw uncharted 2 is my one of favorite games.

The letter of Marco Polo

Natan having a beer in a tree hut on some beach. A man comes to him and Nate recognized him as Harry Flynn. Small Talks and then Nate asks him Why are you here. Flynn says that he is looking for you. Flynn tells him that a man is paying a good amount of cash if we do something for him. Nate says I’m listening. When he sees the job he says no Because the job is more dangerous. Nate asks we can’t Pull this job on our own. Flynn Says we are not alone, and a girl comes. Introduced herself as Chloe Frazer. And Nate also introduced himself. Nate looks at Chloe and I think Nate Knew her. But as the story goes. Flynn tries to explain about the job and how they will do it. Flynn explains everything. That is how they will go inside.

The Robbery

As the scene goes, Nate asks what are we stealing? And Flynn says this. Nate says is this an oil lamp. Nate says it’s worthless. You are doing this for a man that has no idea what to do. Flynn shows Nate a Thirteen Century note and asks Nate to read it. Nate reads the letter and says that the letter is about Marco polo’s Treasure. Please play the game if you want the full detail. So Moving on with the story. But Nate says that macro polo hid Something in this lamp that could lead us to the treasure Of the thirteen Ship. Later On, Someone knock’s at the door of Nate’s room and sees Chloe outside.

The Robbery Part 2

Nate asks What are you doing with Flynn, you could have told me. FlashBack. Nate is waking in the covered with full snow. He grabs a dagger and lays down and whooo Flashback. Four-month earlier. Back in Istanbul to the museum. Now Flynn and Nate have to find a way to the lamp room. Gameplay. Now they are in the room and find the Mongolian lamp. But it’s in a case with alarm. Flynn opens it with A thieves tech. Nate broke the lamp and saw there was a paper nothing written on it with blue charcoal.

The Robbery Part 3

He flames the blue charcoal and sees a paper glowing with the blue flames and there was a map revealed. Nate finds that Marco polo has to find Shambala and the Chintamani stone. And it’s in Borneo. Flynn is shocked to know. Flynn is worried and says to Nate lets go. As they leave Flynn to climb the rope. Nate was about to climb but Flynn pulls the rope. Nate is double-crossed by Flynn and Ran away. As of now Nate is alone and finding a way to get out. Gameplay. As of now, Nate is captured by Guards.


Three months later, As Nate is in jail. Sully comes up and says that I can’t leave you alone for a minute kid. As chole Comes to, to justify himself but Nate won’t listen. Sully tells Nate that Flynn and his boss have Found the ships in Borneo. but not the Chintamani stone. as Nate Chloe and sully leave for Borneo. when they reach Borneo. Now they have to find the Dig site where Flynn and his boss Zoran Lazarevic are.

The Dagger

Nate and Sully find the Dig site. But Flynn and Lazarevic are there. Nate ask Chole to make a division so that I could look at the letters which Lazarevic has. Gameplay. Nate gets in the tent and finds that the stone is not here because macro polo never had it. He never removed the stone. Lazarevic is looking for Shambhala’s trail where Marco polo left. he tells chole about this. As Nate leaves the area the guards attacked him. Gameplay. Nate goes to a cave and finds A dagger from a corpse and a map. On the map are the location of Nepal and the city with the temple in it. and Nate needs to find the one with a sign that is also on the dagger.

The Location to Shambala

As they were coming up from the cave, Flynn Caught them. But Chloe helped them escape. Gameplay. As they came to the edge of the cliff. Flynn was about to catch them but they jumped. Now Nate is in Nepal and Sully rest for a while, As Chloe meets up with Nate. In Nepal a truck chase Nate. Gameplay. As the truck was about to fire Nate, Chloe destroyed it. Now they both need to find the temple.

The highest Point

As Chloe tells Nate that there are dozen of these temples we, ‘ll never find it. but Nate figures it out. they need to find the temple which matches the symbol which is on the dagger. The only way to find the temple quickly is that they need to find the highest point. So that they could find a needle in a haystack. Gameplay. As they reach the highest point they found the temple which is in the middle of the city. What can we say, desperate times?

Elena Fisher

As they were on the highest point, they were spotted by Lazarevic’s men and they attacked the point. Gameplay. As Nate was running from the men, He find Elena and his partner. Elena tells Nate that she is following Lazarevic. As Chloe comes and tells Nate to let’s go. Chole warned Nate that if we bring them with us they will slow us down. but Nate chooses otherwise.

The Temple

Gameplay. As Nate enters the temple he asks Elena and jeff to wait. Gameplay. Nate and Chole are in and use the dagger as the key and find the entrance of Shambala. They were about to, But Lazarevic’s men attacked them. Jeff is being shot, but Nate insists to take him with us.

Zoran lazarevic

As Nate Moves slowly Lazarevic caught him and they had a face-to-face meeting. Lazarevic kills jeff and asks Flynn to kill both. but before that date tell Lazarvic the location of Shambala. As Nate and Elena got away. Now they need to find a way to take the dagger and the map back. Gameplay.

The train Wrecked

Nate Follows the train as the train is going to Tibet. Because the location to enter Shamabal is in Tibet. Nate jumped on the train and find Chloe and the dagger. Gameplay. As Nate found Chloe, Flynn fires a shot at Nate. The train Wrecked part is at the start. as Nate blows the train.

The Key to Shambala

As Nate is covered by snow, A man comes and takes him to his home. As Nate woke up he finds himself in a town. And find Elena. Nate meets  Schäfer a local village man.  Schäfer tells that the dagger is the key to Shambala. protect it from your Enemies. Schäfer tells Nate the whole story about Shambala and the stone. And tells Nate that the stone possesses a power that no man can match and that is what your enemy is after. But if you need proof that how bad power can stone give.

The Untold Truth

As Nate goes with Tenzin the man who saved nates’ life. they go to the top of the mountain. Gameplay. there Nate finds that the stone is in the tree of life. Gameplay. Nate finds that if someone possesses the power of the stone he becomes a demon and powerful. As they were coming back, they saw the village was destroyed as they knew Lazarevic is here.

The Entrance to Shhambala

When Nate comes back, he is happy to see Elena. Elena tells Nate that he has Schäfer and the dagger. Nate and Elena go after Lazarevic to save Schäfer. Men Attacked Nathan.Gameplay. Natan finds Schäfer in a dying position. Schäfer asks Nate to destroy the Stone. And Schäfer dies.

Behold! Shambala

Gameplay. As Nate meets up with chole asks her to give him the dagger, Lazarevic comes. Natan is forced to open the gate to Shambala as chole and Elena’s life is in danger. The gate is open And I give you Shambala. As they enter Some weird creature attacked them all as Nate Elena and Chloe ran away. Gameplay. Nate finds the Chintamani stone. but get to know that Lazarevic is after the tree of life and the stone is in the tree of life. As they were going they find Flynn in a dead condition. Flynn dies by exploding a bomb on Elena and she is now in dangerous conditions.

The Final battle

As Elena is in a bad condition, Nate needs to find a way to stop Lazarevic and Elena. Chole asks Nate to go ill take care of her. Go and stop Lazarevic. As Lazarevic is healed by drinking the water from the tree of life. Nate finds Lazarevic and starts fighting. Gameplay. Lazaerivc is killed by the creature and the city goes Down as they all Run back. And are safe and Sound. Another historical city was gone. Sully comes Back as Elena is good and fine. Uncharted 2 Ends. uncharted 2 is now good for you to play. if you have loved the blog. Uncharted 2 is a good part of these games.

Last part of the Blog

I always thank all of you while you read my blog. Btw there is more game and less cutscene. I just gave a review, to sum up, everything. I hope you will love the blog and the game while playing. Todays Quote.

Finding anything is hard

Finding yourself is the hardest thing in life.

That’s All Folks see you in the next blog. Till then Read or listen.

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