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Treasure Hunters: Season 1

Treasure Hunters

Ladies and Gentleman, We give season 1 of Blofond’s Own creation. We give you the Season 1 of Treasure Hunter. I will not talk. I will only give you the story. Neither I want to publish it Neither do I want anything. I just want to Write. Our Team has to Finalize the characters of this Story. And we are Done With Some Epsidoes. As Long As We will Working We give you each episode Every Wednesday. Still working on the Illustrations And 3D model of our Characters. I want my Characters to be as good as the audience Want. This is one Time Intro So make sure to Read It.

Creators of the Story and it’s characters

This Story and its characters are made by Mysterious Drake.


We haven’t thought about how many episodes the First season should take. We are done with the first 10 episodes. Which we will give you every Wednesday. If This Story got it. We will make it a proper show. So please comment us in the comment section and tell us about the First Two Episodes of Treasure Hunters.

Character in The Story

So Guys After Finalizing Every character in the story we will Reveal them. There are Six characters in the Story.

Kevin Hunter

Brian Hunter

Susan Reed

Liam Heart aka Snatcher

The Keeper

The Storyteller

Detail Info About the Character

Give you the best first season of all time as we speak first you will learn about the characters. So when after reading them you should be attached to them. That will everything So great when we write. Still, we will Introduce more characters if the first season took place with more than 12 Episodes. We haven’t thought about the ending Yet but as the episodes are going we wanted to make it great and epic.

Kevin Hunter

The Big Brother of Brian. After His parents died in a car accident. Kevin become homeless. One day He sees a kid Stealing food from a store and running. Kevin goes after him and was about to catch him. But the boy Surrenred himself as he said I was only hungry. The boy was Brian. Kevin asked him to stay with him as his little brother. Kevin Puts effort and raise his brother. But How he raises his brother? will we reveled in the first two episodes.

Kevin’s Character and Expertise

know how to Fight

Knows about Artifacts

love for his Brother

Really annoying and Funny

He is an American. Tall, a little white. A charming man for girls.

Brian hunter

A 10-Year-old Orphan boy. Parents were Murdered by someone. One day he was stealing food from a shop. And there they met Kevin another orphan. Kevin asked him to be his Brother and live Together. As they lived together their Bond Form more and more every day.

Brian’s Character and Expertise

The brain of the Team

knows everything about History and Treasure

Funny around the moment

Kind Heart with love for everyone and anyone.

Brian is also an American. But good-looking, dark, and handsome. he has A normal height.

Susan Reed

A historian And librarian. She was 10 When Her parents left her in the Cario Musem. From there she grew up reading Books, History, and its Lost Treasures. Susan met Brain and fall In love with Her. She is British, Egyptian. She was in Egypt on a vacation with her parents when her parents lost her in Egypt. Susan is also a navigation expert because when her parents lost her that day. she start learning Navgtions So she would never be lost.

Susan’s Character and Expertise

Navigation Expert

History at fingertips

Kind Heart

Love For animals

Scared of anything scary

Liam Heart Aka Snatcher

The Bad guy Is here. So, now this is the villain of the First Season. He is a 25-year-old Bussiness man Who runs his Father’s Business. But he wanted more in his Life. He wanted to be the best, that people know him to buy his name. He starts stealing Artifact from Museums. So people called him Snatcher. But when He learns that there are more of the treasures in this world. He Now aims to find it. Because stealing artifacts makes him curious, about finding more. She also wears glasses.

Snatcher’s Character and Expertiese

Rich Spoil brat

Expert Teams


Hate the hunters

know For Stealing in daylight

He is American. Lived in New york. Powerful and Have many gadgets to fight. Tall, dark, and good looking

The Keeper

The brothers Found a place called “Cave of History“. In this cave, there are many gadgets and artifacts store for thousand of years. The keeper is the person who protects this place with the help of the Storyteller. you Can call him Keeps for Short.

The Keeper’s Character and Expertise.

Computer Geek.

helps the brothers through his lab

Funny and Loveable

age Over 100 years. but Still young

He is from 1700 century British. Normal Height and wears glasses.

The Storyteller

Treasure, treasure. He knows the story of every Treasure there was and there is. He just knows the story. And he tells Brother about the story. The storyteller is a ghost. He works with Keeps to save the treasure from everyone. He is like an encyclopedia of treasure.

Storyteller’s Character and Expertise

Only comes when asked to tell a story.

knows Every story about the Treasures.

Warns brother after the story

An old Aged man But looks still young. more than 200 years old.

You must be thinking?

Now hold a sec Guys. I know you Have many questions. That is how all of this Fits Each other. Well, we have your answers in the first episode. Read it or You can listen. I will say you should read and listen to both. please make sure to read the first episode. we are releasing it as soon as possible.

Episode 1 Pilot

Scene 1

The year 2010. It is stormy rain. A family is going back home. In the back seat, a kid is playing a game. The Father call’s his name Kevin What are you doing. Kevin says. I’m playing the game. Father told him that we are reaching home so get ready. Kevin ask what. As the father was about to tell him. A truck Hit them him. Kevin went off the window and into the woods as the car blows.

Scene 2

As the car blows. Exit the scene. and at the same stormy night, we enter another scene. In the bedroom, a father was telling his son a story of a treasure. The Kid’s name was brian. As the father was telling the story to his son. He heard some noise and ask brian to hide in the box. Kevin hide in the box and a moment later he heard some gunshots. After a while, he went down and saw his parent murdered by someone. Exit the scene

Scene 3

Enter to next scene. In the next scene, we see a family in Egypt. The three were having fun. But suddenly their daughter went missing. They couldn’t find her. The daughter’s name was Susan. Susan Asks for help but no one helps that little girl. Exit the scene

Scene 4

Enter the scene. As the three run from their scene. And now are alone in the world. Kevin meets brian. And Susan hides in the library and is adopted by a librarian in Cairo. Exit the scene

Scene 5

Enter the scene. Kevin asked brian to live with him and brian accepts his offer. To feed their hunger Kevin and brian steal money and food. One day Brian is remembering his father. Kevin come and ask him what happened. brian says that he missed his dad. Kevin says that I miss my dad too. Suddenly someone knocks at the door. The person says that there is a parcel for you too. After giving the parcel he vanishes. They open the box and see their dad’s belonging. Brian finds A note as well as Kevin. In the note, there is written.

Find And you will learn what are you and why you came his this world. Love DAD

Kevin and brian are shocked to see that both notes are the same. Inside the box, they find a map leading to somewhere. They figure out that it is leading to a treasure. Don’t know what happened to them. But they were eager to find it. As they both smile. And Ten years later. Exit the scene

Scene 6

next scenes will be written in a few hours