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Trading is now a trend Almost in every part of the world and I am here to tell you about trading. As this is the first Blog of Trading concept, We will learn the basics to understand what trading is. Before that, let me tell you what trading is and what can we do with trading. Trading is a way to earn money now a day. Most of you would have already known how. but I will tell you how if someone doesn’t Know. We buy Some shares with our investment and wait sometimes for those shares to rise so we could earn some profit. Wait I know most of you don’t understand what I told but you’ll get everything right.

What is Trading

Trading is a business in which we invest money in a Certain Currency or Some part of a company in order to earn profit. Basically, trading means giving and taking. In simple words, you purchase something in order to earn a profit in return. In the Old-time this all was just not easy for everyone. But today you many ways to earn money from it using Its app. I will tell you about their apps and more in detail. Trading is easy but also risky. You have to be very Sharp while doing this. One Mistake can cost you your investment. Believe me, I have lost many investing in the starting. But We have learned a lot and we don’t want our users to do the same mistake.

Learning from Fortune Grabber will help you a lot. Now back to the Topic. Today you can invest a minimum amount of $10 to start your trading Business. Yes, it’s That easy. Before going any further in detail I will tell you and will recommend you which app you Should use for trade. Every trade business is risky but I will tell you in the means of the interface, User experience. and how easy these apps are in handling. So that you don’t have any problems in the future.

Apps To Use For Trade

Olymp Trade ( recommended)

Expert Options


These are the best Three Apps for Trade which I will recommend you to go for. Because these apps offer the following.

Bouns on the First Deposit

Trade Point that helps you in making more money.

Education so that you could learn and earn more.

Easy Deposit and Payout Method.

Have a demo account for your Practice.

Trade Payouts

Now think I always know that that people are curious about how to withdraw their money from the business in which they are investing before even they started their income. Well, sometimes you can be right because the money-making online work can though when you have to withdraw your money. I will make a blog on Only Payouts in near future but For now, I will recommend you Only One for trade deposit and Payout. That is Skrill. Because it is easy to handle and super in deposit and withdrawal Method. So you Should Use that.

Trading today’s World

Well, In Early You have to go Stock exchange to buy and invest in stocks. But today, these Apps have changed the world now. You can buy and sell stocks in these apps and earn money at home. You just have to predict the right time and the RIght Stock to earn money. Today there are two ways you can earn money through trade. You should only know these two. Because I will recommend only these two. Fixed-time trade and Forex trade. Now I have made Blogs On them you can check on them also.

Now I will explain to you a little about these two ways but before going any further I want you to understand that this trading business is Risky and I can’t say that will you earn a profit or not. So read the blog as I will tell you Some techniques and get Educated through apps and Practice before you start trading.

Demo Account

These Apps that I have recommend you have a demo account when you Sign up. These are for you. A Demo Account is just like a real account but with Fake money. You can practice form there. Practice means learning to know how to trade and do trade and then Practice so that when you start with your investment you have a much bigger chance of making money than others.

Trading is All about mind and Forecasting

Well, This is an important topic to discuss with you, Because your trading and making money online depends on that. How? Lets Talk. It is because trading is about Forecasting and predicting the price of an asset. Predicting that if it will go up or Down. In other words Will rise or Fall. You have to decide that. If your Prediction is correct you will get profit on that certain asset.

Fixed Time Trade

In these apps, there is an option of Fixed time. Where you can trade with your chosen time. Like if you trade for 1 min then your Trading result will be in your hand in One Min. Weather you have profit or loss. Let me explain to you further. watch.

You choose an Asset like EUR/USD.

Now you invest $1 and Forcast or predict that in the next 1 min the price will go high.
Now you set the Time FOr 1 min. IF you are sure that I will go up
You’re set your Time For 1 Min and choose the option the Price will Go up to
your Trade starts and after 1 min you will see the Result.

Hope This will give you Some idea Of how to do trading. Rest is on you. How you practice and how much time you give to trading. Giving more time will make you an expert.

Forex Trading

This is an old-time fellow. The Trading you see in the Stock market is Forex Trading. Forex can be as simple as want it to be, but the risk is the same. Now, how Forex works. Forex works The Same but doesn’t show the result at a certain time. But you just have to buy an asset or a stock company and put your prediction. Now the only thing you need to do is to set a profit margin and wait for the result. In forex, the Profit margin could be $50 or More. No matter how much you invest

Now, wait until the prediction reaches your profit margin. it Took takes days months or years for the result you want. But in apps, there are options to close it whenever you want. In simple words

Invest Minimum$10 On forex and predict whether the price goes up or down
They put a profit margin. let say $20. Let’s say you have predicted that the price will go up
Now the Price Reaches Up to $20 you will have you Profit Then.
if you wish to close your trade before $20 then you will get the profit whatever you are having.

This Is all you need to know for now about trading. Go and start your Trading Business and make money. But I will make a blog on both Fixed-time and Forex trading. These will make you understand more about trading and how this business work. In the end, this is still a risky business well they all are. So try to learn before doing anything. And After learning anything. Practice everything and then do everything. This is for a trading business only.

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