The Merchant And The Genie

Another Friday another Story. This Arabian Night takes us to the Life of A Merchant Who was Every honest And kind-hearted and On the Square Person. Legend Story goes as the merchant was so honest that from all over the city people knew that will never betray him. people use to come and give their things as a mandate. But his whole life was about change when one day he was visiting another city to Return to people’s Mandate.

Character in the Movie

The Merchant


Merchant’s Family

Two Voyagers

The old man

One Day Trip

The story begins with, One day he was visiting another city to Return to people’s Mandate. On the Way, he was exhausted and decided to rest for some time. He saw a well and went there to sit. There he sat near well and started Eating Dates. When he eats a date, he put the seed in the basket. After eating a lot of Dates, the basket of seeds was a little full. One of the sees fell into the Well. And the color of the water becomes red. When the Merchant saw the color of the water he was shocked. Suddenly a Genie Appears from the well and said to the merchant, Prepare to die. The merchant was not in his senses. He asks the genie. But Why I have to die.

The genie told him that you have killed my son. the Seed you threw in the well stuck on my son’s head and he died. The merchant said I don’t know anything. I didn’t do it on purpose. But if you want to kill me, kill me. But before you that let me tell you Something.

Forty Days To Live

The merchant Tells me that I have the mandate of people which I need to return to them. And give me enough time to get my daughter married. At First, the genie was furious and wanted to kill him on the spot. But after Listening to the Merchant he said that I will give you Forty days to do everything you need to do. On the fortieth day, you have to return to face your fate. The merchant promises him that he will return. The Merchant leaves and goes back home. But this time when he came home He was sad. Because he knows that he has forty days left of his life.

He went home, and after seeing his kids he became happy and loved them so much. At night His wife asked him, What happened why have you returned so early. But the Merchant didn’t tell her Anythings. Days passed As he becomes More Terrified about dying so early. One day he visited an old man. At that time guys old men were those who pray to god every time. LIke Monks.

The Old Man

When He visited the old man, He told him the whole event. The old Man said why are you scared. One day everyone has to go. But the Merchant said I have a family, a mother, a wife, sons, and a daughter. What will they do without me? I’m scared of death. I don’t want to die. The old said, Don’t be scared. If death is in fate at that moment No one can stop it and If not then no one can kill you on that day. The merchant gain confidence said thank you to the old man and left.

Things to Do

After then He went to different cities and returned all the mandates that he kept. Afterward, He fixed his daughter’s marriage. When he got married, the Merchant was relieved from his Purpose and was now ready to die at the hands of the genie. He did Everthing he wanted to do. So that his afterlife would be easy. As days passed and time was passing fast. When the fortieth day came. He has one thing to do. He told his whole family about the incident. Merchant said to them Please Forgive me for everything. And He left.

The Voyagers

When the Merchant reached the well. He sat down and wait for the jinn to appear so that this all could be over. As he was waiting, Some Voyager passed by and saw him. The Voyagers went to him and asked him. Friend, What is the matter? why are you sitting here alone? Merchant told them that he is waiting for his death. The voyagers Asked why? what happened. He told them the whole incident. One of the voyagers ask you still come and prove your promise. We stand with you. Don’t worry nothing will happen to you.

When the Genie arrived. He said, get ready to die Merchant. but The voyagers stopped him And ask why are you killing him. The genie told them that has killed my Son. The Voyagers said that it doesn’t mean you need to kill him also. please forgive him. But Genie said No I will kill him. The voyager said you know who these dogs are which I am carrying with me. He said that they are my brothers. The genie said what has happened to them. The voyager said that if tell you you will forgive half of his sin. The genie agreed.

The Story of the First Voyager

The voyager told the story to the genie about him and his brothers and how all of this happened. he told the genie that their father was at the deathbed and give us 1000 gold coins as his will. but my brothers were greedy. After our father’s death, they left me and went to another city to do business. I was left alone doing my Business of dates. But on the other hand, my brother was wasting money on bad things. As I worked hard and become richer, they lost their money. They were poor but more greedy now. I had now an established business of Date.

One day they came back home to me and told me that they are bankrupt. The voyager helps their brother by giving them 500 gold coins to restart their business. but they went for gambling and again got bankrupt. the Voyager Did not give them more money. So they deiced to kill him.

The witch and voyager

That time was of magic. And magi only. The witch can control snakes and send one of the snakes to kill the Voyager. When he was sleeping a night the snake was about to attack him. but it Didn’t. Because one day the voyagers saved its life. The snake was magical so he told him that his brother wanted to kill him. But he didn’t believe him. The snake came after the brother and killed the witch. voyager asked his brothers to join him in the business. there Were not happy as they see their bother giving money to the poor.

Voyager, fairy, and the curse

After some days the Voyager and his brother were going to another city. On the way they fina that a girl was being sold as a slave So he bought him. because he doesn’t want her to be crushed by these bad people. The girl asked him to marry her. They both got married. they stayed in the middle of the desert for the night. The brother makes a plan to kill them and. And they did so. The brothers killed their brother and his wife. And burn them and leave. As they left, the wife became a fairy and revied his husband. The fairy told the voyager her story about how this all happened. how she became a human. Before going back to his kingdom, Fairy curse his brothers and turned them into dogs. He told the voyager that this curse will be lifted after ten years.

The genie said I like your story, It’s sad and terrifying. But as I Promised I will forgive his half Sin. the voyager asks the genie to listen to the second voyager story. The genie agreed.

The story of the Second Voyager

So he tells the genie the story of a King who married a pretty girl. Five years have passed and the king and queen are still not have become parents. King is very disheartened. The king leaves for business. As his wife goes to an old monk for help. Meanwhile, on the way, the king’s Men stop for the night. A businessman’s daughter is traveling with her. later that night they are attacked by thieves and steal all of their gold. In that fight, the businessman dies. The Wazir asks the king to marry this girl. Meanwhile, the old monk gets to the truth. that this girl has killed some mother’s child and is cursed by her. So she can’t be a mother now.

The old Monk tells her that her husband will be a father but through his second wife, Not by you. The queen Leaves. When She comes home she finds that the king has married a new girl. king Tries to Explain the Circumstance but Queen won’t listen. Queen remembers what the old monk said and accepts the girl as the second queen. Years later, the king Son is born and grown-up. he is loved by all.

The Curse

One day the King leaves for business. The Queen takes the Second queen and his son into the jungle and brings them to a witch. The Queen asked the witch to turn them into animals so that they would never ever ruin my life again. The witch turned them into goats. Days later, the Queen gives the goat to a shepherd for feeding them. The shepherd’s daughter was in love with the prince. Meanwhile, the king Returns and asks the queen where are others. The queen tells that they both are dead. The shepherd girl finds that the goats are queen and prince. The queen asks for kills these goats as a gift to God for their forgiveness. But the shepherd girl was in hurry and went to the old monk.

The old gave the solution to the girl So that she could bring them back. As king could not cut any on them. HE decides to sacrifice them with another’s hands. the Queen was sacrificed and turned into flowers. but Before they could kill the prince the girl Arrives and save the prince. The girl tells that this is all queen’s doing. The girl turns her into a goat for life.

In the end of the Story

The voyager tells the genie that the king in the story is me and this goat is my cruel wife. The genie keeps his promise and Forgives the other half of the Sin. And goes away. The merchant was happy and thanked both of them for saving his life. They all went on their separate ways as the merchant his happy to get his life back.

Last part of the blog

Another story ends Here guys. If you are liking these Arabain night stories please let me know in the comments. Next Friday I will tell you the story about Sinbad. Todays Quote

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because you don’t know what tomorrow

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