The Last Crusade of Sinbad

The Last Crusade doesn’t mean that it is his last adventure many more to come for Sinbad. This is just the title I wanted to give so I gave it. Now Sinbad Reaches the jungle which the prince told him to go through. In that jungle, there is a well. In the well, there is a way to the valley of death. Welcome back, Guys. Another Friday, another Arabian Night Story. So let’s Get Started and End this Sinbad’s Adventure to the valley of Death. The Crusade Will help Sinbad Learn about the World and its Creature As he goes to a world With Unknown Enemies and Friends. A lifetime Adventure of Sinbad Begins as I write the Last Arabian story of Sinbad for now.

characters in the Story


Ship’s Eye man

Evil spirits



The snake



Crystal or Diamond


The Last of Sinbad’s Adventure to the valley of death and He reaches there Finally and Sees what he has never seen his whole life. Magic, monsters Vamps, and more. How will Sinbad fight them and Will he get the second Part of the Diamon of not? Let’s See as I wrote the Story and tell you the tale of It

The Last Cursade Begins

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