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The illusionist and the Seven Rubies

the illusionist

The illusionist and the seven rubies are blogfond creations. We have created this for the purpose of entertainment. This is the story of a boy who loses his brother in a hurricane. The next day no one even knew about the hurricane. A man came to him and said you have no brother it’s an illusion. More to come but the story starts from there. We will give you the best storyline you could ever see. Now let’s start with some short details

How will the Story go?

This story has five Parts. When we will write and release on you will see that date after the end of every part which is released. The story I will tell you is that one brother is desperate to find his big brother. But in order to do that he must become a man Who could create anything in a World of illusions. But Will he find His brother? And what the Seven Rubies? How they fit in this Story. Well, We are working and making Thing Interesting for you as Know how much you love Suspense.

Character of the story

There are four characters in the movie So far. All of them are In Part 1. Still Finalizing the Illusions of the characters. We are making those characters who can Make a difference and make their spot in name of legends. We create Characters that have emotions, Love, and Hate. All of us wanted to make the best of ourselves, So, when you read. you love. Because these characters will be Define By you that is how much you love them. So let me tell you About the character. And a brief detail about them.

Character in the Story

Chris aka illusionist




Detail Intro of the Characters

We will give you details about every character in the story and will update you at the time when new characters will be introduced.

The illusionist

His real name is Chris. He loved His Brother. They both lived in a Town Which didn’t exist in the real world. How they got there. How everything happened will be told in the Story. His aim is to find his brother and live happily.


Love interest of Chris. Chris met him when he was held prisoner on the island. She is cute smart and And a little scary and funny. She helps In the journey to Find Chris Brother.

The Tickertok

Well, this guy is the villain of the story and He needs The Rubies to rule the World. This Guy captured James Chirs’s brother because he knows the location of the First Ruby.


James is the big brother of Chris. He played an important role in the Story as he knows That no man knows. He is serious, loves his brother, and has a real hand to fight.

We will Discuss the Rubies Next week.

Part 1

will soon be told.