Fisherman and the Genie

Another day Another story in the life of the king. This is another Arabian Nights story as the princess tells the prince another story. The prince agrees and wants to listen to the story of the fisherman and the jinni. That is how the fisherman tricked the genie in his own game. Genies’ stories are very famous in Arabian Nights. The Whole Arabian Nights depend on Magic, morals, Genies, And more Special think which will be told to you time by time. Maybe you must be thinking that this story is not interesting, But we’ll see after you listen to the real one.

Character in the Story


Fisherman,s Wife


The villagers

Arabain Nights

This story is from Arabians Nights. It’s one of the nights where the princess told the prince the story of a fisherman. How he became brave enough to cage a genie again. Remember guy, not every Genie is Bad nor Every Genie is good. But your Journey With me in this one thousand and One night’s Will be amazing.

The Days

The story is divided into five days. means Five different days of the life of the fisherman. So I will tell you with All the Story by Days and what happened in those days.

The Fisherman

The story is about a fisherman who lives with his wife in a village. He was poor and go to the river to catch some fish in order to sell them in the market to feed his family. The Fisherman was poor so no villager was ever talking to him. One day he decide to buy a bigger net and to go to the big lake to catch more fish. Now on day one What happened.

Day 1 The Mud

The fisherman goes to the lake to find some fish. As he waited long and long enough but only he found was mud in the water. He was very angry that he only found mud and no fish. because it was the genie’s plan to get out from the lamp. How? you will ask. okay okay, wait. I will tell. Now genie plan was that the fisherman should catch him and release him. But the Fisherman was angry and leave the place and bring the mud home. With the mud, they both made bricks and sell them in the market. but was not enough.

Day 2 The garbage

The next day, the fishermen wake up with a hope to find fish today and to sell it. Today when he went to the lake he put his net into the water. After waiting again. he was again angry as he see garbage in the net, not the fish. Guys life is tough. But you have to handle it. Now Moving on, The genie’s plan was working as he disappoint the fisherman again so that when he comes the next day he should catch him.

You must be thinking about what I’m talking about. Okay, I will Clear it. The lamp was in the middle of the lake. but the fisherman was catching fish from aside the lake The genie want him to come to the middle so that he catches him.

Day 3 Some Fishes

As the third Comes Genie now know that if he wants to trap the fisherman he needs to give him some fishes. The mud and the garbage plan was to bring the fisherman to the middle of the river. Now when the fisherman comes this time with no hops he sees that there are some fish in the middle of the river. He does not know how to swim that’s why he doesn’t want to go in the middle. But somehow it goes a far to catch the fish but not in the middle.

Today, he caught enough fish. So that he could sell this to the market. Today he fed his family well and enjoyed the whole day with his family. At night he thought that if I could go to the middle I will catch more fish and will earn his living. Now let’s see what tomorrow happens. The genie’s plan worked and let’s see will the fisherman go tomorrow.

Day 4 The Genie

Now when he woke up with a hope to find more fish than, yesterday he goes to the lake. As he doesn’t know how to swim, he’s scared to go in the middle. But finally, he makes efforts and goes to the middle of the lake. He puts his net in the lake and after an hour he pulls the net back up. He sees that he has found a lot of fish, but wait what is that.

He found a lamp in the lake. He goes to the shore and thinks that if I sell it in the market I could be rich. enough to feed my family. He begins to examine the lamp When he opens the lamp from the inside, A genie comes out of it.

The Fisherman and the Genie

When the genie comes out, the fisherman got scared and runs back to a tree to hide. But the genie says I saw you and I will kill you. The fisherman got scared. The fisherman asks that this is my reward for freeing you. What do I have now after I freed you now? This fisherman was scared but one thing was sure he was thinking of something to get rid of this problem. Meanwhile, he was thinking, the genie said thousand years are gonna and Finally, I’m free. by saying this the fisherman got an idea.

The Trick

He Asked the genie, is that true what you said right now? that you stayed in this lamp for thousands of years. the genie said yes. I did. The fisherman says that it’s not possible, because you are big and this lamp is small. The genie angrily said that it’s true. the fisherman said I would have believed you, but I haven’t seen this with my eyes. If you want me to believe you then Show me how a big genie fits in this small lamp. The genie said okay. but after I do this would you believe it. The fisherman said yes. I will. As soon the genie goes to the lamp, he closes the lamp and threw it into the water again. As the genie is being tricked and trapped again.

Day 5 The final Day

The next day, the fisherman tells this story to his wife and tells her that he’s okay. But now he will go to a different lake to catch fish. He goes to a new lake and find a lot of fishes and sell them in the market and becomes rich.

End of the story guy Guy.

Last part of the blog

Another story goes down, as we move to another story. This story tells that the presence of the mind at the right time can save you from anything. Today’s quote.

Mind is a powerful gift

Learn how to use it

That’s all folks. See you in the next blog. Till the read and listen.

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