The First Blog

The Beginning

As I start my first ever blog, I think about what to do right. As my journey Starts to be what I am and what I’ll be. For this incredible journey, I need to make sure you should know everything about the person behind these blogs. Seem’s today is another day in this world I’m not even closer to my dreams. That I had many years ago. Anyone reading this blog will agree that life isn’t fair to anyone. but my theory is that it can be fair to those who know how to live it.

Life may be meaningless to someone. Because they don’t know their value right now but might know later on. Maybe I could not tell you the real meaning after reading the blog but tell you the best idea of life and how you live it. Let us talk about the life I wanted and in which I’m now. The world is so big that a person can’t even imagine seeing all of this, but dreams make a person live. It is dreams that are the real meaning of life. Without them, We could not do anything can’t have our aims or goal.

Who I am? and Why Blogging?

I’m Ummm Well I’ll tell you that at the right time. Till waiting and Reading. Remember here to read about what I’m writing or what I am going to the right. Now Then, WHY BLOGGING? 

Because I love to write. But not just write, Write about Stuff I like that will help you every time but make sure you are at the place at the right time. My blogs are for those people Who love to read.

My site and its Daily topics

I made this site for writing and lovable content I wanted to provide to the person who wants to read it. Now I will tell you everything you need to know to dig into my site.

Daily Blog ( just like a newspaper for everyone to read)

StoryMind (a story you never heard before that will inspire You Created by our writers )

Movie Review ( Review on every movie You see or didn’t see yet )

TV shows Review ( season review of every season there was or every season there will be)

Arabian nights ( Stories of thousand and one)

Game Review ( Review on every game We play )

Now for the final part of the let’s get started.

So the journey Begins in my life with blogging and my site.

When I started the blog, I didn’t know what will I do, will I do it, but one thing was clear to me, it was to write and write honestly about everything. There are more haters than lovers but didn’t care about anyone. 

 My Topics and How will I work on them?

My site consists of 6 categories With different Subcategories. Depending on the Categories I will be working on, Now how I will be working on them is the question on everybody’s mind. So the answer is that I want to make everything crystal clear and honest. But most important is that my viewer should enjoy every word I’m writing. You must be thinking of a fine person in this era. You are thinking of right because the most important thing on my site is you. After all, we need to read and enjoy every word of it. So my work will be just fine

The final part of the blog

So now I’m thinking that I should tell you the part where I was going to suicide, but I didn’t, why? I don’t know, but now I have one aim to be the best of myself, and that is my site’s behavior to be the best of its self. Provide you with the best content of all time. Never seen or heard before. Remember, this is just the beginning, and I don’t know who is reading this. But I tell you this when you will read some of my blogs, in which I put all of my hard work will impress you with the skills I have, and that’s not a Compliment, Because we are far from it. From where I have come, it’s just the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.

Congratulations for making it to the last part of the blog, all of the blogs, and when it comes to me, I never end writing because this is what I love the most, which you already knew by now and please make sure that you read my whole story and Topics.

 Last Little explaining about the topics

Topic 1: It is introduced as a newspaper with new topics every day. There will be lots of blogs you can read for entertainment purposes and for news or to gain knowledge on anything like places, national treasure, plants, animals, and much more.

Topic 2: Story mind is a concept we made together. It’s just that we will stories or script if you say, just for entertainment purposes. These stories will entertain you.

Topic 3: This is just not a normal movie Review. It’s a twist with us talking to you. You will get the idea once you read my blogs. Movie reviews are for upcoming and previous movies and make sure it should be enough to make you like, or if you dislike, or what you want. Reviews are for you So that you can enjoy the movie and my blogs.

Topic 4:  TV show review is that for old seasons which are finished will be reviewed as season by season. The new seasons will be Reviewed as episodes by episodes. Whenever the first episode is aired. then the blog is uploaded. And one more thing every episode will be written on the same blog.

Topic 5: The story of One thousand and one Will be written one by one every 3 days. Some you might have heard some you Don’t know but will know soon after I write the blog on every story.

Topic 6:  We will give you a review of every game we play. After playing the game, We will write the review No wrong turns.

That’s All folks’ end the Scene and see you next time. 

Till Then Read!

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