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Hey Guys, What is Up? Now, Today you must be thinking what are we learning today. Well, this Topic is pretty good for Everyone. How? Well, Know your Audience you will know, how to deal with them. Your whole business depends on the customer as usual. Where else would you send your products? So it is better to know your audience. Now in every social media, there are different types of Audiences and you have to deal with them one by one. Today We will discuss ten Types of Audiences that are on social media and how you can deal with them. As you know there many social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.These are the main ones that are used to communicate with your audience.

Now for communicating you must understand them. What are they doing? how to deal with specific ones. Making things according to the customer? The toughest thing is to convince the social media audience to buy our stuff. Because in most countries people think that it is all fake. People in some countries think that “things are not as they seem on social media”. Which in some cases it is true. But most of it is not true. Now I have categorized this audience into Ten types. So that you can understand them easily. In this, I will tell you which audience respect which thing. Like as I said above some things that products on social media are not like as they seem in pictures. But clearly, this confusion and bringing you to the right audience will give you more sales and make you more money.

Types of Audience on Social Media

Now we are going to talk about the ten types of social media audience. because when you read this blog you will learn which audience is best for you. So that you can choose the right audience and make more money and reduce expenses on ads. So these are the ten types:

1: The Regularly

So, this is the first type. Because these people come to social media on daily basics. They are here just to enjoy themselves. Like the post, some photos talked to friends and see some execting news about what is going on. So for whom they are the best audience. They are the best for the people who are influencers on social media. These influencers need followers to make money through their Platforms. The more the followers, the more they make money. So influencers find these people for your following to increase.

2: The Researchers

Now, These are the people who come to social media for researcher purposes. Like to take some information on Any things. Like space, time Physics, Infeluners. Stars players and much more. They search and read about these people just to update and have knowledge. These types of people are best for the people related to blogs Like Bloggers. How? Because they can work for them as researchers and write blogs for them on any topic. This could help the bloggers to increase their blogging length and make more money through the internet of selling magazines for their business.

3: The Purchasers

Well, These are the people who are likely to come to Social media to buy Stuff. Like t-shirts, jeans, Electronics, Home appliances, decor, and more. Because these people think that buying online has is safe and cheap. So, these people give benefits to the e-commerce people who are on social media to sell their products. Because of these people, eCommerce makes a lot of money. So these people are easy to target and Easy Followers.

4: The Influencers Audience

Nowadays, there are many Influencers on social media. We know that social media gives them the advancing of using their platform by giving them money. But to Who these people give benefits too. Now they give benefits and profit to the brands. how? By asking the influence to advertise their brand. In this they these two audiences help each other. They give some amount to partner with their brand and they will give the influence a sum of money. So then Influencer advertises their product.

5: The Movie Stars Audience

This can be as simple for you as you want it to be. Today every actor uses social media platforms. To show people the insights of their life. And that way they also get paid by that platform. These movie star audiences are best for marketers and Brands. These stars help marketers and brands by advertising their brand and product. In this way, these stars get paid by these brands and marketers. This is also called influencing marketing or in this case, you can call it the influence audience. So I hope you understood the First five.

6: The Business Tycoon Audience

These types of audiences are less active on social media but still, the platform pays them. Now here comes two main questions. Why platforms are paying them? And to whom these people are helpful? Now the answer to both questions is the same. Because these people help the platform to grow. Because of earning more money. people think that if they are using then this platform is something. So these business tycoons help the social media platform to grow in the market. So this platform could earn money for itself. In this way, the platform adds the Business tycoons first.

7: The Tipper

This is a new Business we like to call tippers. Now, who are these tippers? Basically, they use social media to gain money from the platforms. How? They make social media IDs and tell people that they have some tips to make money online. Because they want to gain followers and earn money. Only some of them are real and others just make business and play with the social media audience. Some of those who are real and really teach people how to make money online give advantages to normal people. So that they can earn online and make a name for themselves.

8: E-commerce Audience

I think you already know what type of audience are they. Well, they sell their product on these social media platforms and earn some money for them. Now Social media allows them to sell their product. But how do they do that? They do this by promoting their social media page. How? Well, they pay a little fee to the platform, and the platform sponsors their page on their behalf. In other cases, it is called ads. Well, who are they helping? They are helping themselves and the platform. Earning money for themselves and paying platforms for sponsorship. Because of providing this sponsorship grows and earns money for themselves. But It also pays its Customers. So it’s not that bad at all.

9: The Sports Players

Wheater is Football, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, or any other game. All the Players that play have a social media account and they use it twice a week. Well, we all have our idols. We want to see what they do in their daily life. So that we could admire them. So Who do they help? Well just like movie stars, they Help the platform to grow. Obviously, if your ideal is on some social media platform, you will also and then brand the platform for free. That’s Free marketing. Now also make money through the platforms and side jobs for them. So, it’s worth everything.

10: Brands audience

Now they do come here to sell. But what they do is brand their shops so that people come to shop physically. It is just a neat trick no one can guess. But I hope you did. Well, who do they Help? They help movie stars and Sports Star and influencers. How? They pay them money to brand their product. So, in that way they all make money. No one gets Home free. Contacting any brand is difficult. But they pay enough by doing one ad for them. Today everyone is paying a lot of money. So for influence, don’t miss this opportunity. And Some Newbies can find the best audience for themselves. Which they want likely to be the target for ads.

So this was it for today. Reading this blog will help you in finding the right audience. So you Don’t burn your money on ads. So you pay less and earn more. Thinking about these all audiences will blow your minds Because while advertising these are some really need skills to learn. Why? because if you target the right people. you will always get more sales than ever. SO make sure you read and let me know in the comment section what you need to learn to form us. So that we could help you in an easy way.

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