Supernatural Season 1


Do you believe in the Supernatural? Yes or No, I don’t know, but after reading this, you all will be going to believe in it. These seasons were so damn good that at first, I didn’t watch any episode because I was scared to watch But, then I was telling myself to watch if I want to have a review so that you don’t waste your time thinking about whether to watch or not, just read this and decide to go, watch the season or not. I’m going to review this by season 1 to 15 but not spoiling any ending of any season. 

Back Story of the Season

2005 is the year it all started when the first season came up on the television. At that, It was not making that impact, but you know what good things take time. The show takes place in 1978 and starts within the house in Lawrence, kanas. A woman said goodnight to his newborn son Sam and suddenly is his big brother Four-year-old Dean comes with his dad and says good night to Sam, and they all go to bed.

The cast

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester

Misha Collins as Castiel

Mark Sheppard as Crowley

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester

Alexander Calvert as Jack Kline

and more

Middle of the night

Now in the middle of the night, Mary woke up to see if Sam needs something. When She sees a man in his room, she thought it was john her husband. She went Downstair and sees his husband sleeping on the couch, she got scared and ran to Sam’s Room and John heard mary Scream, he ran to the and sees everything is fine. He goes near Sam and sees blood dripping from the roof and sees that’s mary is dead and is on the wall of the room and, suddenly the house started on fire and the whole house got burnt, but SamDean and their Father went out and got saved. And then the logo comes of Supernaturals.

22 years later

Now 22 years later, In 2005, the Story starts With Sam Ending up in college with his girlfriend Jessica. Later that night they were sleeping in their room and, Sam heard and some sound he thought it was a thief but, it was his brother Dean, he tells him that Dad is on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home yet a few days. This is the part, where we get to know that the brothers are hunters. 

The Hunters

They hunt monsters, the family business. In each episode of the season, they hunt monsters. In the end, they fight the big guy. their first mission was to find the monster who killed their mother. But as the story progress, Sam gets to learn that he has demonic blood in his veins. In all the seasons, they fight the monster, angles, and demons and in the finale, they fight God. So how all of this Started and ended, I could cove the whole season in one blog. I will write reviews on every season from time to time. So that you get to know what happened in every season, but I will not disclose anything that will tell you about the season’s main interest.

Episode 1 Pilot

The journey to my supernatural review begins. Supernatural episode 1 is all about the backstory and how the journey started for the brother. As I have already told you that how their mother died and they and their father became hunters. 22 years later Sam is in college. On the same night, sam woke up heard some voices, and went to check out.

Meet Dean

Sam sees a man and Starts Attacking Attacking Him. Sam sees that it’s Dean. and Dean tells Sam about their Father that he is gone A few days. He is not worried but Dean tells him that dad is on a hunting trip.

The First Case

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