SpiderMan: Miles Morales

After the last encounter with miles in Spiderman (ps4), He became a spiderman and tells peter about it. and the game ends there. Now Insomniac Games has given us another spiderman game. But this game is all about Miles. The way his father died in the first game and became spiderman. Now this game has shown miles life, that how he handles it after being spiderman. Today guys it’s all about spiderman and miles morales. So let’s get started with the story and review. By the way, I think you now have understood how these gaming reviews work. When I write gameplay means playing games. I hope you have read or listened to my uncharted series game review.

Character in the game

Peter Parker Aka Spiderman

Miles Morales aka Spiderman

Rio Morales

J. Jonah Jameson

Simon Krieger


and More

The Game

The game is developed by Insomniac Games. This game was released on Nov 12, 2020. This game is played by many gamers. It was also available with Ps4 in the packing. This PlayStation was spiderman edition. The game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was made play station 4 and is now available on PlayStation 5.

The Story

The Spiderman story always revolves around peter parker. How he became spiderman and how he handle his two different lives. Now A new spider-man is in town. Miles Morales and help peter fight criminals and make peace in the city. In the Game, we will see the life of miles and his road to becoming the real superhero he wanted to be.

New Spider in town

Before the game starts Miles tells all about his dad’s died and he became spiderman. Peter is giving a train to him. As of now the game is on but have to learn more from peter. As the game starts with miles in train listing to the music. When the train stops he goes out. As he went out of the subway, He sees a man Painting spiderman. Mile helps him with something and asks the man, Will you draw the other spiderman too? the painter says I think about it. As miles leaves asking for some store. Miles was going to the store, But peter called and said there is an emergency come Quick. Gameplay. The first gameplay guys. It is really amazing to play this game.

Miles comes to the point where they have to meet. Pete comes with a coffee. A funny scene guys as Pete says let’s go. They are going behind some package. Inside we don’t know yet. The package is hanging with a plane but the ropes are broken and go down. As from the package Rhino comes out and them. Gameplay.

Let’s Fight.

As they are fighting Rhino. Rhino has released some prisoner and Pete ask miles to take care. Pete is after Rhino and Miles are about to fight the prisoners. Gameplay. Now after beating the goons Miles goes after Pete. Rhino destroys the city by moving here and there. Pete makes a plan to stop Rhino. Gameplay. Mile sense with his spider-sense that a criminal is attacking him but peter is hit. Rhino was almost attacking Miles but miles give a shock to Rhino after his hand is glowing with electric power. And Rhino is Down. Miles asks Pete that if he’s okay. Suddenly some cars Come and A man Simon comes and meets them.

He tells Them that Rhino is in his place safe and quiet as he is starting a project here. Thanking both spidermen and he goes. As Pete and miles go to the top of the building.

The New Suit.

As Miles and Pete are on the roof of the building. They had small talk. Peter gives Miles a Christmas present. And Pete flies away. Now miles call his friend Ganke to meet him. Gameplay. When miles reach the park and see Ganke, He shows the gift that spiderman gave to him. Ganke asks him to wear it, I’ll cover you. When miles comes out we see a new suit of miles but is an old spider man suit with modifications.

Then Miles goes to check the new Suit abilities. Gameplay. Miles reaches a place where Pete tells him to train her as a holographic train session begins. Gameplay. After all of this, Miles reaches the middle of the city. Miles sees a Nuform reactor. and a projection starts of Simon. Simon explains about a city about something. After this miles heard a noise from the building and reach out to check it. Gameplay. As he goes inside, He sees a computer. Inside that computer, someone was typing Nuform. And suddenly a man with a purple glowing machine hand attacked miles. Gameplay.

I Have a home

As miles beat them. He searched the computer and finds that they were tracking Nuform shipments. And suddenly and the plane comes and miles go away. Gameplay. As miles reaches his home. he changes and goes downstairs. Downstairs he meets his mother and some Gameplays in the home part. Bell rings and Miles meet Phin and usually talks between them. I think she’s the girl of miles in the game lie M.J. But we’ll FInd out later in the game. Ganke is also at the dinner in the home. Suddenly the lights go off and miles fix that. But from outside. NOw they have dinner together. and they talk for a while, just like we do at a family dinner.

After that miles and Phin was the dishes and talk all along. The next morning Ganke comes up to miles and says that he made an upgrade with the suit. Ganke is like a sidekick tech for miles in the game. Miles is now going to check the new suit and its upgrade. Gameplay. As he checks Ganke is connected with the suit. Ganke made a friendly neighborhood App where people can make requests for your help with any problem.

First Friendly neighborhood problem

As the first problem comes about the train put pf services. our Friendly neighborhood spiderman goes to work. There he meets his uncle. He works in the training manual. he tells Spiderman that someone is hacking the system. and miles Goes to save the day. Gameplay. After solving the problem of the train he goes to his uncle and his uncle give him a year access card of the train with miles morales written on it. miles is shocked to see that his uncle knows and they have a good conversation. By the way, the scenes are great in every part of the game.

The Meet-up

Gameplay. As miles meet up with phin. Phin shows her the time capsule they buried a long time ago. Phin asks miles if he remembers the code. Flashback to the time capsule buried scene. Rick Mason open the box for them. We don’t know who he is yet. but sure is an important person in the game guy. So listen to the blog carefully. Most of all I know I think it’s all about Roxxon and Simon the owner of it. well, let’s see where the story takes us What happened to Rick. Will be revealed and what phin is to Rick.

In the box, there is an energy converter and a photo of phin, Miles, and Rick. Miles asks why we were cut out, but phin changes the topic. This shows that she is hiding something.

The Ralley

After their meeting Miles goes home. At night miles and Ganke goes to the rally organized by miles mother. Gameplay. As Miles’s mother was speaking a Mysterious figure talked about the projection that Simon is a killer and we will stop it. The undergrounds. Remember the purple machine hand man with purple power something like that. they are called by the name the Undergrounds.

underground Vs Roxxon

As the underground Attacks, spiderman is there to help. Gameplay. The underground attacks the Roxxon on the bridge but miles come in between them and ask to spot fight. But the Mysterious figure attack spiderman and stole some tech from Roxxon. The bridge is about to go down. Gameplay. but spiderman saved it. Roxxon was about to attack spiderman but somehow he became invisible and leaves the area. As miles is shocked that Roxxon was going to shoot him.

Control you Powers

The next morning, miles Woke up and Ganke Comes to meet him. Rio and miles have a conversation. Ganke asks miles that we need to control our powers what every they are. Now the song Starts as ( MY time). both miles and Ganke start to make a new suit for miles and to control the power. The suit is now ready and Miles goes to save the city again. Gameplay. He goes into a preparing sho[ and finds something that he shouldn’t have. A finds a card with Ella written on it with a photo Of phin. Miles sees a video in which Phin And rick work for Roxxon.

He Needs to find more videos to see what’s going on. He goes to Roxxon to find out. Gameplay. As Miles reaches Roxxon he fights and power helps him. When he removes the mask, miles See his uncle as the superhero. miles go the last location and picks up the cellphone and sees the footage and realizes that rick was saving people but soon killed him. His Nuform is a bad project and Rick did saving everyone. Now mile leaves the building and but he listens to the conversation between Simon and lab tech. he was about to leave but got attacked. Gameplay. Powered helps him and they escaped and went on to the train.

The Hideout

They escape on a train and his uncle says that uses phin. Tell her that you want to join the underground. Guys, I was too shocked to see that Phin is the Mysterious figure. The leader of the underground. He goes to meet Phin. Gameplay. Miles meets Phin and asks her if he wants to join the underground. As he knows who she is. After a conversation, Phin tells him to let’s go to the place. Gameplay. After reaching there he sees everything. And he texts Ganke and asks him what to do. Meanwhile, Phin asks him about who you are texting. It going to be more interesting as I play it more and more.

He becomes spiderman and searches the place. Gameplay. As he reaches he became invisible a Ganke asks to get closer to set the map. And there we get to know that Rick is Phin’s brother. She asks her fellow that I will not spot until I destroy Roxxon are you with me. As phin is gone miles was about to search the place but one of the underground members sees and attack spiderman. Gameplay. After Beating them he goes outside.

The Nuform

As spider goes out to all the hideouts to see where the Nuform is. He fights and the Gameplay starts in each hideout. And when he gets there, Phin and spiderman had a fight. and spiderman shows his face before phin was about to kill him. Phin Leaves And Miles are Clueless about what to do next. Gameplay.

The Next day Miles goes to meet Phin and tells her that it’s not the right way. you have to understand me. After a while, Rhino in a new Form attacks Both of them.


Gameplay. But Rhino beats them and both are abducted. As they woke up, see Simon in front of them. they have a talk. Gameplay. As the men Attack miles lighting comes out of him as they escaped. Gameplay. Miles has to destroy the rector but Rhino attacks them. Gameplay. They both escape but phin attacks miles and ask him to leave her alone. AS miles come home, his mother saw him. Miles tells everything to his mother.

As the next morning miles go out to find anything more. But is captured by a prowler. He asks miles to stay away and go back to being a friendly neighborhood spiderman. But Miles gets angry and Puts A lighting bolt at to prowler and the fight begins. Gameplay. miles beat the prowler and ask him to leave me alone. I can’t turn my back on people when they need me.

The Finale Begins

Before the fight begins between miles and phin. miles as some Flashbacks of him, phin, and Rick. For this, you have to play the game. Now the final battle between miles and phin begins. Gameplay. Gameplay. as they down to the building miles dave phin. Miles now destroy the reactor with his lighting but he could not hold it.

Phin goes up with miles and observes the electric energy. As phin dies. The End.

The next day they arrest Simon. After that miles was walking and Pete comes and calls him. As The game ends Await for the next new adventure for spidermen.

Last part of the blog

Guys, I know that my blogging style is not good enough but I will make sure to make it better from time to time. Remember some parts I haven’t told you because if you know everything that what would be the interest of playing. Todays Quote

Be brave to be great because,

Coward’s have never heard the word Great

That’s All Folks. See you in the next blog. Till then read and listen.

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