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Now let’s see this Concept of Social media Marketing. But today, We are going to talk about Instagram and why you need to learn about Instagram. Well, I know, all of my Users know about Instagram as they use it. But we are going to talk in detail that will change your view of seeing and using Instagram forever. Now, Let’s see what you know about Instagram. Instagram is a Social Media Platform that you use to socialize with other people. Like you Friends, family, and even strangers. You use it to post pictures of yourself or any kind of function that is happening you put it on live. But Have you ever thought of earning through Instagram? With zero Investment. I hope not. So let’s Go and Start this Instagram thing.

Era of Social Media

Instagram was brought by Facebook for Aprrox 1billion and it took the market in the air. People jumped from Facebook to Instagram. Million of Id were made and used by people. That was the moment When Social Media took over the World. Just with Facebook and Instagram. But Would you believe me if I tell you that social media pays you if you work according to them? Yes, Pays you according to your Followers and like you have. But as I said I will change your view of Seeing Instagram as a money-making machine Rather than a photo exchange social media platform.

Now wasting time or making money? What will you choose? Making more money. So, use your photos and the Stuff you do like amazing stuff. Put your Talent online and earn you the money that you dream of. I know So Far I am not making sense but read as we o through. So you will get the idea of what I am trying to say.

Other side of Social Media

Other Side. Right. I think telling you how to make money will make me go crazy. But yes Other Side. This means that you are on the side of Instagram which only gives you entertainment. like talking to friends and family. posting photos and funny memes and usually just scrolling and reading some stuff. But Users remember the world is more than you scrolling Instagram posts on beds. Now I want my user to be on the other side. the good side. where you can do this all the same you do but make money with it. I will teach you how to do that. But have read the blog carefully. Now let’s get the show on the road.

Money Making with Instagram

Now money is not an easy thing to make nowadays because the competition is high So you have to come with your best. but it can be easy if you want it to be easy. Now I will tell you what to do to make money and follow these steps and they will lead you to make money with Instagram and in the end, I will tell you what to do after you start making money with Instagram. Here is what you need to do.


1: Make an Instagram Account. But not a normal account. A professional Account. Yes anyone can make a professional account as it has many advantages. I will give a much easier way to understand your followers and the outcomes and insights of your account. Now Professional account as two more options added. One Professional Dashboard and promotions. But you don’t have to do anything now.

2: After making the account. Now make an idea of what will you post. Like choosing a niche. If I prefer to you, Do that in which you are the best. Post daily. Do nothing just post daily.

3: Try to Make 2000 to 5000 Followers. But Make sure It’s Organic. Nor bots no fake Paid Followers. Because this will make a problem for you at the time of Verification. So make it as simple as you can. Try to make organic followers. After Doing this You are now ready to start Monetization.

4: Make Sure your country is Eligible for Instagram money. Because some countries are not Eglible in for that. So make sure you are Eligible.

5: Instagram pays you per post when you reached that milestone that I told you about above. Starting With $8 to $10. I can also be you choose of how much you want to get paid per post. But I recommend you go between 8 to10.

6: Last but not least improve Instagram statistics daily. because it will you in many ways You can’t even imagine. How to let’s talk about it.

Audience Power

Now tell me if you want to sell something. Where do you sell? Of course to the people around you. but why? because you want to earn money for yourself. So explaining it is simple. Let’s See you have followers like 10000 to 20000. These are the people who watch your post daily and never miss your post. So now you want to make more money and start a business. Like Selling something online. Now the only thing businessmen fear is that from where they will get their customers. As for you, You don’t need to worry. Because for starting you have those 20000 people who would love to buy your stuff.

Let’s say that not all of 20000 would buy. But at least 100 or 200 can buy. But the ones who buy your stuff will tell others about your brand. brands? right. one more thing let’s talk about brands.

Brands and Instagram

Now you have Worked with Instagram for a while and you have more than 10 to20 thousand followers. Different brands will start searching for you. As they will approach you to sponsor their product in which they will pay you. You will have to post their product in your profile. As you have done One Many more will come. This will allow you to make more money. And will help you get more followers and give your product to them, for promotion. Simple Tech but will work.

Remember making money online is not a piece of cake. it takes time and patience. I am trying to teach you as easily as I can. Because I want you to make money not to get stuck in the middle of Something. I am always there to help and I will tell in a comment if you have an answer. I will try to make some videos So that you don’t have any more things to understand. So that is for today hope you liked the blog. tell me in the comment if you want a video with easy content for you to understand how to make money online.

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