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This is a Brief Introduction to Facebook now Known as Meta. Another Social media platform used by many but no know its power it. They can make a lot of money using this platform but they just use it for fun. I want my Users to make an empire not a normal shop. It will take time and hard work which most people Don’t do. Hence they don’t get their dreams and lose. And you are not a loser. Because Fortune Grabber is there to help. Now Social media as I always have told you is a powerful tool and today we will discuss the First Tool That still rules social media. And most important how you can earn from it.

Facbook a Social media Tool

Now then, let’s Talk about this tool. This Is the first Social media tool with the easiest way to use it. The Simple it was the simple it is. Facebook basically is a social media platform where you can share your picture, post something exciting and you can talk to your friend no matter where you are it always connects you. But the main reasons I show to earn from Facebook right? I will tell you DOn’t worry. but Before going to that I wanted you to understand Facebook and its Use.

Basically, like Instagram Facebook does not pay you. but It gives you the way to earn money up to your Knowledge. Yes, you heard me right. The more you Have knowledge about Facebook the more you make money. Now the question is How? Simple you have to follow three Steps For that.

Know-how Make Pages on Facebook
Create Facebook Ads
Have the Right Audience For your Money Making Business

How to make Pages on facebook

Let’s start with The First Part. This is the key to everything. Learn how to make Accurate Pages on Facebook and you will have everything you need for your Business. A Facebook page helps you to interact with people beyond your imagination. People have used Facebook pages For Entertainment, but They Don’t know the pages that they are using can make them a lot of money. Making A Facebook Page is Not Hard. and one Ore thing people have established businesses using just Facebook Pages. Now let’s say you have a website that makes a $1000 sale every month. But What if you Want more? What if You want your site to make $2000 a month? Where will you go Now? Facebook got you Covered there.

Now making a Page is easy Just go to Facebook and make a page. But How will you bring an audience? They will see your page and like it and from there they will learn about your Site. After learning they will make a decision and when they go to your Site they Buy Something and you make sales. This is Where Ads Comes and Take place and make your Life Easier so you Don’t have to go and find an audience anywhere.

Learn and Create Facebook Ads.

I will Make a Facebook Ads blog Where you Will learn everything about Facebook and How to Run ads. In this blog, I will only tell you that what are ads and What is the Importance of ads For your business. You watch Tv Right. well when you see s Serial and In the Middle of That a break comes and you see various commercials. They are Called Ads/advertisements. Ads MeanDisplaying Your Product Publiclally to the People Around the World So that they know about your product and they purchase it. In simple words, Ads Helps People to recognize your Product So that you can make sales.

Online Ads are the same as commercials. They go to different people who are using Facebook and Show the Ads that you have created. This Helps them show your Page and make a visit to your Pages. Now I know I know Your must want everyone to come to your page and then go to your site. So that you could make a Sale. Right? Wrong? We want Only Those People Who really wants to buy your Product. We need to invest in them. Not everyone. Now there is where our third Steps Works Choose the Right Audience for your Page.

Now, So far you know how to make Facebook Pages. You Know What are ads and what is their Importance. Now you Will learn How important is to choose the Right Audience to make your Business successful.

Choosing Your Audience

You know One thing That nothing is Free in this world Right. So you make ads you have to pay for it. Just like you pay for tv commercials. When anyone makes a commercial he has to pay different people for that. Now in Facebook, you have to Pay facebook an amount so that it Could show your Ad to your Audience. So now If you Don’t want your money to get burned Listen carefully about choosing the RIght Audience by using the following Steps.


Make Sure you choose the location where you think your Product makes a sale. For example, you have a business of T-shirts and you Know that I could sell them anywhere in the world So it is easy for you to make a decision. But If What you have a sofa Company but you cant Sell it Worldwide and Only can sell it in your Country. Now A businessman always thinks that he should have Less cost and more profit. So you Will choose the Location That is near you. This means you can Target your nearby cities.

Age and Genders

Now You Have to choose which age are you Targeting. For Example, If you have T-shirt Business You will target 10 To 40 age people. That Easy but what if you only have women’s clothing. Your Cant put men in them right That will make fewer chances of making sales. You only Target women. In other cases men. So this is an easy step but make sure you do it right.

Detail Targeting

Now, this part can be very interesting for you. Because it is all about interest hobbies and everything people like. Detail Targeting means you can specify your audience as Much as you Can. But Make Sure not to make it too broad. because it will be hard for Facebook to find the right people on a Low Budget. But If your Budget is high you can go. Make sure To specify as easily as you can. FOr example, If you have a T-shirt Business but a printing T-shirt Business. In which you have logos Slogan, Writhing, and more. In this case, your Detail Targeting Words Will be Logos, Slogan, and Writing. means Facebook Will only Target Those WOmens WHo love logos, slogans, and writing on their t-shirts.

Hope Yours Understand this All. I know this is not enough but Want you to know about Facebook and its use of how to make money from it. I will make a detailed Blog on ads and different types of Ads. Don’t Worry about that blog I will go into the depth of ads So that you could learn more easily.

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