Skills to Make Money (Part 1)

Now, We will talk about the Skills we need to make money online. How online money works and what you need to earn money through the Online System. Wake up we are going to talk. I am writing this blog in the morning. Now there are many ways through which we can earn money. But Everything Needs the skill to earn through them. This is an Intorduty blog, but I will tell You the Five Skills to earn money. One more thing. I Have divided it into parts. There will be only Ten ways to the Skills but in the second blog, there is Something special for my users. So let’s Get started on this blog as I tell you the skills you need to hold on to.

What are Skills?

Well, this is a thing that no one does better than you. You have the grab that no one has. But in an online System, everyone has the same skill that you have. But in a way, they have changed their skill to produce something new. Now there is the part where you enter the world of Skills. This Concept is for you to know about, how to improve and make new Skills. So, Make something Unique of what you have. Make a difference in your mind from others. That will improve your stats in business.

Now I hope you have understood What I have said. So Today we will have Five Skills that we will discuss So that you must know which you have and which you want to have. I will tell one by one So Read what you like to learn and tell me in the comment section. So let’s Get started.

Skill One: Freelance

Now, Why do I put this in one because there is a reason. Some of you have money to invest. So I want them to invest in their time and skills to earn money. I have told before that money is not an investment every time. Moving on, In Freelance we will tell you what you should have at a minimum base to start earning. The Minimum Skill you need to learn is content writing. The easier nor harder, But will pay your bills. Freelance is a job and a business. But most important no money is needed. Just invest your skills and time and the right place. If you want to earn money through Freelance, the best option will be Upwork for you. Upwork is the best platform for Freelancing.

Skill Two: Video Editing

Well, this is the skill that will cost you some money. but if you have this skill you will earn a lot than you think. This is a high-paying business. And this also works in freelancing. You can be hired by a person for editing his video. Now this will cost you about 700 to1200 bucks For starting. Could be less according to your desire. To learn this skill you must need a time period of 1 year for your Basic start. But from time to time you will get better. Editing works like, In a movie, Tv-Shows and dramas, and more. But in video editing, there are sub Skills like choosing one Sub skills. As I told you in my previous blog of chose one niche in the market. Like You could be the editor of visual effects or 3d modeling and more.

Skill Three: Email-Marketing

Well, this is the best today. If you have the Skill to make leads you are good in the markets. E-marketing is like collecting emails from Stangers and emailing them about your product for advertising. This is one of the best ways to earn money. You can have a job or business. But wait, I will tell you this with an example. Let say you have a business and While you are in the business hour you have Some free time. Now you have the Skill of e-mail Marketing. What if wasting all your money on other people for email marketing, We can save that money and can spend it on other things that make us happy. So learn and Grab this Skill in your Grasp.

Skill Four: Adversting Skills

Well, this is the Skill we Will Talk about in detail. Today I will tell you in some short But good enough detail and I will make a blog and we will discuss this in Full detail. But Moving on. This Skill Needs no money. It needs your mind time. This is a very important part of your business. This is the way that how people get to know you and your business. It is a powerful tool, Just like Thor’s Hammer. In these Skills, You need to learn that how to choose your audience, The budget you need to set, and Make sure it goes through the right people by choosing the right goal. In advertising every little detail is important. The concept of making the advertisement. The lines and tags and more.

Advertising is like you have to play with your audience in order to convince them to buy you Stuff. Listen carefully, If someone has this skill and Does not know its Worth, read this blog. Advertising is the most powerful Tool beyond your imagination. This is how your audience will recognize you and your business in the future. So make sure to learn it and if you want to learn, tell me in the comment section.

Skill Five: Coding and building

Now then, In making money online coding and building is the business there was, there is, and there will be. The hole internet in on coding. Coding is basically used for building programs, Apps, and Websites. In today’s Era Ther is Software that is built for Our easier that we can build websites without coding. But in my opinion, you should go and learn to code and start building your own world. They say old is gold. Coding is just like that. Old but still fresh as new and works better than ever. Now, why did I put a building in it? Because code I like bricks and cement that built the website as these build building in a place.

Now, these all are not ranked. Why? because I always have said that in making money online everything is connected. So you Should learn all of this. But depending on your mental capacity that is what can be learned by you. I think you should learn only one because this will help you on forces in one direction and as always will make more money for you. So that’s All for today’s blogs. I will make sure to bring part 2 as quickly as I can. So then you could learn more. Remember learning is Something else and doing particle is something else. SO make sure after reading this do something particle. this is the only way that will make you money. Not dayDreaming.

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