Sinbad and the Witch

Before he became, Sinbad a sailor he was an ordinary merchant who goes from one country to another. He was a normal person. One day he was going to another city for business purposes. He set his journey on the ship. No one knew that this journey was about to change his life. Welcome guys to another Friday and another Arabian night story. Today I will tell you a story of a sailor and his magical voyages through the seven seas and the world. The sea and magic hold uncharted Mysteries and the world that are for him. This is one of Sinbad’s adventure stories, but most of all this is the story of how Sinbad becomes Sinbad the sailor.

Character in the story


The king of the ship

The Ship’s Eye men

The destroyer

The Witch

prince of the Uncharted Island

King of the Uncharted island


The story is about how Sinbad became a sailor. How he Finished the witch of the uncharted island. Sinbad plays an important role in the one thousand and one nights as his adventure are told as many as you can count. So let get started.

The king’s Ship

The story starts As the Queen tells the king another story to live one more day as she tells the king about the story of Sinbad and his first voyage. Sinbad an ordinary merchant goes on the ship to go back to his homeland Baghdad. It was a king’s ship. In that ship, there were merchants, young women, men, and married couples. They all were enjoying and having fun. Suddenly the ship’s Eye men saw a pirate’s ship coming towards them. The eye men told them that it is the ship of the destroyer. He then tells everyone the story of the destroyer.

The Destroyer

He tells everyone that the destroyer is pure evil. He captures young women and men and makes them slaves and sells them in the market. Then he loots Everything. Every jewel, every diamond, and he is coming for us. The destroyer saw the ship and ask his men to follow them and capture everything they have. The eye man said that we must not fight and surrender at once. This way they will spare us. Let them take everything women man so that we could live.

One of the voices on the boat that you are a coward. I will protect them. His name for Sinbad. Sinbad said that I have a plan and we will fight against them. Sinbad was a kind-hearted person. Now as the destroyer attacked them they saw…

Sinbad Vs Destroyer

When the destroyer came to the ship, he saw that there is no one on the ship. He asked his men to loot everything. when they were looting the jewels, one box was not opening. The destroyed opened the box. Sinbad attacked him. and everyone came out. The fight started. As Sinbad was fighting, the destroyer killed the king. Sinbad Captured the destroyer and in furiousness, he cut the hand and plucked the eye of the destroyer. in his last breath, he gave Sinbad the captaincy of the ship and gave him the magical sword called the Sword of Solomon. He told him that this sword will help him in every part of his life. he died.

One Year later

After one-year Sinbad is now the captain of the ship that was given him by the king. He helps people through his ship. One day they went on an island to get some water. As the crew starts sitting and setup fire the island begins to shake. Sinbad sees an eye that it’s not an island it’s a whale. Sinbad attacked the whale and the whale swims. When she swim the waves brought Sinbad with him to an uncharted island. After two days he wakes up and sees that he is alive and is on an island.

He walks through the island and sees the water and runs toward it. He drinks water and thanked Allah for helping him. As He saw some fish and tried to capture some but…

The island and the curse of the witch

As he tried to capture the fish, the fish begin to talk. Please kind sir don’t eat us. Sinbad was surprised to see the fish talking. Suddenly the fish change themselves into humans. they ask Sinbad for help from the witch. the witch has cursed this place and everyone in it. Sinbad agreed to help. He asks them where to find this witch. As they were about to tell a Djinn appears and tells them to stop. He said, Don’t tell this human anything otherwise I will kill all of you. But they told Sinbad everything. The Djinn killed everyone and fights Sinbad.

Sinbad fights the djinn and beheads him with his magical sword. The head flies and goes back to the witch. The witch is shocked to see and ask The djinn who did this. He tells the witch everything. The witch is doing everything with his husband. The witch sees that a man is coming to kill them. but they laugh. Because no one can kill them. When they see that this man carried the sword of Solomon, they get scared. The witch says don’t worry he can kill us as long we are separated. Sinbad moves a step to where the witch is.

The Story of the Uncharted Island

Sinbad gets to the gate of the cave. He uses his sword’s magic to enter the cave. Inside he finds that everyone here is made up of stone. He saw a man crying for his death. Sinbad asks, who are you? The man tells that he was the prince of this uncharted island but the witch has turned him half stoned. He asks the prince to tell him everything and what happened. The prince began the story. He tells Sinbad he fell in love with the witch. but he didn’t know that she was a witch. One day she came to me crying and asked for help. She told me that a man has turned him into stone and only the crown of kings can help him. I was shocked to hear.

But for her love, I asked my father to give me the crown but my father denied it and told me to come again with such ridiculous demand. I went to the secret chamber and got the crown. When I got to the cave, I saw her real face as the witch. Since that day she has captured me and tomorrow she will kill me. Sinbad said that do not worry I will kill that witch.

Sinbad and the witch

As Sinbad enters the cave, he saw that she is a wicked witch. She wants to rule the world. Sinbad sees the witch and tries to kill her but she captured him and his sword. The next day the husband and the witch were about to kill the prince but a storm occurs from out of nowhere. Sinbad gets his sword back and kills both at once. Sinbad saved the island and the prince. Everyone was back. The prince seeks forgiveness from his father. Sinbad asks the king to please arrange something for me to get off from this island. On the shore, Sinbad sees the eye man and is happy to reunite with his crew and ship. Before leaving the king gives Him a diamond and asks him to take it as a reward and he leaves.

Last part of the blog

So guy end of another story. Another Arabian night ends and the princess starts another story about what story will be the next. we will see it in the next blog. Hope you liked it and enjoyed it. Today’s Quote

Struggle starts when you are born.

Success starts when you want it to start

That’s all folks. See you in the next blog. Till then read and listen.

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