Sinbad: Palace of Danger

Sinbad and the Palace of Danger is part 2 of the quest for diamond. Where Now Sinbad Reaches A jungle Which the fairy told him to go. There he met a prince in a cage. Sinbad was about to set him free but he asked Sinbad to Stop. The prince said that if you tried to set me free, this cage will burn with me. Sinbad asks him that if he could help him and tells him the way to the valley of death. Prince said that only If he Could Help him to save the princess from a devil. He tells Sinbad that a Devil has captured his princess.

Now everyone has told him that whoever goes there has never returned. But Sinbad Promised the Prince that he will bring his princess, his love back to him. The question is, In all of these matters will, Sinbad get the Diamond or not? The real mission he came For. Well Guys, Welcome back. Another Friday another Arabian Night Story. Let’s get started with another adventure of Sinbad.

Characters in the Story


Ship’s Eye man

Evil spirits



The snake



Crystal or Diamond


The story Starts From where I left Last Week. Sindbad Reaches into the jungle to find the prince who knows the ways to the valley of death. Sinbad Reaches the prince’s location and asks him about the location of the valley of the death. Prince Tells Sinbad his and his princess’s Story that she capture by a devil in a palace near. If You can save her and bring her to me I will tell you the way to the Valley of the death. Sinbad says that he will help him as he will bring the princess back to him. The Prince tells Sinbad the location of the valley and Sinbad Leaves.

Towards the Palace

Sinbad Reaches the Palace but sees that everything is normal which is quite not normal in his life. As he was about to enter the palace, A fire comes in front and pushes him back. Sinbad is Pushed back by the fire and The fire Disappears. Sinbad is Suprise and thinks that what is going on here. As he gets closer the fire starts again. Finally, He thinks of the Diamond and used it. The Fire Illusion Stops and He Enters the Palace. As he Enters, Sinbad Sees that Rubies are falling from Somewhere and is Shocked to See it. He then enters a room and sees Someone lying on the bed. He moves forward to talk and Sees.

Devil In love

Sinbad Sees that there is a Woman lying on the bed with no head and sees his head flying in the Room. he tries to capture it but could not get it. He heard a voice and goes to the window and sees a genie is laughing outside the palace. The Genie enters the palace and Sinbad Hides Behind a curtain and sees the View. He sees that Genie removes his Skin from his body and becomes human. The Genie puts his Skin in a Bottle and comes to the body with a red rose. The Genie is the devil and the king of the palace. The red was the way to wake up the girl as her head joins again with her body. That girl is the princess. Sinbad Heard their Whole Conversation as the devil said that no one can kill me.

The Devil said to her that only I know how to kill myself. No other person knows that. The Devil was in love with the princess So he captured her here. The princess does not agree to marry him as She is in love with the Prince. The Devil warns her that if she Doesn’t Agree with this, He will kill the prince. The Princess Agreed. They both will get married tomorrow. The Devil again beheads her with magic and puts on the genie Skiln again and leaves the Palace. Sinbad Now knows how to wake the princess up.

A door in the Palace

Sinbad wakes the Princes up by using the red flower and tells her that he is here to save her. Princess says that no one can save her as only death can. Sinbad asked her if she knows about any hideout or any private room. The Princess said that there is only one room that the devil doesn’t talk about. Sinbad asked her to lead him to that door. Sinbad Goes inside the Door and sees a weapon Room. Inside the room, he Sees a man Injured and Sinbad saves him with the help of the diamond’s magic. When The old man Wakes up, He said that are you Sinbad the sailor? Sinbad Said yes. The old man said that only you can kill the devil and I know that how to kill him because I am his master. I am the one who taught him magic.

He tells Sinbad that the only way to kill him is to destroy his genie skill and burn it. As he will also be burnt down. After telling this the old man begins to fumble and tells Sinbad that the person who holds the truth of the devil’s death must not reveal it to another. As after reveling he will die. The old man dies. The devil reaches there and captures Sinbad. His man Totuted Sinbad and The marriage Ceronomy begins.

The Wrong marriage

As Sinbad is captured and is tortured by the Devil’s Men the Princess refuses to marry the devil. The Devil disguises himself as the Prince and makes a story to convince the princess to marry here. Meanwhile, the Men think that Sinbad is dead and releases him. but it was a trick from Sinbad. Sinbad Reaches the Palace to Steal the skin as this is only the only way to kill the devil. Sinbad Finds the Skin and goes to stop Marriage. He comes and as The devil to Stop the marriage.

Palace and the valley

Sinbad Stops the devil but the Devil does not stop. Sinbad and the Devil had a fight and Sinbad burns his skin Alive and saves the Prince and the Princess. AS they Start their new lives again. Sinbad Asks for the way to the valley of death. The Prince asks Sinbad to not go as I don’t want you to die. But Sinbad insists and said, Don’t worry ill be Fine. The Princes Tell Sinbad The Location to the valley of Death but Again warns Sinbad that the way is Dangers And Far from here. Sinbad Thanks For their Hosptiltiy and leaves.

Last Part of the Blog

Another Story ends Of the Arabian Night. Guys, I hope you are liking this Sinbad series It Has One more part Which you Will read next Friday. The Last part Comes Friday and Then We will start with a new hero. As I continue the Arabian Night Stories. Before I take Leave Make sure to comment how much you like my Website and more. Todays Quote.

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But in that Middle, It’s you Who decided To make a difference.

That’s All Folks. See you in the Next blog. I TIll then read and listen

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