Sinbad and the Quest of the Diamond

Part 1

So, The story remains the same. The queen tells the Sultan another story of the sailor Sinbad. This time the kings ask Sinbad to recover the diamond. The first piece of diamond Which Sinbad recovered from the Witch. He gave it to the king. The king Says that this diamond has two parts and you have to cover the second one and bring it to me. Sinbad Agrees and goes on another adventure in the uncharted world. Let’s see what new adventures hold for Sinbad. Welcome back guys, to another Arabian night Story. Another Friday and another Story.

Characters in the Story


Ship’s Eye man

Evil spirits



The snake



Crystal or Diamond

Over View

Now today I will tell you how Sinbad fights Evil spirits, Demons Monsters, and Vampires to get his hand on the diamond. The wazir of the king tells Sinbad that This Crystal is in a place far from Baghdad where no man has ever returned. That Place valley of death. Sinbad tells the prince that I will return with the diamond as this is my promise to you. Now, will Sinbad return? Will He get the diamond? Now let’s see what happens. Let’s get started with the blog and read.

The Three Thevies

The story is as we know, Sinbad leaves Baghdad for his quest. Sinbad and his Ships eye man Talk about the valley of death. The Eye men tell Sinbad that you should not go as if you go you will not return. But Sinbad tells him not to worry, as he knows what he is doing. He sees a lighthouse and asks the eye men what is that? The eye says that the lighthouse is called the lighthouse of Sikandar the Great. He also includes that, whoever crosses this lighthouse has never seen the daylight again. He tell that beyond this lighthouse massive tornados and evil spirits are there.

The snake Bite

Sinbad tells the eye man to take the course for Yemen As you all will stay there. Whlie I go in search of the valley and the crystal. A snake was on the ship as he moves to the cabinet. He bites the eye man. Everyone heard him and ran towards him. Sinbad is shocked to see his friend waiting for his death. He asks someone to bring water. Sinbad uses the First Part of the crystal and dips it in the water. He ask the eye man to drink the water and after drinking the water he came back to life. Someone from the ship tells Sinbad that this diamond is magical and will save you anytime you are in need.

But he also tells Sinbad that this diamond is also a curse. Because whoever holds this crystal is always in danger. Another man asks him that if he allows him to take a look at the diamond. Sinbad gives him the diamond so that he could have a look. He gave it back to Sinbad and move out of the cabin. As they came out they reveal their real faces as thieves. They plan to steal the Diamond from Sinbad.

Entering the Light House

They plan to kill Sinbad while he will be in the Dungen protecting the Grain. They try to kill Sinbad but in doing So they got killed by Sinbad. Then Sinbad kills the third thieve, the leader. Now everything Is fine. Sinbad Everyone on the ship that everyone here is from different countries. So why SO quiet. Let’s Celebrate and enjoy the mood. Whlie Celebrating And dancing They all do not realize that they have crossed the lighthouse. As they cross, the wind blows faster and faster. They ask Sinbad to help but he is helpless. Suddenly he heard a voice saying, that whoever wishes to be saved, will be saved. But one of you must reach the lighthouse and play the Drum once and you will be saved.

Sinbad again Puts his life in danger and goes to the lighthouse and saved everyone. But is trapped in the sea and the lighthouse. Sinbad’s Ship is Long gone. Sinbad uses the big drum as a boat and pedals into the water. After long paddling and moving the drum he reaches an Island.

Quest to Valley of Death

Sinbad reaches an island And tries to move but becomes Unconoius. Then Suddenly some soldiers come and pick him up. Sinbad Wakes up and sees himself in a bed and in a room. He is Suprised to see himself in a castle and has no idea where he is. Sinbad sees a Girl and goes after her. She sings and Sinbad Follows Him, but could not catch her. Finally, he comes back to the room and sees the girl. When he gets closer he sees that the girl is made up of stone. He was shocked to see that. The real girl enters the room and.

The lady Vampire

The real girl who was singing comes to the room and tells Sinbad that she is waiting for him. He is her Lover. Sinbad denies it. The girl tries to force him. In forcing Sinbad the Diamond Fell down. Sinbad pulls the girl back and she sees the diamond. As She sees the diamond her real face comes. The girl is a vampire. Sinbad Apologized and ask her what happened. But she does not show her face and Ran Aways. Sinbad Follows her but got trapped in a cave beneath the castle. In that cave, Sinbad sees another girl in chains and a snake in her face. Sinbad uses his magical Crystal to help the Girl. After unchaining her, Sinbad asks him that who are you and why were you in chains.

She tells Sinbad that she is a fairy who knows black magic. The lady you met is a blood-sucking Vampire. She hunts a Young man to have eternal life. She adds that the lady was once also a fairy and I taught her Black magic. But one day she went to Rouge and Sart killed People. When I tried to stop him. She chained me and Imprisoned me here. Now we must leave Before she Comes here as I know the way to get out of this place. She tells Sinbad that if we crossed the jungle She will be helpless and will never catch us ever.


They both make a run as Sinbad and the girl Run into the jungle to save themselves. The lady Vampire follows them and tries to stop them but they succeed in crossing the jungle. The girl Uses His magic and creates a flying carpet and saves herself and Sinbad. She Thanked Sinbad for helping her. Sinbad as Her that If She knows the way to the Valley of death. The Land to somewhere on the island. the Fairy tells Sinbad that 2 Miles from here, there is a prince caged in the jungle. He knows much more than me about the Valley. I hope he Will help you.

Last part of the Blog

So guys End of the First Part I hope you liked it. There are many Questions Still to be answered. But Will see you next Friday with the Second part. Many Think Still to come. Many hurdles are Still to come for Sinbad. Today’s Quote.

Let the world Know your Journey

But the Destination Should be Hidden

Because Someone Will always be their to Stop you.

That’s all Folks. See you in the next blog. Till then Read and Listen

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