Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog

After reading the title you must be thinking about how this could ever happen. In all of my Childhood, I wanted this, that scooby-doo and courage should have one Episode together. But “WB” Made a movie and That’s Great. The movie is good, but if you are Scooby-doo or Courage Fan, you’ll love it. So let’s go man meet the gang and Courage again. And see how our childhood looked.

The ’90s

Back in the ’90s and early ’20s, These shows were Superhits. Courage the Cowardly Dog was just one show With four seasons. But Scooby-Doo gave us More. Courage the Cowardly Dog was a super hit Just with its Four Seasons. I’ll tell you Some little Details about these Shows So that you can get more Ideas.


This Was the Biggest Hit for “WB”. Scooby-Doo! where are you was the first Show to hit Television. After that, it was an unstoppable Show And hit A lot of Success. It gave us Some movies Animated and Real-life both and every little boy or Girl loved this Show. The mystery gang Was almost everywhere. And the most important parts. One Scooby Can talk and The relationship of friendship between Shaggy and Scooby-doo. A talking dog in a show was a new thing for everyone. Because the combination of Shaggy and Scooby was the best.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Now let’s talk about Courage. Courage is also a talking do. Lives with a couple. But in every new episode, something Strange Happens. And Courage always tries his best to save his home. This was only a four-season Television Series. it never came out as movies. But all four seasons were very hit. Courage lived with Muriel and her husband Eustance. Eustace hates Courage and always Scares Courage. But for Muriel, he helps in everyday life and Stange Thing Happen in Nowhere.

Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog

This movie is all about These two Shows to Meet and solve A case together. The Duo of Scooby And Courage and their bonding. It’s All shown in the movie That how and Scooby and Courage solves the case together. Let’s Review it And See if you like it and Will goes to watch the movie.

Character Details

Frank Welker As Scooby-doo and Fred Jones

Matthew Lillard As Shaggy Rogers

Marty Grabstein As Courage

Thea White As Muriel Bagge

Jeff Bergman As Eustace Bagge

Kate Micucci as Velma Dinkley

Grey Griffin As Daphne Blake

And More

Scooby-Doo in Nowhere

The Movie starts as The gang has captured a new villain. A Clown. They Unmask him and see the real person behind him. As normally the gang does how he does that, Scooby heard something with a background tune of Courage and the cowardly dog. Scooby heard a voice and see everyone is talking to him but he ran. As shaggy becomes nervous and as a gang to ran after Scooby. The gang sits in the mystery machine and goes after scooby. As scooby Runs so fast, he doesn’t know where he is going. He enters Nowhere. In the World of Courage. When Scooby enter their he heard voices ever harder and lay down and he sees a house. Meanwhile, Courage is having the same problem. Courage tells Eustace about it and the funny part is where Eustace scares courage with the epic Mask.

Scooby-Doo and Courage

When Eustace scares courage he went out and still heard the voice as well as Scoob. Finally, they two meet but both got scared after seeing each other. Scoobs Says you are a dog. and tells courage me too. as they were talking something comes from the ground but before we could see it, the intro starts.

Courage’s Friend

So, when the intro ends Scoob and courage are in trouble as big spiders come from the ground and attack them. The spider is about to attack them, But the gang arrives and saves them. As the gang starts talking and Scoob introduces his team to Courage, Muriel comes and thinks the gang is Scoob’s Friends and invites them for dinner. The Gang Comes inside and Meet Eustace but Eustace is not liking them as usual he does. In the Meantime, Muriel asks everyone to have dinner as she has made homemade cookies for all of us.

Attack On the Road

As they Eat cookies Velma Figures Something out that why is this happening but could find the Source as someone knocks on the door. Daphane opens and sees a letter. Daphane tells that it’s a letter from the mayor to invite us to dinner. As they were going Scoob and Courage go with Eustace and Muriel goes with The gang. As they were going Scoob And Courage See that Eustace is not driving and there is a bug instead of him. They all fight on the road with the car to save shaggy and scooby. After saving Scoob and courage they go to the mayor’s house and the guy that house gives me the scare.

House of Horror

As they enter the Mayor’s house, the butler Doesn’t welcome them. As when he welcomes them he asks all of them to wait here. While waiting in the room Evil mouth chair or what kind of chairs don’t guy, but they attacked all of them. As they were fighting the Mayor arrives and saves them. Mayor then Who are you people. They tell the mayor that he invited us. In the movie, the butler gives me a creep the whole time. As the mayor says that if you are her then let’s dine together. As they were dining they have a chit-chat at the table.

The best we Do

As Fred Said to the mayor that they want to look at your house. The gang goes for clues, but shaggy, Scoob, courage and Eustace goes for lunch. As the gang searches for clues Scooby and the gang make some sandwiches. As they were doing this, they have bee attacked by a giant fly. The spiders and the fly Attack Scoob and others while the gang is gone somewhere in a mansion, Where Velma learns that this is the device that makes Scoob and courage go crazy.

The computer

Velma but isn’t sure what the main source is. Velma tells that he needs to do more research but for that, she needs a computer. Muriel tells the gang that Courage has a computer back at the farmhouse. Meanwhile, in the farmhouse, Evey one is Coming and giving Eustace their money as they are hypnotized by the device which the gang found. just by calling them. As the gang arrives at the farmhouse, the spider and the flies Once again attack and capture the gang and Muriel.

The compture Part 2

As the gang is gone, it is up to Scooby Shaggy and Courage to save all of them. Welcome Back 90’s. Courage was also a hit of its Talking Computer. this Computer Talks to courage and help him all along. The computer tells that there is a rock o the ground Which is doing all of this. by the Way when courage uses the tablet of Velma to give information to the computer. The computer flirts with Velma’s tablet. Scooby and Courage now know what they have to do.

The final Party

Scooby and Courage go to dig underground to find the source and after finding it they want to destroy it. But the flies couldn’t let that happen. As for courage fights with all the flies and wins. I could not tell more about this you have to watch the movie. In the end, The mayor is the villain as the mayor is a robot and inside the controllers are Le Quack and Katz. They explain everything and in the end they all dance.

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