Sales and Marketing

This is a live blog. Which I am writing Now. So that you can question me about anything you can,t understand. Today’s topic is sales and marketing. Now, this is a vast field of making money online. You must be thinking, How to do that? Well, Today I will tell you the categories of sales and marketing. These Categories will be explained one by one. I want you to choose your category and start making money. Now there are many categories. But I will tell you only seven of those. These seven will help you make money according to your grip on them. Means, how skillful are you on them. Explaining this to you will help you in understanding them differently.

Thses catgrioes are best for you. But I will recommend you to choose any one of them. Being Skillful in one of them will make you rare. You will have a better opportunity on making more money than others. How this will work? Will, if you see in that way. Let me tell you an example. Let’s say, You are Skillfull in Display advertising. Means you design and wrote advisement for some countries. Now they know that it is your only skill and you are better than others. Why? Because, Your Competition is an expert on this and SEO, But he is 50 50n expert on both.

Now if a company owner is a genius, He will hire a 100% expert, rather than a 50% expert. Because This is the only way a company can have a better future. So, This is just the starting. Let’s Go and Discuss this in detail. But Make sure you read it all. I way I am going to write. I will make sure that put your interest in it.

Sales and Marketing

This topic is A bit Tough. Because of its Variety and making money power. You can most of the money from it. IF you are great at it. I have chosen these seven categories for you. Because these will be easy to learn. And makes money more easily than others. So let’s get started with these categories as I will explain each and everyone with a little example of how you can do it.

1: Display Advertising

Display ads are one of the online advertising methods that you need to learn. If you love advertisements and want to do that, You are in luck tonight. This field is for you. Now advertising can also be a career. But the thing is that you should learn and build your skills on it. How will you display things to your customer? Display advertising is a combination of text, image, and the URL of your Website. This is all shown to your customer. when you put an ad live. But we are here to discuss, how you can become an expert on it. Well, this is simple. If you want to become a display advertiser, then the skill you need is a good writing mind, Choice of the right images, and more stuff like this.

So, Going through all this, you have learned about something else also. How to run ads? Now, Listen Carefully. If you want your Display advertising skill in work. Then start learning ads. This will help you in getting a good amount of money. Working and combining these two skills will help you grow your mind in the field of advertising. Most of all, if you want to send your own product, it would be easy for you. So, this is Display advertising. Make things according to your desire.

2: Marketing Strategy

This is a very important job or ownership position for a business. This Position test you limits of what you are capable of. Now, in this position, you have the game in your hand. You have to make things go for your business. Have the will Power to take risky decisions. Hold your nerves. Marketing Strategy is a job where you are making plans and trying to convert visitors into customers. So that they could buy your product and services. So that you could make sales and make more money. Now, how you can be good at this job? Well, make yourself comfortable. Be skillful in having a peaceful mind. You should be good at Slogan. Having risk-taking power. Decision-taking power. These are the important thing that you should have. After taking this job, you’ll be equal to profit and loss.

3:  SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is a very important thing to do in sales and Marketing. Seo is the way that people find your site. It is a free tool That you can use to rank your site. Seo learning is easy and Difficult. If you learn these ways of bringing traffic to your site. You will have unlimited traffic to your site. Moreover, It will also rank your Site on top of searches. You just need to do find the right keywords and make sure that these keywords. To be the best Seo optimation, you have to be skillful in finding the best keywords for the site. The Keywords that can rank your site on the top of google searches. This is what SEO is all about. So this Job is easy and tough both. But if you have the right tool, you can manage this job easily.

4: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This is one of my concepts that you can learn. I have written many blogs on it and have to manage everything on that. Still More to come. Now social media marketing is all about you connecting to your customers on social media. This helps them to reach you. So that, they can take your products or services you are providing. This is a time taking the job. But most of all, people spend their time on social media. So turn that time into investment. Afterward, you will still make money, and also your passion For social media grows.

In different parts of the world, people are growing and using social media as their income side. So, be sure to learn everything about social media first and then learn marketing. This will ease you into making more money. INcrease jin Knowledge will always make you more money. Making more sales will make you more money. Try every way to sell out your stock. Social media is one of them. Because of social media people are now taking more interest than ever.on social media.

5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Now Skill full in this will give you more traffic every day than you can think of. Now, SEM is what you do with your SEO and paid ads. Search Engine Marketing is all about paid ads on google and ranking your site that way. SEO is the freeway and google ads are the paid way. In all of this, SEM means that what way you choose to rank your site on search engines like google, bing, and others.

Now the Fastest Way to rank yourself is paid, searchers. Your pay per click for your site. This is how your site ranks on google. Now there are other ways, like Facebook and Instagram ads. But, Google ads are the best way to rank your site. This will change the shape of your site forever. So make sure to have a tight grip on google ads and learn the fastest way to rank your site on google. Because of google ads, most of people rank their site within 1 Week,

6: lead Generations

This is easy for everyone. But to be careful, you need to learn some little things before. Lead generation and when your customer is interested in your product but is not ready to buy. This is where you come in. You stay with your customer about the product until he is ready to buy it. Now the easy way to increase your sales is that the customer has provided you his email. While he was checking your product.

Now you can send him emails, about the product and make him stay that, this is the product that he/ she need to fulfill their happy life. So, This is they that you make customers or I say, permanent customers. And then you can update him about the new product you launch and as we and go. So lead generation is the perfect job. Who knows how to deal with your customers. Because of this work on every business. You just need to find a way to satisfy your customer.

7: Email Marketing ( Automation)

Email marketing is used when you need to clear your customer about the new launch of your products, any new deals, and so on. So, then what is automation. Well, this is the new and easy way to tell your customer about your product at the right time. Let’s Say, you have an email list of 100 People. Now, you can’t email them one by one. So, you make an automated email that will be sent to your customers that are on that list. Moreover, you can set a time date, and a specific event to send that email. This will increase your sales at once. This will change your way of using email marketing. So this job is also for those who can communicate and reply to your customer at the right time and inform them about the product.


Well, I hoped you liked the blog. Remember these all are connected to each other. But you have to learn and make grip on only one. This will increase your rank. If you want a job in any company. Learning more than one thing, will mix your mind up and will be confused. More of the time, there are situations in the companies that are tough to handle. So, make your mind and be skill full at that. In all ways, you will make sales. But just choose what suits you.

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