Only murder in the building

Only Murder in the building: Season 1

Only Muder in the building is a comic Mystery Show Reales In 2021. THis SHow starts with Three Strangers tells about Themselves. But What they don’t is that they will meet soon Because They live in the same building. Why? Because One Day there is a Person killed And they Solve it. How? One day they All met at the same time And learn that they were all obsessed With Ture crime and Detective. The trio deiced to solve the Puzzle before anyone. Soon they learn that the killer lives in the building. SO now what will They do How Will they solve the real puzzle and murder. The only thing we can say is to read this review and go watch the show.

The show is created by Steve Martian & John Hoffman

The cast

Martin Short

Steve Martin

Selena Gomez

Amy Ryan

and More

This Season has 10 episodes. We have watched 3 Episodes As we Watch the First Five I will edit the blog.

Little Overview

SoFar the Season is going Great. We only Want to Give you the Best On this platform. So that You will love to read and will increase your idea Wheater to watch the season or not. We are making Sure of Everything. So Far I can tell you That they haven’t find the killer yet but try to. It’s so much fun to watch the comedy Timing is great. All three Characters are best in casting. One more thing, There are many lies Awaiting FOr them. As they lie to each other About so many things. But the killer is still out there. And they are making A show To catch the killer. by the way a funny one. Let see how far this Story goes We bring as Soon as Possible

We Will write the First Five episodes Review On 15-10-2021

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