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Let’s make money online with the skills we have or the skills we can make. This is the Part II of online money-making skills. I told you before that there are ten best skills that you need to learn to make money online. FIve I have told you before and Five I will tell you today. Remember to read these two blogs and choose what skill you want to learn and what skill you have to start an online business. Now I will make sure to write as easy as I can for you. But First Lets have a quick chit-chat of what are skills and what are the benefits.

Skills and Benefits

All you need to make money online is just one skill. Skills are in what you are best at. You just need to polish that skill and work hard on it. So hard that no one does it better than you. In Skills find specific skills that you think you can do it For example your skill is that you are a video editor. Now in video editing, there are different Skills like color grading, animation, masking, and much more. Now if you are a video editor, but you are also fully skilled at animation Then your chances of making money will be increased.

Benefits Will come to you at the right time. As I said that if you know animation and you are also fully skilled at that that the best benefit will be that the person who is hiring people for video editing jobs will hire you. Why? oKay, you have the skill that the person will think that you know video editing better than others because your interest is also in animation which is a part of video editing. It’s just human nature.

Online Benefits

You have a job or don’t have a job the Skills will always remain yours. Now, What are the benefits that we get he we provided our Skills and services online? The Benefits will be as follows:

Accept any job you want.
high profit.
Work from Home
Improved Earning.
high chance of making money than jobs.

Now I think these are enough benefits for you to get things started. So I know to move on to the Skills parts where what skills you should one to earn online. I will start from the previous blog as I will tell you the sixth to tenth skills.

Skill Six: Content Writing

Now, this is something for those who love to write. This is the best way to earn for the skill you already love. people have been earning from content writing for about a time. Content writing is basically, you have to write for another person and he will pay you. This could be any type of writing Like scriptwriting, Story Writing, Thesis, and more. You can Earn about $120 to $300 if you are an average writer. Others can earn more than $300. The Best Platform would be Upwork. If you think you can write But Don’t have the Skill. Do one thing and this will work. Write every day on topic and then check your grammar and spelling tense and everything. After a month Check where you belong and you’ll see that you have come far.

Skill Seven: Graphic Desginer

Be The Worlds Best at what you do. Bring your Imagination into life. Be a Graphic Designer. A job of a graphic designer is a demanding job nowadays. Well, to be honest, learning graphic designing is not easy. It requires time, patience, and practice. Graphic designing brings logo design, illustration, Character designer, and more. You can earn up to $300 to 1000 Dollars. But Average can earn $50 to $100.The best Platform is Upwork for this job. Now main your Skill unique as I told earlier. Because these are some jobs then can give you a lot of money than you can ever imagine. But for this practice should be your first priority. the more you practice the more you get polished on this skill. Earning from graphic designing is not a piece of cake. If you want to learn this Skill make sure that you can do it.

Skill Eight: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s get a bit Tricky. The last three will be tough but will earn the most money. SEO is an important part of every online business. You can say Seo is the rope that holds your business to the top. the Stronger the Rope, the more you make money. Now becoming an SEO expert is hard. You can more than $10000 a month. But the learning process is hard. SEO is basically used to find Speicif keywords to rank your website on the first page. Mean showing your website with the best search result. If you are an SEO expert then you have a great chance of making more money than other people. Learning these skills through different Courses and Mostly Youtube. Self-learning is the best way to make money.

Seo will always give you some advantage while you are making your website landing pages and more. Thing MIght be difficult at first but with my experience, you can do it with a lot of easier stuff than now. Means courses are available on youtube, Don’t waste money on irrelevant courses.

Skill Nine: Data Entry Expert

Well, this is a skill that can make you enough money to have a good life. Remember not every skill can give you the money you want it’s up to you and your skills. For example, if a person is More Skilled full than you. Obviously, he will get more money than you. Data entry is a simple job business. it requires your experience in excel. You can make up to $100 to $200 according to the Data job you have. But these all skills give you the freedom you want. Data entry can be tough and can be easy. It depends on your expertise in excel or whatever ever software you use. It all depends on it. So being an expert on data entry can give you a jump start if you are a beginner. It can make enough money for you if you want to start your own business.

I hope You now Know the worth of data entry. I will recommend this skill to beginners. Because it will help you in every case of your business. I will recommend that you should choose excel for it. and start your business at Upwork. So learn this as quickly as you can.

Skill Tenth: Affiliates Program

The Ninth skill gives to learn affiliate marketing and learning their program and make money online. Now the trend had become even more of making money with affiliate marketing in this online system. People are learning and more and more money every day. These affiliate programs are increasing every day. You must be thinking why affiliate marketing? because it has no limit to making money online. You can as far as you can/ You can earn up to $15000 to any figure. How? The only thing you need to know is that you Should apply for an affiliate Program And you need a site to sell Products. Now if you Are a good marketer your earning will start according to your marketing skills. So the basic skill is to learn marketing first and then do this Affiliate. I told you this because it is the best way to make money online Just make the right Strategy and skills.

So guys these were the next five Skills then I wanted to tell you. You can make money from all of these skills. But Choose One for yourself. The One that best suits you. Because When you one target in mind. there is no confusion about what you want. S0 take One and Learn and make money online. Because it will not be easy to compete against thousands of people who are already working on it. IF you are working and still have a question about any skill do let me in the comment I will answer that.

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