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It’s been a long since I am writing a movie review. Because I was most focused on Arabian Nights. But I will make sure to look at everything and give you the latest updates on everything. Night book is a Netflix movie that tells the story of a boy who has an obsession with writing horror stories. One day he stopped writing and leaves his home with his books but he is captured by a witch. The witch was about to kill him but she saw his storybook. The boy tells that he writes horror stories. The witch tells him that he needs to tell her a horror story about everything if he wants to live. So let’s Get started with the review.

Character in the movie

Krysten Ritter

Winslow Fegley

Lidya Jewett

Jess Brown

and more


There is a kid who has an obsession with writing horror stories. But one night he is captured by a witch. Now the witch tells that if he wants to be free, he needs to tell him a horror story every night. Now, will the boy escape or not. Let s see as I write the story and the review.

The horror building

As the movie starts within the building in an apartment. Parents talks that their son is mad and ask them that he will not write any more horror stories. The son’s name is Alex. Alex leaves his apartment with his book crying. As he reaches the elevator and presses down the basket button the lift goes down. The Lift suddenly stops and the light goes on and off. I don’t know something is happening. But as I am writing I got scared. So moving on, the lift stops on a Floor. Voices went all over as Alex enters a room and saw a tv with a red screen. He saw a bowl of Ice-cream and started eating it.

After eating he becomes Uncossion and woke up in a room. by the way guys This guy is not scared till now but he doesn’t know what will happen to him. He sees himself in a room as he wakes up. Alex is confused that where he is. He started checking everything and sees the balcony. He jumps from the balcony but ends up falling back into the room

The Night Witch

The Witch comes to Alex and at once said that are you any use to me or not. The boy is not in his sense but the witch wants to kill him as he is not used fully to him. The Witch was about to kill Alex but he said that I write scary stories. The witch was shocked. One more thing was when she said scary stories the apartment begins to talk in its own language. The witch tells Alex that if he wants to live then he needs to a scary story every night for her and she leaves. The next day Alex woke up…

As he wakes up he sees the room in which he is inch by inch. Alex sees fur less kitty and the kitty attacks him. He goes off the room and sees another room too. He saw a ghost in a room which was a girl named Yasmin. She tells Alex that we are prisoners here. No one knows what the witch wants and where she goes. She also includes that this building travels around the world luring kids in.

The life Alex Now has

Yasmin takes Alex to a room with lots of books and Alex is excited to see. Yasmin tells that she lures kids just to tell her a scary story every night, as he loves it. She then adds that this is your life now. You have written as many stories as you can and you have to tell her everything because every book which is in here is written. Make sure to write it quickly and before night. If you want to live write scary stories and as if you don’t She will kill you. At night when the witch comes, Alex tries to make a run but got stuck. The witch tells that there is no escape for you now or ever. You are here forever and Now tell me the Story.

Story Time

As Alex comes to tell the story to the witch. He tells the story and the witch disturbs him in the middle every time. Alex ends the story with a happy ending which the witch didn’t like. He goes on to kill Alex but Alex changes the ending. He tells that I don’t write the story today because I was disturbed by the cat. The witch said that no one will disturb you and leave. Yasmin is made as the witch thought that Yasmin was disturbing him and was about to kill her but Alex stopped her.

Things Happen in the building

Now the witch leaves and tells Alex that the story should be ready tomorrow. Alex goes to the library and finds more about the Unicorn Girl. Whose writing Alex find in the books. Yasmin Comes and asks him to follow Her. Alex Follows Her

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