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Last time I introduced you to market. Now let’s see what happens in the market and You deal with your Customers. Now marketing is something that if you understand then no one can stop you from growing your business. Marketing is all about your Product and its Stability and how you introduce your product in this world To your Customer. Today I will tell you how to choose your product? how to introduce it and how to stabilize it in the market. Now For revision, a market is a place where different kinds of people come and buy Stuff. From where they buy stuff is called the seller and you are that seller and the customer is your buyer. From which you will make a sale if he buys Something.

Now, In the market, you See and Meet different kinds of people. Now, these are the people who are your customers or maybe can be permanent customers. But It’s all up to you how you deal with them. Now dealing comes later first you need to judge their nature their attitude and much more stuff. We will talk in detail. But First, let me tell you how to choose your product and how this will help you in the future.

Choose your Marketing Product

The FIrst step is always the important one. Choosing your product is so important that your whole business depends on it. Remember any Business can work if you have the right tool. Business success depends on the tool you have in your hard work and your presence of mind. I know, Don’t Worry we will talk in detail about this market concept. Well moving on, You see you always want your product to be unique and good and most of all make more sales so you could earn more money. Well, you can choose even a copy product and make it unique. I will tell you how?

let’s say you chose a product of T-Shirts. Now you have to set your shop in the market where other people sell T-shirts. Okay Then, now your shop is set let’s Make your T-shirt Business Unique from others.

Making your Product Unique from others

Let’s say in that market people are selling t-shirts as casual, Printed, Design Shirts. So what more to these Shirts and how do you sell them in the online market as already everyone is doing. As I said Knowledge is just not Study. Knowledge could be anything. means Learning about the product and its work and new things. Now back to the product. Now to make your t-shirt business unique.

Offer them free delivery and fast Deveily most people do not have it
Make a print of demand for them. Ask them to choose the Design they love.

Now, these are some that could work in a t-shirt Business. But there are more that we will discuss next tie with a new business idea. Make sure you choose your product in which you have full knowledge or if you choose with no knowledge make sure to learn that product and then go for it.

Choose your Marketing Strategy

Now there are many marketing Strategies as we know. Some of them Will be Disbalyed below and then I will explain each one of them So you could Understand more easily.

Put Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and google.
Put Ads on Tv commercials.
ads on youtube
sell pamphlets and more but these are the important ones.

Ads On Facebook, Instagram, and Google

If you are selling online you must need to know about these three ads. these are the important part of your business. and make sure to learn this at any cost.

Tv commercial Ads

Make ads with a full team and cast So people get to know your Product while they watch television at home.

Pamphlets Ads

Sell pamphlets to your new customer and reach strangers’ homes and give them your Business Pamphlets. So they get to know about you Business

Now, these are some things that you don’t learn every day. Now I will tell you how to deal with your future customer through all the things I have told you above. So let’s Start and Conclude all of this So you could learn how to deal with your future customers.

Marketing: Deals With Customers

Now Everything that I have told you above is about is related to this topic. How? Because this is the way you deal with you Customers n online methods and Physical business method. You can’t just force anyone to buy your product. So you Play with Your customer’s mind through ads and put something like sales and Discounts. These ads are the main way to communicate with your Customer in order to sell them your product in the future. If you Don’t Put any Effort into ads then People will not Recognize your Product and will never purchase anything from you.

I know Some of you might Be thinking That what is going on but Remember learns this what I have told you will lead you to make good and permanent customers. If you think that this topic is off dealing with customers when they enter into your shop, like physically then you are in the wrong way. Here I am teaching you to deal with your customer without knowing him. Because this will be the best way to sell online. Yes, you can put a live chat you resolve their queries but dealing with your customers in this online phase is just that think a way to reach them. So they get to know about Your business that’s all.


If Anyone Doesn’t Understand what I said then I will go for another blog to teach you in more detail So that you Don’t have any problems. But First I want you to read the Whole blog and understand what I said. If you still Didn’t Catch me then I will go for another blog. Basically, this market concept is about you know about the market and customer demand Supply of products, and Much more So you Don’t lack Knowledge when you Start a business in the near future. Make Sure to tell me in the comment that what you think of this blog And should I write more clearly about the topic or not but make sure to read it once. the whole Blog.

So that was all for today. I will be waiting for your comments and tell me if you want the second part of this blog to learn more. because there is more to come and more money to earn. hope to see you in the next blog. Goodbye.

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