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Today is the day you will learn about the market you are in which is called business. Now why the market is important? a market is a place where you go to buy Som stuff you need. But you see that there are different marketers. And where should I go? Where should I buy stuff from? Now, everyone has the stuff that the customer needs including you. Now every marketer wants the customer to buy stuff from him. But you want him to come to you. Wh? what is special About you? Now, remember you are not the customer you are the marketer.

But you have to think like a customer and a marketer. Today we will talk about all of these things in detail. This is just a blog to understand the market at a beginning level. Fortune grabber just wants to clear your head-related marketing. So let’s Get started as I will today give you the information you need regarding marketing.

Understanding the Market

Now, Everything is connected in the market and a great businessman always invests according to its Market. Now Market is what? the market is what you choose to sell in the world. Wait I’ll make sense. If you start selling cement in the World. So that makes you in the industry market. Right. I don’t Know if my Logical is right or not but I want to write as easy to understand as I can. Because I want you to be rich not to make me rich. Because as easy as you understand you are going to do better than ever. Now moving on.

So I hope you understand so far. understanding the markets means that you need to go through different Steps and then invest. I will tell you all the steps and after reading all of the steps you will be able to understand your market So let’s get going as I tell you the market and its Behaviour.

Step 1 Choosing the Market

Now the first step will always be choosing your niche of business. Different rules are for Different niches. Now when you choose your niche. Read every day about it. In News, tv, and everywhere. At least a month. Because you can’t understand it in one day. Why? Because in that case, you can’t learn the Ups and Downs of your niche. But If you give it at least one or two months. So that you make your mind on that niche. And FInally after choosing your niche finally. Let’s get to Step two.

Step 2 Marketing Product

So, After choosing your Industry and niche. It is time to choose your One Product that will change the world. Remember to choose only one or two not more than that. because choosing one or two products will give you the advantage of having more Profit than other marketers. How? Let me tell you. For example, if a customer comes into the market and wants to buy a sofa. But Sees that there are many markets selling sofa. But here comes the part where I asked earlier that what is special about you. This is special about you that you are the only person who is selling a sofa and nothing else.

The customer will think that he has only sofa Products. So that he will have much better quality than others. because he is forcing on only one product. So I hope you understood that. Now let’s get to Step three.

Step 3 Market Competitions

Well, Competition is almost in every part of the world. And wherever you go, you will see the competition in your path. Now after completing the first Two-steps, the third step is to know about your opponent’s marketer. If you have a product like Pizza House and in this, you have a lot of competitions. You need to know that what makes their pizza special. You can learn this by tasting their pizza, Asking them about their Specialty, and more.

Other things like if you open a pizza place in your town and there are other three pizza house including you. That is your competition. Learning them and Then changing your stager will bring you more customers. Example Choose one special Pizza that only your pizza house makes and no one does it better than you. Now let’s go to Step Four and see whats That.

Step 4 Know your customers

This is an important part of your Business. Your Customers depend on your Business. Just like Apple. If you have an apple store you can only Put on your phone in that store like Only iPhone 13. If you do that it will destroy your Business. You have to put accessories and low models also. Because you know that what your audience can afford. Without KNowing you Customer you will end badly. For example, if some COmes and says that I want an iPhone 6 but you have only 13 what will you do. you can’t do anything. your Customer will leave thinking you have only iPhone 13 and I will only come when I will be able to afford 13. So now Moving on to the last step where I will tell you something Important.

Step 5 marketing Land and more

So, When you establish your business in a town. Know that town and its People and then work there. I Put land in the last because it is important in all above. Why? Because let’s say you are in Dubai and Dubai is famous for tourism and adventure parks and holidays spending state. So your Business will be a tourist company, opening an amusement park or opening and hotel for people. I highlighted this just to tell you the business mostly depends on the location you’re in. Different land has a different value. Also, include if you make your brand in the Middle of your town. It will attract customers.

So I hope you understand the market world. this is just a starting blog. As I welcome you to the market concept. Many more blogs to come as We will tell you more and more every day. The market is very vast and you are just a part of it. We want our users to be not just the parts but to be the best in their field. These were the steps you need to do when you invest in a business. This will help you a lot. So this is it for today. We will see you in the next blog and try to make it interesting for you and tell you all the real facts and figures. Because successful businessman always works on the facts.

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