Loki: Season 1

Hey Guys, How are you doing? Have you watched the first season of Marvel’s Loki? It’s been very amazing to see this Show and Can’t wait for the second season. But let’s talk About the first season. What happened and how good was it. The show was a hit with the brilliant performance of every actor in the show. I will review Each episode in this blog and will tell you what happened and how exciting was it to see. Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston’s Comic timing was good and were really fun to watch.

The Cast

The cast of the season was so good. Because Every Character was at their best for the movie. Personally, I don,t watch a lot of movies but I can watch any season I watch the best. But I also watch other shows too. Now Let’s introduce the Cast.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Owen Wilson as Mobius

Sophia Di Martino as Sylive

Jonathan Majors as Kang the conqueror

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravenna

Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki

And More


Before we start just want to give you an overview that how this blog will be written. So, This blog is Written from Episode to Episode. Because I have watched all of the Episodes and will Review all of them.

The First Season is Started in 2021 with Six Episodes and all of them are amazing to watch. So I will recommend you to watch it. So without any Discussion Let’s go and Find What happened in Loki. Will not let you Some parts so that you could watch and enjoy It. Remember these All Events in shows have taken place after “Avengers End game

Episode 1 Glorious Purpose

The Episode starts with Endgame Scene where Loki uses the tesseract to escape from the Avengers in 2012. And the dark And thor’s Voice of Where is Loki and the marvel into starts. Loki is in the middle of Nowhere in a desert. In Moment Some soldiers come from a door saying We have to find the variant. They Arrest him on behalf of Some Time variation Authority (TVA). A woman soldier says that you are arrested for a crime against the secret timeline. But he won’t go. As he was saying The lady soldier attacked him. But he felt that in slow-mo. In that slow-mo, She put a band around his neck. What’s going on.

The other soldier Takes him and the lady soldier says, Reset the timeline. So, They take him with them through a door where they came from. Going through the door they are in some kind of a building and in an office. Loki makes a run, but the lady officer pushes a little remote button, and he is back to her, as a time rewind. She gives the tesseract to the desk and puts him in the elevator. Where there is a robot on the wall, trying to remove his clothes. But Loki is Loki. He Asks the Robot not to touch his clothes. The Robot Burns his cloth and Loki goes down as he wears a prisoner’s clothes. In front of him, a desk and a man are telling him to Please sign everything he ever said.

THe TVA history

But he starts talking and the man says Please also sign this. Because Whatever he says it prints on the paper. Funny, but still what is happing to him is worth watching. After signing the paper he again goes down. Now a man asks him to pass through the metal detector to confirm that you are a robot being. he says what if I am. The man says that you will be electrified at once. Funny I really am enjoying watching this. As he passes through the man says please move forward to the next door. In the next door, the guard says ticket-ticket

After the ticket, Loki sees a tv where an animated clock is talking and telling the history of TVA. I will not tell you the whole scene you have to watch the show and understand. but I will tell you some important things. Like the animated clock tells about the Timekeepers, the Multiverse, TVA into being, what does TVA do, the timeline and its branches, and how TVA saves Timeline to be in order. Now, After that, he sees that they burn a man and because he had no ticket. Loki got scared and find his ticket and show. and the show’s intro Starts and ends.

The Case of Loki

After the intro ends, We start with a couple of solider dead in 1549 and some are investigating. Morbius was investigating a case and someone come and give the file of himself to read. Meanwhile, in TVA the judge Speaks, Next case. The judge says how do you plead. he tells the judge that I,m only here because of the Avengers. because if they haven’t traveled through time I would not be here. As the judge finds him guilty, he says you don,t know what I am capable of. Mobius stands up and says I know what is he capable of. Morbius and the judge are friends and Ask her for a favor. he goes with and on the way we have a first full look at the TVA. As they go into a room Morbius Shows Something to Loki. I think Morbius want to go into his head.

Because of you, Everything is destroyed, Morbius said to him. Now he Shows and asks him what are you a killer or what. This goes and goes on. Until someone calls Morbius. When he comes back he sees Loki is gone. and he sees that the device is gone the time-rewind thingy. They go in search of Loki. he goes to the main Desk for the tesseract and sees infinity stones there. He realizes that everything is real here.

The Death Truth of loki

Loki goes back to the room. He now sees the film and sees everything in the future. This was the most emotional scene of the episode. Because Where he sees, his mother died and his father Odin saying I love you, my sons. And then he sees his death scene that how Thanos killed him. The reel of the film ends and Loki is shocked and his face I like what has happened. As the file is ended Loki smiles and says glorious purpose.

At the End of the First Episode

The lady Solider returns and she and Loki had a fight and Loki puts the band around his neck and plays with him. Now Morbius come to the room and they had a talk. And Morbius tells Loki that there is a variant from the future that is killing tour minute man. there we get to know that the TVA soldiers are called Minuteman. Morbius says we need your help because the variant we are hunting is you. After that, we see a post scene which you will see in the show.

Episode 2 The Variant

This episode, it starts with the minute-men being in a town in 1985. They a finding the variant who is killing the minute-man. They enter a tent as the single goes stronger. The variant attacks everyone. After killing everyone, the variants capture one of the minute-men as the show starts. We see that the variant has the power to enchant people. Now after the into we are back in the TVA where Loki is sitting in a chair, reading something. because now Loki works with the TVA and Morbius.

Morbius asks him to come with him and gives him a jacket to wear. Everyone laughs at Loki because the variant is printed on the back of the jacket. Morbius tells his team and Loki that there has been another attack and we need to find out and capture the variant quickly. When they go there everyone finds that the minute-men are killed by the variant. Loki plays mind games with Morbius so that he could escape. But Morbius is not easy to mark guys. Morbius ask one of the minutemen to reset the timeline and they go back to TVA.

My time in TVA

Now When Morbius returns to TVA, He goes to the judge’s office. The judge is the head of TVA. her name is Ravonna. She tells Morbius that if anything goes wrong who will be responsible. They have small talk. After coming out of the room, Morbius tells Loki to read something in the library. Find something. While I Grabs Something for lunch. Loki is Bored reading books. He goes to the desk and asks about the books on TVA but the Funny scene is there in this Libary part. The lady librarian hands him his own book. While reading his book Loki finds That zero Variance for the record on Ragnarok. He finally gets Something.

He goes to Morbius and tells him that I know Where the variant is hiding. he tells him in funny Ways but Morbius thinks that he is playing mind games again. But Morbius Agrees and brings Him to 790AD. IN this era a volcano was about to explode. Loki goes and makes some nonsense and tells everyone that you are going to die. This really is a funny Part I cant Stop laughing.

A variant in the Apocalypse

As Loki was doing this nonsense Morbius looks at his gadget and see that he is right. There is zero variant recorded and this means that the variant is hiding in Apocalypse world but they do not know which one. Then they go back to TVA. he asks Morbius that back at your desk there is a magazine. Morbius Says the one with Jetski. They had small talk. While Loki was talking Morbius Finds Out a way to find that where the variant is hiding. They have some files to look at. As Morbius asks Loki to bet whoever finds first. Funny. Now Loki finds It and the team go to Ravonna to take permission to go. In the end, She agrees and They all go to an apocalypse world in 2050.

2050 the world is ending with rain is happing and water is everywhere. in between, they go to a shop to find the variant. Inside the shop they make teams but the Loki is forced to team with lady minute man. The variant Echared different people to talk to Loki and they both have a fight.

At the End of the Episode

In the end, the variant is Introduce itself as Loki but She is a woman, and Loki is shocked. she opens something and the Timeline has been disturbed as different branches are now open. Lady Loki uses the same device that TVA uses to open inter dimension gates. She opens a gate and goes through as Mobius runs to stop Loki from escaping as he thinks. Morbius asks Loki to Stop. but before the door closes Loki goes in because Loki wants to know what is happing. and Morbius thinks that Loki escapes.

Episode 3 Lamentis

The title of the is Episode is Laminitis. Laminitis is a Planet where Loki And lady Loki reach. After There Encounter in TVA. Okay, I will Start From the Start. Now Loki and Lady Loki are going through the gate. The lady Loki reaches TVA to finish TVA once and for all. She wishes to destroy the timekeepers. She was about to attack a guard but Realized that her power can,t work there. Loki tries to stop her. And Ravonna Comes. Before she could Attack Loki and Lady. Loki uses the Device and opens a gate and they both went down the gate.

2077 Laminitis-1 The planet is about to get destroyed. The device used to open inter dimension gate is tempad. Moving on Tempad is out of power and they both now know that it’s the only way to go back. but it’s out of charge. as they go out of the room, They see the moon is falling down. they need a hideout. As they find a cabin. They went inside and the lady Loki tries to enchant Loki. But Loki is a person Who can be Enchant. Now they are moving on a destructive planet just to charge the tempad to leave this planet. they are now in a village.

The Train

In the village a there is a house they open it and lady Loki is blasted away. Loki tries to convince the owner that we are not hurting. The funny part is that Loki sees his husband’s photo and he changes himself into his husband. But blast him too as her husband would never say lovely things. The lady tells them that there is a train that’s going to a spaceship to evacuate the planet. Lady Loki says that we need to move on that train. At the spaceship, we can charge the tempad. As they reached the train, There is only one problem. How to enter the train.

Loki disguises himself as a guard and brings Lady Loki with him. Finally, they are on the train as we know that the name of lady Loki is Sylvie. As they both drink and have small talk. Sylvie went to sleep and when wakes up she sees that Loki is drunk and Dancing. Someone on the train suspect them and the guard asked them to show the tickets. They both fight the guard and Loki is thrown out of the train. Sylvie realizes that he has the tempad and I need him So, Sylvie jump off the train. As now they are in the middle of now where and tempad is broken. They sit on a rock and tell Loki that we are destined to lose.

At the end of the Episode

As Loki and Sylvie Walk through the city as the spaceship is the only way to their rescue. They have reached the city. They see that the ship is about to take off and they run to the spaceship. As they were running the ship blasted and tore into pieces. Now, what will happen? We will see it in the next episode.

Episode 4 The Nexus Event

In this episode, We see a flashback where Rovanna and minute man comes to Asgard and capture a little girl and bring her to TVA. I think that little girl is Sylvie. She move through all the produce as Loki did. When she came to court, she escapes by using a tempad which she steals from Rovanna. She was the one who capture the girl. And today she thinks that girl is The variant. But Moving on, as she is on a lift. She enters a room full of smoke and red-eye revels. We see the First look in the shadow of the timekeeper. The Shows Intro Starts.

After, Rovanna comes and talks to Morbius as they need to find them at any cost. Meanwhile, in Laminitis-1 the planet is about to be destroyed and Loki and Sylvie are too. But in the TVA there is a new Branch coming but It’s a little different. As Morbius knows Where Loki and style is. The Capture Loki and Sylvie at the right time. Back in the TVA Loki tells Morbius that the TVA is lying to you. But Morbius Threw him in Loop just to torture him. After some time Morbius bring Loki back and ask some question. They had a talk. This is a very funny and interesting talk. Meanwhile, Sylvie tells the lady agent what Loki told Morbius that you have a life before TVA. The lady agent believed and bring her to 2050. And Morbius Send Loki back to the loop.

The Truth of TVA and Timekeepers

Morbuis Meets Rovanna In his Office. As they were enjoying the Victory in the office Moribus still thought that what Loki said is it true. Morbius Stole Rovanna’s Tempad. he learns that the agent which was captured by Sylvie in episode 2 is dead. Back in 2050 Sylvie Enchant the lady agent and tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Morbius Brings Loki back and sees that Rovanna is in front of him. There Morbius tells Rovanna That he Knows everything. But Rovanna Burns him As Morbius is gone. Sylvie and Loki are begin held and going to meet the timekeepers for their deed. Rovanna, Loki, and Sylvie went on the elevator into the Chamber where The timekeepers are.

At the End Of the Episode

Thus we see the first look of the Timekeepers. They Look Creepy. The timekeepers, Loki, and Sylvie have a conversation. The LAdy agent attacks and free Sylvie and Loki. As they Fight, Rovanna And Sylvie start fighting, And Sylvie wins. As the timekeepers Start talking. Sylvie kills one of them. AS they Realize that the timekeepers are just Robots and there is someone else behind TVA and all of this. But Who Guys. Let’s Find Out. As Loki and Sylvie were talking about it. Rovanna Wakes up and electrifies Loki. OMG, he’s dead what will happen now. But who will Run the Show Now?

Episode 5 Journey Into Mystery

So, In the Episode, we See that Loki wakes up in a place with Meeting Four Different Other Loki’s. They tell him Whoever comes here Alioth eats Everyone. As they Run for their lives. So, Meanwhile in the TVA, Rovanna Tells Sylvie that Loki was teleported into a void. A dimension at the end of times where everything TVA electrify dumped into and from which no one could return. She tells that even I don’t know Who is the creator of TVA. But Rovanna Wanted time so that MInute man could come and took Sylvie. But Sylvie Electrifies himself and goes into the void. Rovanna Ask Miss minute to find out who created the TVA.

The Void

Miss minute is the animated Watch Which we were Taking About in every episode. Sylvie is now in the void and Saving his life Run from Alioth the Beast who eats everything which comes here so that It should never go back. Sylvie is Saved by Morbius. Morbius has a car and they Run from Alioth. Meanwhile, Loki is in the Hideout. Where other many Loki comes and fights for some rubbish throne. A funny Part it is. But Loki and two other Classic and kid Loki escape from there as he meets With Sylvie and Morbius.

The Enchantment

Sylvie has a plan to save everyone, that she will Enchant Alioth. Loki and Sylvie had a small Talk. Morbius and other Loki’s have small talk. But the time arrives Alioth was coming for them. Morbius tells Loki that he Will go and Tell everyone the Truth about The TVA to everyone. Morbius Ask Others to come, but they won’t Come and join the fight with Loki and Sylvie. Alioth comes and Sylvie starts Enchanting Him. But…

At the End of Episode

After almost dying, Finally, Sylvie Enchanted Alioth, and Alioth opens a gate to a castle. Sylvie and Loki are now ready to enter the castle. But What is in the castle. Let’s Find Out

Episode 6 For All Time. Always

The Final Episode Is Here Guys. Let’s See what will happen. In this episode, The duo enters the castle and is welcomed by Miss minute. Miss minute makes an Offer on behalf of his Master She calls He who remains. But they refuse. Meanwhile in TVA Rovanna Gets a msg from him who remains via Miss minute. Loki And Sylvie meet he who remains but it’s just a normal Human-Like us. He who Remain Greets them.

The Multiverse and the Timeline

Meanwhile in TVA Morbius Meets Rovanna. They both accuse each other of betrayal. They both had a fight and Rovanna leaves. At the Castel, he who remains tells The duo that they know everything past present future. Sylvie attacks but misses as he knows everything. Now he tells them about the multiverse and the timeline. I will not tell you the whole because you need to watch the season for this. But for small talk. Tells the duo about the multiverse war and the timeline should have been created. Sylvie still wants to kill him. but Loki stops her. And says that it’s more to it.

At the end of the episode

Loki stops Sylvie but using the tempad she sent Loki back to TVA and she kills He who remains. the Multiverse is now free. Back at the TVA Loki Understood everything and Runs to warn Morbius And hunter B-17. but they Don’t recognize him as Loki sees a statue of him who remains replace the statue to the timekeepers. Season one ends.

Post credit Scene

In the Post credit scene. We see that Loki will return in season 2. Indeed he will.

Last part of the blog

So, it amazing Season right. Most of the scenes I haven’t told you that because where is the fun if you do not watch the show. Do recommend watching the show it’s really good. Quote.

Lies are Lies For everyone

Don’t fall for the Lie you knew is Lie

That’s all Folks. See you in the next blog. Till then read and listen.

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