Life Itself is a history

Well hello to another daily blog. Today I am going to talk about a dream I had and will share some historic knowledge with you. Everyone knows life is full of Surprises and difficulties. Today where ever we go, We feel that we don’t belong here. I’m writing this blog will give you some idea of why I am writing this blog. Do you think that this life is enough for us to live and fulfill our dream? Well, it seems Someone will agree and Someone will not. This life is a part where you need to think. Think that, have I made my life worth it. Today life is about only one thing, Money. Life and money are not different because life is money, and money is life.

The Word sentence is different but the meaning is the same. Do you know how life looks like? how to live it. Don’t worry I love money too. Because of it, we are something in this world. Without it we are nothing. Well, let’s talk about history.

Life and history

Both are connected. you will say that I am stupid, but let me tell you something. Without life, this is no history and without history, there is no life. Everyone around me says make history So that everyone will remember you. Really, Well I don’t feel like it. History is not made, History is created. These things you write in the history books. I am sure you are next to make history. If you will say that I will tell you, HOW?

History has not been kind to those who wanted to rule history. Neither history has been kind to those who wanted to make their own. I know I am not making sense of it, But wait there is more. Someone is reading my blog just for fun. So listen to what I am saying. The two things are connected to each other and will ever be. but in between them is YOU.

Why You? simple, because you can change things. To write your name in the history book. If you are poor or rich don’t care. Because Poor works hard but gets nothing. Because the rich work hard and they have a mind to change the world. They Don’t earn for themselves. They earn for the betterment of Everyone. Before we go anywhere I’m talking about the rich people, not the fraud rich people.

Changing your world

Let’s change this world together. How? First, let’s talk about the way you need to change yourself. The answer is No. You don’t need to change yourself for anyone Not even for yourself. Now think You can do That one thing that no one can Do. The most one thing you know the best. that brings the best out of you. If there isn’t You don’t need to worry. Why? because there is always something that is hidden in you. But when you realize that, it’s too late.

Don’t Worry, reading this blog will make everything clear. You know believing in yourself is the best part. This part only comes when you have nothing. But if you are born with everything means you don’t yourself and will never, until you come out from the comfort zone. The zone that destroyed Many. And will destroy more till the end of times. Changing your world means that no one will change it for you. you have to do it yourself and you can. You dream every day about everything and think that it will come true one day. But what if you dream and the next day you say. I saw a dream let’s make it happen. this is the day you will succeed.

History of many and You

Now, let’s go back. I know you all must have heard many stories about businessman and their struggle. But For one day Don’t read them. Instead of reading them, read your mind. And find that one idea that can make you successful. Guys, you must be thinking about what I’m writing. this is just a blog for you So that you know what is happing in the world. Everyone is making their lives easier and I want you to make It easier. Just it with the world. Go with it. I’m not going to say that live your life don’t worry about anything but that is wrong. Sure Don’t worry but put a little effort in yourself So that you will one day Remember the Day you Started.

This is the day that will be written in the books of history. That this was the day that you did something. Make the money work for you. Make things work according to your ways. Think you can control everything. But be sure not to be overconfident. Just be enough So that that world knows that we have the best in between us. And that best is you.

Last Part of the blog

In the end, I just want to say that you have given only one life. Do everything. but do that one thing that people could never forget. They remember you as the best. Life is full of ideas. Make your worth. Don’t think that you are poor or rich. Both are the same How? Poor is Poor because he didn’t do anything. Their ancestor gave them this trouble Rich is rich Because they didn’t do anything. their ancestors gave them the riches. Don’t Blame anyone. The real poor person is the one Who doesn’t want to do anything. Just want to sit and relax and wait for, someone, to feed him.

And the rich are those who work every day and earn money to feed themselves. Because they know No one will feed them. They are alone in this world. So I hoped you liked what I said. Please tell me in the comments. Today’s Quote.

Day 1 may not be yours

but if you want, Even the last day can be yours

That’s all folks. See you in the next blog. till then read and listen.

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