jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise

I love to watch action, adventure pack movies, and jungle cruise is one of those movies. This movie is all about a magical tree and its flowers. It can heal any pain or disease of your body. In this type of movie, when there is a legend like this, there are people eager to find it. Now, there are two types of people, one to save the world and one to rule the world.

Everyone wants to be a hero in their own story and. I bet you want to be the hero of your story. Remember life is very unpredictable. you have to live with it. understanding life is the most important and tough thing in your whole life. Make your life easy and peaceful for yourself that when you die you don’t have the regret that you live a normal life. So let’s get started with the review. Everything you want to know about this movie So that you can decide whether to watch the movie or not. 

Casting and Direction.

The movie is director by  Jaume Collet-Serra. And he did a good job in making the movie.

Dwayne Johnson.

Emily Blunt.

Jack Whitehall

Édgar Ramírez           

And more… 

According to this type of movie, the casting was perfect and everyone played their role superbly.

The life Tree

The story is about a tree that can heal any disease. Everyone is eager to find the story. Is based in England in 1978, A woman named Lilly is eager to find, the tree to help humanity but to find the tree, she first must discover the arrowhead ( the way to find the tree’s location)  and when she finds it she is ready to go on an adventure trip to find the tree but she doesn’t know what comes after her.

The Amazon jungle

To find the tree she must go to the amazon jungle And find a person who can take her to the jungle by the river. but She found the wrong [erso who also after the tree and later gets to know that he is the right person. she find Franks the person who took her to the Amazon jungle to help her, but Frank is also looking for the tree to lift the curse from himself and to be free, the curse could not let him leave the jungle.

So as the story goes Lilly and Frank are on their way to find the tree But many obstacles are on the way As they are hunted by the jungle people and the people that are curse with frank and Lilly gets to know that frank 400-year-old person and the people who were attacking them are Franks friends but now they are enemies and they want the tree for themself tp lift the curse.

So for further, you need to watch the movie who goes first to the tree? Who is the power that is controlling frank’s friend?

And much more…

About the Stars and Movie

So it’s a review and My review is that I give this movie a 7.7/10. just because the movie could have been better. the actors were Super with their acting skills. the Storyline could have been much better but still the story was awesome and could entertain you at the time.

The movie stars were best at their acting skills. The movie is still worth watching. Remember are watched only in free time and are only for enjoying purpose. The movie’s end is not that epic but will be enjoyable for you. It is just another fiction movie just for your entertainment purpose.

Its characters are good to watch and everyone has a funny character. Even the movie has some funny parts which will really entertain you at a certain point in time. You surely will enjoy it. these types of movies are good for free time and not that good that you make your important time for it. This movie is 2h long. it has some less action and more fun things. I think it should a comic adventure movie. but what can I say? I can just make a review for you. The movie is based on the adventure of the tree of life. But on small scale, meaning not like a fairy tale but like a treasure tale that someone is looking for a treasure.

The jounery Starts

As Lilly and his brother go to amazon to find the tree of life. As their mission is that they can save many lives with that tree’s petals. There is only one man who can take them there and it’s frank. They first meet at Nilo’s office lily thinks he’s Nilo. When frank find’s out that Lily has the arrowhead. He asks her if he can help her. But Lily doesn’t trust him as She now knows that he’s frank not Nilo. They set off the journey to the amazon to find the life tree. On their way, Prince Joachim attack them, but they survived. Besides all of what I,m writing there are much funnier parts you have to see.

Jungle curise

The three Lily had his brother and Frank are on their way to the jungle. in the jungle, they find very Uncharted things they have never seen before. Meanwhile, prince Joachim goes to a place where he breaks some curse of men. As they have to find the arrowhead. In the night Frank and lily talk about the tree of life and other small talks. The next day they go further. They were going on their way as they find falls and Falls in the water. When they survived the jungle men are caught and bring them to their place There their fates will be decided.

The Attack Part 1

As they were in the jungle tribe they all were sentenced to death. but it all comes to this that it was a setup by frank. As they are now happy and friends most likely they all spent the night in the tribe. At the Lilly and Frank again had a small talk. As the night goes on the curse men attacked Frank and others. They got the arrowhead but Lilly got it back. they all fight with them as they kill frank. Most of the fight has an amazing scene.

The Attack Part 2

As Frank is dead they are fighting and every escape from there. The commander of the cursed men asks everyone to find them and bring me the arrowhead. The Next day, lily was finding Frank and found him somewhere near the river with a sword in his chest. lily and everyone is shocked to see, but frank says I will tell you everything. As they continue the journey to the life tree as frank knows that they are coming.

The Tale

As they were on the way leaving lily’s brother behind, Frank tells lily the tale of him and the cursed men. he tells that four hundred years ago, A king’s daughter was sick I was the advisor of the king. As we go to find the tree of life, but we were attacked by someone and was saved by a tribe that holds the secret of the life tree. the king asks for the arrowhead to save his child’s life. But the tribe king refuses and we all attack. I don’t want to be a part of this too I help the tr tribe king’s daughter to escape but the tribe king has cursed us to stay in the jungle.

The Final Hurdle

As they are reaching close to the life of the tree, Prince Joachim captures lily’s brother as he helps Joachim to locate the tree of life. Meanwhile frank and lily reach a place and frankly tell them this is it. They go underwater to open the gate but lily is stuck in a cage. lily somehow opens the door and the water flows down. When they get back to the ship they find Joachim. And they all go to the tree of life. As if they don’t Prince will kill all of them.

Behold! the life Tree

They all go inside and find the tree of life. They see that it’s dead. But lily finds that the arrowhead is the key as when he places the key the tree is alive. Lilly kills frank as an illusion. The full moon was going down as the petal are dying but lily captures one. As the cured men also come. They kill the prince. frank and the cursed men had a fight and the jungle captures them as they are cured again. lily uses the petal on frank to save him. In the end, they are in London. As Frank is now a free man. Frank starts the car and they go.

Last part of the blog

Another review down guys. If you like please tell me in the comment. Today’s Quote

The best treasure is knowledge

No matter where it came from

That’s all folks. See you in the next blog. Till then Read and listen.

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