Invest and Harvest

This is a very interesting topic for all of us we take you a new step of making money online. Learning new things will make your grips on previous things as they all relate to each other. Invest and Harvest is those topics that relate to each other but have different means in this online system. So let’s Get Started as we need a lot of things to discuss. Now talking about these two things are very important for a business as first I didn’t even know what are these things. But now things work accordingly as I read them. So, let’s start with the Definitions, and then we will discuss them briefly.


Invest in a Sum of money that you have for starting a business in gaining profit. Or you put your money in other businesses in order to gain profit with the risk of loss in any case. For example, if you want to start a business and how would you do that? with money right? so for that, you give your money to your business. that money is called investment.


Harvest means to exit from some business completely in order to invest in something new. For example, if you know that your business is going down. at that point, you make a harvest stage and reap your investment and re-invest them in some new business.

Invest and Harvest

Now you know the definition of these two terms. both are strategies but in different ways. I have seen most people grow their business quickly but fail to plan the harvest strategy. But I will tell you which mistake you Don’t have to make while Starting and ending a business. So that your Investment Can be Secured. There are many ways that we can discuss but the best way will be to Discuss it in a planning way so you could understand it more. Planning way means doing it step by step.

Remember these strategies that we will discuss here in this blog will help you while starting or ending a business. This will help you in making the perfect strategies and plans. I will just open your mind the rest is on you. First, we will start with the investment planning and strategy and then we will go for the harvest.

1: Divide you Captial

First, think First. Dividing your capital means that put your investment in a different business instead of one. For example, if you have $100 in your pocket and you want to invest in a business, then this is the time where you want to think and change your strategy from investing in one to more than one. Divide $100 dollars into two parts and then invest in into two businesses. Why?

2: Stop taking maximum Risks

Everyone thinks that taking risks in business is that it will make you more money, but that’s not the case. Risking can be taken when it’s needed. Other than that, It is not a sensible thing to do. For starting choose a less-risk business and work more. For example, You have visualized two businesses. One can make a profit of 20 in 2 months. Another one can make in 3 days. I know you’ll always choose the 2nd one that makes more money. But what if you are a beginner and you don’t know anything about the business. This is what most people do as a beginner.

3: Learn before Start

Business is the same as a toy that you need and wishes to play with, but it also comes with the instruction manual. Learning is always have been the process of success. Without this, you will never gain and will not have the sense to deal with the Business. So start learning think first and then make the decision of what you are going to do with your business.

Business Types and Harvest Plan

Everyone thinks of their investment while they think of exiting or ending their business. There are three business types and we will discuss all of them and their harvesting planning and make sure to cover all of them. The three types are:

Sole proprietorship


joint-stock company

Sole proprietorship

This is the Business in which a single person is the owner and wh holds everything about the business.


Well, partnership means doing business with another person and you both are the owners of that company. Invested equally and share equal profit.

joint-stock company

Now, this is the main business that for you make harvest plan. This business has a separate league entity. There are seven to as many people as there can be. This business and to parts, Public and Private company. Now the profit is divided according to the investment you make in this business. For example, I have invested $20 and you invested $50 and some other random person invested $30. Then the ratio of profit will be 20:50:30. I will have 20% of the profit and you will have 50% of profit as you have invested more and the other Will has 30% of the profit company made.

1: Sole proprietorship harvest

This can be as simple as you can make it. When you wish to harvest your Business you can. No one-stop you as you are the sole owner of the business.

2: partnership

Now PartnerShip is something a little difficult. You can leave but you have to make sure that it doesn’t affect you. In a partnership case, you first wait for your investment to return then make a plan to harvest.

1: Reap your Investment

If you want to leave your business and first wait and remove your investment from your business and make a safe exit. So you don’t Have any problem form your Partners.

2: Pluck you Profit

This means now when your investment is removed. Take the profit which you have earned from your investment. every penny of it

3:Leave you Business

Now you are ready to exit the business. DO all the legal checks and say goodbye to your business.

3: joint-stock company

Now, this is the final piece. This is much complex and it is hard to make a strategy to harvest. But in a simple way, you can do it.

1: Sell Everything

Sell the Stocks that you own in this business, and take out your investment, and the profit you gained. In this Business, you should always have a plan to harvest. Because this company can be stabilized for too long. In tough Sutuions, you will have only have this one way to bring back your investment at any moment.

So this is it. don’t worry I will make a second part on it as I will make sure that you understand it clearly and I am going to make a blog on business types So you can understand it easily and properly. These are very important things that you need to learn before starting a Business. So if any query let me know in the comments.

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