Free Guy

The most amazing movie I have seen so far it’s here. Free Guy is just the best movie you will so far in 2021. Ryan Reynolds is the main hero means this movie has action, adventure and it’s funny. Most of all guys, Funny. By the way, all the actors have done brilliant work in the movies. This is the best movie I have seen so far in 2021. This movie is directed by Shawn levy. He has done an amazing job on this movie. before telling you the story let’s get an overview.

Cast of the Flim

Ryan Reynolds as Guy

Jodie Comer as Molotov Girl

Taika Waititi as Antoine

Joe Keery as Keys

and more


The story is about a guy. who goes by the name guy. Yeah Guy. I know it’s Funny but will do it just fine realize that he is just a background player of an open-world game. The free city is the name of the game. So you got the logic of the name given to this movie. Let’s review the movie and find out how this story starts and ends.

Intro to Free city

The Movie starts with the A man skydiving from with Free Guy title. Now We are listing to the voice-over of a person telling us about the city and we look the destroying each other. The voiceover Guy says that sunglasses people are the heroes of the game. As the city is being destroyed. We see up in the Room. A man wakes up with a voice-over saying his game as Guy and I live in paradise. Yeah, great paradise Guys. Guy wakes as says good morning to his fish and has his breakfast. Just like a normal person does. Right Guys. So before going to the office he always has a coffee and meets with his best friend buddy. They both work in the bank. Buddy is a Serutiy card and Guy works on the counter.

In a Moment, A robbery Happened in the banks And everybody gets down as it is like a normal day. But Guys say to their Friend buddy that I need someone in my life. Now somewhere in free city IN and alley, there is a masked man. I think he is waiting for Someone. Suddenly, A girl Comes from and asks the masked man for some location. He gives the girl a location and asks to steal clip 56. And she leaves. Meanwhile, Guy and buddy were having the same conversation. The girl was passing through every person and Repeating everything. As she knows from the start that what would they all going to say. But when she passed through Guy, She repeats but Guy doesn’t.

Free city The game

While Seeing her Guy felt like never before. Guy follows the girl but the guy is hit by a train. And then there is the same girl on the computer-saving game. At this point, I knew that it was a game. Guy and the girl are playing the game. The next day guy woke up with the same routine but he was not like many other days. When he goes for coffee, He asks something new not the regular. What happened to the guy. But When Reches bank and The robber were robbing the bank, Guy sees the same girl. Guy runs to meet the girl but buddy asks him to stop as we don,t talk to sunglasses people.

Guy Fights with the robber and shoots the robber and runs outside with the glasses. Outside when he wears Glasses he sees everything But Could not Understand that it,s a game. when he puts the glasses on he sees a medkit and uses it. After that, he hits a person and steals his money just like GTA he sees his money in the bank and is shocked to see it.

Non-player character

While he is stealing money, Back in the real world in the company keys find something. Keys Show Mouser that an NPC killed a player. They both jumped into the to stop him and see what is going on. Back in the game Guy gets the shoes he always wanted. and Slowly slowly walking. Man, this movie is so good so far. He was about to hit the train but is saved. Now Keys and Mouser are in the game not really just only playing. They think that someone hacked the game and is playing as Guy. They stop in many funny Way but Guy Escaped. Back in the real world Keys is worried and the mouse says don’t talk to Antoine about this. AS we see an interview with the same girl.

They are best friends And have an interview about the game. I think they created a Free city. As the story goes They think that Antoine teal their codes and the real game is hidden somewhere in Free city. We need to find that proof. Back in the Game the girl Reches the coordinates to steal Clip 56. The guy reaches them to and They have their first meeting. The Guards started shooting them as they both escaped. The girl is angry that Guy ruined his mission. Guy Asks the girl if I can Help. The girl still doesn’t Know That Guy Is an NPC. She thinks that he is a player in the real world.

Level Up And We’ll Talk

As Guy asks her if he can help her. She tells Guy about the level I’m on level 195 and You are on 1. If you level up we can talk. Guys ask her which level you are she says that if you Reach hundreds then. He then tells him the whole thing how to Level up, how the game works. As the guy starts to bring his level up. He does everything that needs to level him up. When he Dies it starts all over again from his bed. Meanwhile, in the real world Guys Becomes Famous Because He becomes the good Guy. The free city is an open-world game with bad people. But he decided to be good Among Them.

Guy goes back to his friend Buddy to ask him to live his life. But he is afraid to do so. Now the girl Goes back to the mansion to steal Clip 56 but She is attacked by the guards. Guy Saves him from everyone. He is shocked to see that. Keys Find something about the game. Antoine comes and tells everyone that to do some change with the guy. Antoine is the company’s head and of the game. In the game, The girl and Guy had a great time and the girl tells him her real name, Millie.

The First Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Back in the real world, Keys tell millie that Guy is not a Hacker is the first-ever Al and we made it. Antoine is using our code in the game. Meanwhile, they get to know that free city 2 is launching and their game and everything will be gone. Mellie goes to the game to talk to Guy. She tells Guy everything that he is an AI and not a real person. He is hurt and goes to Buddy. He talked to a buddy and said Please Help me. They go to the same mansion and they find Clip 56 And the owner of the house gives it to him.

Guy takes it to millie and She learns where the real free city in which they made. But this video goes viral and Antonie is angry. Because Now Antoine is rebooting the game. Because No one is buying free city 2. Keys ask him to stop, He reboots. Everything goes back to normal. The Same Old Game, And Guys daily Routine. So, Millies gets back in the game after the reboot. And goes to guy, but Guy Won’t Remember him.

The Final Step Part 1

Now millie tells Ket that it’s over, but keys tell her otherwise. That his system needs to access again. Millies find a video on the Laptop of Keys. He explains Millies everything. MIllies goes back Kidnap guy In a funny way and after a moment Guy remembers everything. He shows him the reflection on the windows. Millie tells that we need to go through the collision wall. Millie and Guy gather every NPC player on the game. when the plays come they find that the NPC’s are gone. In the real world, Everyone is shocked and asks anyone to do it right. Mouser and Anotinr try to stop Guy and millie but Keys helps.

Millie and the guy go to the beach. meanwhile, Antoine knows that it’s Millie and Keys. Antoine captures keys And he tells Antoine that I know You stole our code. HE fires him But he Manges to make a bridge for Guy. Antoine boots everyone out of the game. And brings the Dude in.

Captain America Cameo

Dud and Guy have a Funny Fight. As Dude was about to kill Guy He wears his glasses. but he saves himself with Captain America’s shield. and We see Captain America saying what. Then We see star wars Lightsaber with which guy fights. Antoine is angry is about to destroy the servers. Guy and Buddy run. while run Antoine Destroyed most of the serves. And buddy was gone.

The Final Step Part 2

The most emotional scene starts as buddy dies. Antonie is destroying Serves. But millie is on the way to top Antoine. Guys Reach the real world and everyone is happy. The most emotional scene. I Cried in this scene. But Moving On as Antoine was about to destroy the last server millie reaches and stops her. Asking him to make a deal. About giving our codes to you. But you need to stop.

Antoine stops. Next, we see Antoine is Underarrest, And millie Keys and mouser are in millie Room. Keys asks Millie to go with him to grab some coffee but millie said that she would play the game. In the end, Guy tells Millie that someone wrote the program this way so that I can love her. millieUnstood that it Was Keys all along. She runs to the coffee shop and they both see each other and smile. Wait not the end yet. In the game Guy misses Buddy and he sees buddy is Alive and they both live in the game Happily.

Last Part of the blog

So, guys, I hope you enjoyed it. There are more funny parts and Emotional Parts than I told you. Because I want you to watch the movie and feel it. Still, if you love please tell us in the comment section. Todays Quote.

Everything in this World is for Everyone

You just need to figure out which one is yours

That’s All Folks. See you in the Next blog. till they read or listen.

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