Fixed-Time Trading

Fixed-time trading is a new way introduce to make money online with a quick easy way. In this, you will learn how fixed-time trading works. And we will discuss the Skills and the Strategies of Fixed time trading. Strategies are the same but Skills are different and learning these new skills will help you in making more money. Now the main question is that how Fixed-time Trading works. So let’s get its Introduction. Now Before going to the introduction, Remember trading business is a risky business. In simple Words 70% risky and 30% profitable. Other businesses are 50 50 But this is one hell of a business.

Introduction to Fixed-time Trading

fixed-Time Trading is the method in which your Predict result comes according to the time you choose. For example, If you Want to trade for 1 min. This means you want to see the result that you predict on a specific asset whether the price goes up or down. Now, remember that Fixed time is a bit risky than Forex. But I want you to learn these skills that I have written below. These will help you in making the right trade and earning profit.

Skills For Fixed-Time Trading

1: Fixed-Time Asset

Now you know about trading. How does it work? and How we make Money From it. But now it is time to learn that how to choose which stock you need to invest in. In apps, These are called assets. So how do learn?

Chooses a stock/asset
Take Analysis of 3 candlesticks.
Predict the Price and Invest the amount you have

Now after the Analysis of the asset. It will be quite easy for you to understand it and will have less chance of Earning More money. The Amount you invest, make sure that it comes back. Otherwise, you will lose your money.

2: Never Trade For 1 or 2 Minute

This Is something you need to learn and focus on Carefully. The riskiest trades are for 1 minute and 2 minutes. Start trading for 3 minutes minimum. This will help you in making more profit and less Loss. Trade for 1 min means that you want your result to be shown in 1 minute. In these 1 minute trades, you lose your money in the blink of an eye. So never trade For 1 min. Now 2 Minute trades are less Risky but Still not worth it.

3: Use 1 Minute CandleStick

Now Using a 1-minute candlestick will help you in predicting more accurate Results. Look! 1-minute candlestick means that every minute a new candlestick will be produced. Now If you Pridcit The price will go up and your candlestick is below your predicted line that you will have a loss. But when it is above the Predicted line it means that you have gained Profit. Now you can use a 5 Min candlestick but only if you are trading for 3 Minutes. Because if you want to make money quick and use 1minute trade then go for a 1-minute candlestick. So think and then trade.

4: Minmum Amount Invested

Now you Started with $10 as your minimum Balance. Now how to gain profit Smartly. start with $1 in the price bar and close your trade-in in 3 mins. you will get a profit of $1.62 with a rate of return of 82%. Doing this Will be your Practice in real-time. Now the Sometimes you lose and sometimes you will gain. People that practice first and then go for real. But I say Practice, But in the Real-time not Practice mode. Start with as little as you can. So Now you Know investing Price should be between $1 to $3.

5: Use Only One Platform and Chart

Now, this Is important for beginners and they Don’t know the Japanese candlestick. Now First if you don’t know which site of app you should choose that I will recommend you. Olymp Trade is the best app for beginners. Because of its different advantages of Education, Strategies, Trading advisors, and a chance of making more money than others. Now For the chart, you should Choose a Japanese candlestick. This is the best chart That traders use. Because it is easier to read and has great chances of making money with trading.

Strategies of Fixed-Time Trading


Now Strategies may be complex for some to read. but After reading what I have written it will be easy to read for you. Now Axel has two lines line. you can choose any color. Let’s say red and Green. These lines are called momentum. In between, there is a line called the Zero line. When these two cross the zero line and each other you have to trade upwards. When the two lines cross the zero line downwards and then cross each other, you have to trade Downwards. Now It is mostly used for Fixed Time Trading. you Can use it for Forex just to start and Predict nothing else.

2: Diving

Now diving is very hard and very easy to read. But it comes with a lot of things It comes with water waves. just when the waves go up price will go upwards and you have to trade up. When the ware is down then you have to trade downwards. In between, there is a line that is zero. In Simple Words When waves cross zero line upwards, trade up. When the waves cross beneath the zero line trade downward.

3: Barcode

Now Barcode is one of the simple you will get in trading Strategies. It gives you two things. Bearish line and Bullish line. Now listen to Carefully, When the bearish line is above zero line and the bullish line is below the zero line then you have to trade upwards. And When the Bullish line is below the zero line and the bearish line is above the zero line then you have to trade Downwards.

4: Japanese candlestick

Now This is Not a strategy but works like one. Japanese candlestick is basically the best chart you can use while trading. Reading this chart is easy and your chance of making more money increases. The Chart has sticks that look like candles and are easy to read. these Charts make two candles. The candle is green and red. Green represents that the price is rising and moving upwards. The red one shows that the price is falling and moving downwards. So make sure to use this chart.

5: Indicators

Now Using an Indicator is a part of trading. IN apps trading have different indicators with different signals and predictions. Now it’s up to you which indicator you use, but make sure before using the indicators you should learn it. That is how this indicator works. SMA is the best indicator you can use Right now. There are more but I need you to find and learn on your own.

Now you know what is fixed-time trading. I didn’t change a word from the Strategies because it all works For a Fixed time also because trading is all same. But the Skills are different. Because fixed-time is risky but Quick way to earn money. So do it Will Pactienly and actively. Some changes are MAde in this Blog So make sure to read it carefully. I’m talking about Only Skills.

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