Fifa 22 is the next game in the FIFA series and what a classic game it has been so far. Electronic Arts have given everything in this game as they have done in previous games. Fifa 22 is a video game designed for plantation 5. This game has changed some amazing things in the Fifa world. It gives you the realistic gameplay that every user requires. A new interface and different modes will take you to the next level. Fifa gives you story mode So that you can make your own legacy. I have played this game and I’m already in love with it. So let’s get started with the basics.

Platforms for Fifa games

PlayStation 4

Xbox Series X

Series S

Xbox One

Google Stadia

Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 5

Microsoft Windows

These all are the platform you must have to play the game. Now let’s go to the next step where I will tell you some more detail that will help you in the future while playing this game.


This game is developed by Electronic Arts, EA Vancouver. The developers have done great work in Fifa 22. You have to see the game realistic feature that is provided in the game.

The features We needed

These features will blast your mind and will excite you to play it. Now that We have done Enough of the research but the blog will still go on as I will share my experience and my Story mode with you. So that you know that how I started the story mode and how far I have made my legacy. I love Playing Fifa because this game is everything for me and football loves. This game gives you the excitement like you are in the stadium and you are the one in control. You are the main hero of your team.

Modes of the game

There are modes in the game that you can play and spend your evening begins a footballer. There are modes like


career mode

manager mode

play now


Explanations of the modes


FIFA’s mode Volta is the mode where there is a focus on a bigger picture of skill moves and flair. It Represents the street mode. Where you play football on the streets and become a street footballer.

Career mode/ Story mode

This is the mode where you are going to play and love it. Because it’s about you and how you make your legacy in the football world. Make your profile. Design yourself. And let the world to you know you and your skills. So I think you will play this game and this mode Now.

Manager Mode

Now you are the manager of the club and you need to take your team to the next level. You can see the club’s information and the history that includes their transfer budget, and club worth which could be important for you as a manager. So let’s see I you play how far your team can go.

Play Now

This is Something we all Know. The Play Now mode. Where you can play with your mates and other teams. Well FIFA 22 is updated with the new transfers and is more enjoyable to play now. The team’s and players’ stats have also been improved and have the best experience yet.

FUT ( FIFA Ultimate Team)

Well, this is the part where it’s Not too good for but can be exciting for the core-hearted fans of football. You need to make the ultimate team. Now after making the team with the best players in the world. It’s ready to show the world what you got.

Now you know everything about the modes. In blogs that don’t sound exciting sometimes. But when you play the game you will see the new world on the game.

Last Part of the blog

So, Guys, I didn’t write much because there is not much to write. Games are meant to be played. You can read and enjoy the blog but you can’t have the feeling of playing the game as I wrote n the blog useless you play it. FIFA 22 is the best game so far with the best realistic graphic and gameplay. You will feel the same as you are playing in real life in the real stadium. So make sure you play the game and make things your way. Todays Quote

Living a simple life is Not an aim

Live that life that has an aim

That’s all Folks. See you in the Next blog. TIll then Read and Listen.

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