Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil

You may hear or see Cartoons In Movies and Animated Series of Famous 101 Dalmatians. IF you have never heard of them then I’ll tell you Today. The Story is about A couple Having 101 Dalmatians Breed. They are most commonly Know As for there Black Dot Spots on their Body. As the Story goes A Fashion Designer named Cruella De vil. She is after the dogs to Capture them or to buy them from their owner who loves them. She is after the dogs Because she wishes to use the skin of the dogs to create a spotted fur coat.

The Review

The Review you are going to read today in this blog is About Cruella. The Movie that is released in 2021 is about her Life Before She Became Cruella De vil. The Best Fashion designer of all time. And how she becomes. This is the story of her life.

The Cast

The Cast is Absolutely fabulous. Disney every time amazes me. Throughout my LIfe So Far Disney has given us a lot of great movies and tv Series, But We’ll about another day. The Cast of this movie is.

Emma Stone As Cruella De vil

Emma Thompson As Baroness

Joel Fry As Jasper

John McCrea As Artie

And More


Means telling you Guys that how good Emma Stones was. All of the stars Put a Brilliant act on the Screen as the movie goes on. There are some good moments in the movie. As when Emma was the spot fur coat, leaving everybody to think that she might have killed the dalmatians, And made a Coat out of their skin. It’s all Down in the Review. So let’s Get Started, Shall We.

Estella not Cruella

As the Story Starts With Curella’s Voiceover telling her Story from the Start and Her voice-over Start in some part of the movie. As the Screen Appears. A mother Giving Birth to a child. As the story is told by Cruella’s voiceover. As Now little Estella is big and brave. She knows how to handle herself. Her mother says to her Don’t Use mean words as your name is Estella, not Cruella. As Estella goes to school, her mother asks her to behave well in school. There she meets a girl and she Becomes her friend.

Poor Little Girl

Some boys in school pick on Estella and Estella fights with them. After fighting every day the principal of the School expels Estella. Now Estella and her mother goes to London. But before going to London they stop at a party. Estella’s mother Says wait here as I’ll be back in a minute. As her mother was talking to someone, She ran into the house to see what’s going on. There we see the first look at the three Dalmatians. As someone Caught her and was to take her out she Ran. Now the Dalmatians Ran after her. She ran and Got Down As the Dalmations Ran onto her mother and throw her off the cliff.


As her mother is now dead she Ran from there and jumped into a garbage Car and Went to London. As she arrived somewhere in London and she cried and slept. The Next morning She worked up and saw two Boys picking pockets. As the boys See Estella, they ask her about herself. A police officer Saw the boy and Ran after them, As Estella ran as well. She Ran with them and went to their hideout. There the boys Introduce them Self as jasper and harris. Estella cries and tells them that she lost her mother because of her as the Dalmatians killed her. Jasper asks her to join Us And she agrees. Estella asks them if she wants to dye her hair. She Went to the bathroom to dye her hair. As seen in the mirror. She goes down the mirror as little Estella But comes Up With…

Fashion Dream

As Now Estella is Big (Emma Stone). She is big and her dream too. But she is now a thief and a designer, Like With the boys. As the movie goes She has one dream that to be a fashion designer and to work in liberty. It’s her birthday and the boys surprise her by giving her the letter form of liberty. And she now goes to liberty As liberty is a fashion company and she now works there. What she Works as a sweeper there. I know it’s Funny. But After every day’s torture. She one Day drank herself and destroyed a display dress At liberty. The Next Morning…

The Job

The Next Day everyone was staring at Estella from the window as she realize what has she done. The Owner Was trying to catch her but she was escaping. Suddenly Everyone stopped and Someone told the boss that Baroness is coming. As Estella wants to See Baroness Because She is the best Fashion Designer in Town. As Baroness enters she ask about who did that. So she Hires Estella For a job.

The Truth Part 1

As Estella works With Baroness, they both working on a project. In this, we meet Rogers. he is the laser of Baroness. Basically, Rogers and his wife are the real owners of the 101 dalmatians. So Moving on, Estella is happy that Baroness is liking her designs. Sometime later, as Baroness was talking to Estella she saw the Locket which his mother gave to her. But She dropped her locket when her mother was killed and the Dalimations was after her when she was a kid.

The Truth Part 2

As Estella wanted to Confront her but could not Do so, As Estella Realized that She didn’t kill her mother but Baroness did. She Goes back to her Arctic where she lived with the boys. The Boys ask her what happen And she tells them that Baroness killed her mother. She then, later on, went to his room and think and she finally smile and the next day…

Cruella De vil

The next day, She Asks the boys if she wants to steal the neckless. As their plan is ready. At the party, everyone is shocked to see the girl and she introduces herself as Cruella. She sits with Baroness and talks to her. A Baroness was about to take Cruella in they escape with a distraction and Cruella steals the neckless but one of the Dalmatians Eats it. Cruella and the boys escaped but Cruella is upset and went to her room. The Next day the boys are having breakfast as Estella comes out as Cruella.

Curella Not Estella

As now She goes to meet Anita. Anita is the wife of Rogers in the animated series and also the owner of Dalmatians. She works For Curella in the animated series. Cruella asks Anita to cover her make her famous Write about her. As Curella Destoryes Every function of Baroness by Making her Entrance. On the other side, Curella asked the boys to steal the dogs so that she could get her neckless back. As the Boys work on the Dalmatians, Curella brings a friend with her, Artie. A designer.

The Party Begins

As Now Curella goes to every function And destroys it. Now Baroness asks everyone to stop Cruella and ask Estella to make a ravishing suit. As she makes the suit Curella and Baroness go for the victory celebration. Later that night Boys go to steal the Cloth but did, not steal as Baroness not taking a chance put the cloth in a safe. Now on the exhibition day, the safe is locked, and ask his man john to take Estella in as I think she is Curella. As when they open the suit. the butterfly flies all over them. Outside they See a Function is going on as Baroness watch.

The spotted Fur Coat

As Cruella starts the show, Everyone sees that she is wearing the coat of Dalmatians Skin. Baroness is Angry that Cruella stopped her show. As the show ended And the police comes They all ran. but Baroness sees from the window and follows the boys. As Curella comes home she finds Baroness is in her and burnt his house. A Cruella was about to die, A man saves her.

Baroness! My mother

The next morning When Cruella woke up She finds out the john saved her. John tells Cruella that Baroness is you,r birth mother. I was there when She give birth to you and tell her the whole Story. On the other end, Baroness is organizing a party at her mansion. Curella has one Last to take Revenge from Baroness. But first She needs to reunite the team. As she broke her boys from jail and ask Artie to help her.

The Final Plan

Cruella Starts the plan by giving Gifts to Every person at the party. The gift was the same hair-colored wig as her hair. But first, before going, Jasper and Cruella had a small and lovely talk. Jasper was explaining to Horace That it’s De Vil, Cruella says I like it. The party is at the same place where her mother died. As everyone at the party wears the same color wig is Impossible to find Cruella. The Dog Sees Estella outside and Baroness comes to. Estella tells Baroness that you are my mother. Small Talk between these two. Meanwhile inside The gang Tells everyone that Baroness is asking for all of you to come out at the cliff. Baroness asks for a hug but pushes Estella off the Cliff without noticing the everyone is watching. Everyone thinks Estella dies and the police arrest Baroness.

Meet Cruella De Vil

Now Baroness is arrested and Estella dies which everybody thinks. Cruella becomes the new heir of Baroness. And now She is the best designer of All. And Everyone is welcome to his house hell hall in which Cruella De Vil lives now.

Last part of the blog

Honestly, I loved the movie So much. This is my First ever action Comedy movie And I loved it. I will Watch more movies to give you better reviews As I’m growing up. Todays Quote

Time Never Rewinds Itself

Nor life, Make Sure you lived it Right

That’s All Folk. See you In the next blog. till then Read and listen

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