Business and Its Types

Learning Business Types is Super Fun. And That is what we are going to do today. This type will help you in selecting the best business for you. I will also explain some Businesses according to the types. Now, you already know what business is, But if you Don’t know then I will tell you at the moment. Remember you are here to learn the ways of earning money. Make sure you learn that nothing else. I have been finding many ways to tell you about business and money-making online in different ways. Today let’s see whether the old-school learning method works for you or not. So let’s Get things Started with this.

What is Business?

When you invest an amount of money in order to earn a profit is called business. In simple words, money that you have and you invest in some commercial activity hoping to get a profit from it. Now there can be so many of these definitions but I am here to tell you about its types and how they work. Now there are three types as follows.

sole proprietorship
Join-Stock Company/ Corporation.

Now there is a fourth type which is called Limited Liability company. I will explain a little about it. But these three are the ones you need to learn. Understand these and you will understand the Basics of business. Remember FIrst Make you Basic as always and then go to the next step. In this case, you will never fail. Now, Remember these types are easy to understand but can be a little difficult if not paid attention to. So read it carefully. Because this topic is fully focused on business types rather than explaining online making money.

Sole proprietorship

This is the First Type of business that has existed from the start of Humanity. A sole proprietorship is a single ownership business. In simple words, A business that is handled by only one person. A single owner. For example, A shopkeeper is the owner of his shop. So this is a Sole proprietorship. In this, you have no partner, no interference. You are liable for everything. Profit Loss everything. Now, this can be handled by Small business owners. You cant Grow this on a big scale. Now Some examples are

A Shopkeeper.
A barber.
A normal store.
and more

Now, this was Sole proprietorship. I wanted to explain as little as I can. So that you can understand more about it. Sometimes, Somethings can be understood in one word. So I hope you understood the First type. So let’s go to the next type.


Now, this is a little Complex type. A partnership is a business that is handled by two or more people. Now like Sole proprietorship it is not easy. A sole proprietorship can Start or End at any time, But a partnership is not Easy to start neither to End. To start this business you need a partner to invest his money with you. Then they are agreements that are made. The profit and loss ratio is equal. But it can also be decided on the money a partner invests. Now Ending is not easy also. If one wants to leave, he has to do Three things.

Reap his Investment from the Business.
Take his share of the Profit.
Make an agreement that he is leaving and now all the business belongs to my Partner.

So this is all About partner Ship. It is enough for you to read. Because this will help you to do thing rights if you Don’t have knowledge of partnership. Partnership Business is not easy. You have to change lots of things In this. So let’s go to the Final type Which is a Joint Stock Company. This one I want to write a long way. Because I want you to explain its types for you to learn this Easy. Now you can call it whatever you want. it can be a corruption of a joint-stock company. The Two types are Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company.


A joint-stock company is a company that has its own separate business legal entity. you can and Invest and can own your assets. Now there can be many partners for this company. The Profit and loss ratio is deiced by the money you invest and the stock you hold. All partners are of free will. In case you leave, you have to release your stocks So that any person who wants to buy can buy these company Stocks. Now you can enter this business easily but you can’t get out of it so easily. You have to make a full harvesting plan and work accordingly.

Understadning the Corporation

The Corporation needs Full attentions, time, and Skills. This business works in the public. Now If you think you can handle this. like I will example with an example. You have some money and you want to buy some stock of a company. Your Purchased 40% of the company Stock and Now you are 40% owner of the company. You will have 40% profit and 40% loss. So Now you Want to end your Business. What will you do? You can’t end the Corporation like Than. To end you 40% Business. First You have to withdraw to investment amount by Selling yours, Stock. Remember after Selling your Stocks, your stocks will go public. Now anyone can buy your Stock. When you are done with the investment. Take your Profit and Leave. And your part of the Business Will end. Now, this Business has its own two types. Those are

private limited Company
Public Limited Company

So, now I will explain this to you with a little Explanation about the types of corporations and then you can take the difference of what suits you better. In these types, you will learn about the whole corporation business in no time. SO read it carefully as it contains Some Good information.

Private Limited Comapny

This is the company that you can step up and bring People to this business. Now, It works as a person buys your Company Share and Becomes a partner called shareholders. Now the Profit is divided equally after excluding Corporation tax. The profit which is divided is called a dividend. But this business still has its separate legal entity. So you know that what is a private limited company. A public limited company is A bitter different. Let’s See that.

Public Limited Company

Now with the Word public, you should guess that it is a stockholding company. The company owners are the ones holding the stock but it’s run by directors. these Directors are appointed by the Shareholder of the company. it’s like You and seven other people are stock Holder of a corporation and you need someone to run the business for you. So the Stockholder helps a meeting and appoints a dictator from one of themselves. The Stock is open to the Public and any can buy these company Stocks.

Now, you know the business types and the Corporation types. These are all easy to understand. But just need a little time. Today most people do sole ship and rich businesses are doing the corporation types. I wanted to explain more but I will do that in my other blog. This was just to give you and basic heads-up of the business. So read and tell me in the comment box what you like about this blog.

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