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Today, We are on a topic that will pass you time with good things. The Trilogy of movies means having only Three parts. So we are going to talk about the 5 best of them. Anyone who reads the blog and loved the content will have a great weekend as he will watch the movies which he likes from our Trilogy blog. Many Movies are introduced throughout the year with having a Trilogy. But We will let You on 5 As we have made the list of Top 5 as we think. You can also give us your Own Suggestion in the comment box.

Number 5 Back to the Future (Trilogy)

This is one of the best movie parts I have ever seen. It’s still number 5 on the list because there are more interesting than this But it Seems fine to be on the list. Because some people like this kind of movie as fantasy and other stuff. This is a story of a boy named Marty McFly and Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown invented the time Machine car that can travel through time. Marty travels with the doctor through time to make some changes to his life. So all three parts of this movie are about traveling time in three different locations.

Character in the Movie

Michael J. Fox

Christopher Lloyd

Lea Thompson

Thomas F. Wilson

and more

Amazing Work done by everyone. Everyone played their role Superbly in the film. The First Flim was released in 1985. and all three parts are a blockbuster and exciting to watch.


This Flim is Directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Why this is on the list

This is because it was a heart movie watch and was hit in the 90s. There is not much action but the storyline is perfect. THink that one day if get a chance to travel through time. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? So that’s Why it is on the list.

Number 4 Blade ( Trilogy)

This movie is A horror and action movie but a few funny parts. But it is great to watch. The Story is about a man named blade who is half Vampire and Half Human. He becomes a vampire hunter to protect human begins and stop vampires from ruling the world. As in the Final Part, he faces Darucla who is invisible and Challenges Blade. Amazing action and amazing movie everything was great in this movie and recommend you to watch it. Like Seriously.

Characters in the Movie

Wesley Snipes

Kris Kristofferson

Stephen Dorff

Sanaa Lathan

and more


The Movie is Directed by Stephen Norrington

Why this movie is on the list

Because this movie has the action we need and for Horror movies loves this is just good. This movie is like if you have watched it once you can see it again. it Will give you the same joy You need. Really good acting by every actor. I am sure that you will love this movie.

Number 3 Spider-man (Trilogy)

Well in 2002 There was the Spiderman we wanted to see. There are 3 parts with different storylines and villains. But Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman saved us from all. The casting was perfect and the movie seems to be the best So far. Action, Thriller, emotion everything is in this trilogy. Actors have done great work and recommend you to watch it again

Characters in the movie

Tobey Maguire

Kirsten Dunst

James Franco

Willem Dafoe

J K Simmons

and more


This movie is directed by san Raimi. And he has done an amazing job on these three films.

Why this is on the list

Well, this is the best spiderman movie you will ever see. Because this is full of drama, action, and more. But I will recommend you to watch it again. you will love it.

Number 2 The Matrix (Trilogy)

Well if you have seen this movie, good. But if not go and see you will love it. An amazing movie in which a man named neo Goes into the wars between the computer world and is stuck in the middle of something Dangerous. this Is one of the best movies you will see So far in the Sci-fi world.

Character in the movie

Keanu Reeves

Carrie-Anne Moss

Laurence Fishburne

Hugo Weaving

and more


This movie is directed by two peoples Lana and Lilly Wachowski. They both have done and great job on these films.

Why this is on the list

Well, this is number 2 on the list as we speak Because this is a movie you do not see every day. I will recommend you to watch this right now or at the weekend. you will get excited to see this. the best Sci-fi movie I have ever seen.

Number 1 Iron man ( Trilogy)

Well, I know most of you have watched the iron man as you are all connected to marvel. but this is number one on the list because it is an amazing movie to watch. All action scenes the suit building and new suits excite you. Funny Parts are also included in this movie and the character of tony stark is like the best you will see.

character in the movie

Robert Downey Jr.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jon Favreau

Paul Bettany

and more


This movie is directed by Jon Favreau. And a marvelous job is done by him.

Why this is on the list

Well, what you see is the best movie by marvel. Iron man is the start of marvel first. Because he is the main leader of the team. So if anyone hasn’t seen these movies, he is not from this planet. go and watch Now.

Last part of the blog

I know I don’t have words to say about the films. but I do best for you. next time I will try to entertain you more. and for now, read and comment if you like it. Today’s quote.

Reach the Sky

Star will come to you at the right time.

That’s all Folks. see you in the next blog. till then read and listen.

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