Arabian night

Arabian Night

Today I will tell you the story of Arabian Night. The Arabian Nights mean the story of one thousand and one night. Welcome to a new blog. Today I will tell you that you have been hearing for centuries. The story of mystical nights that remained for one thousand and one night. These stories were told to the king by the queen So that she would make the king’s heart Soften. Every time the King heard the story, he was surprised to hear the story. Every time He learns something new. A Moral than Soft his heart forever.

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Character’s in Arabian Nights

The Sultan of Persia

The Queen of Persia

Various queens

The teacher

the wazir


This is a fifteen-century Legend in the Araban country. It is the time in history when thousands of fantasy legends were born. Now, these stories are told to children and make them happy. Some believe that these stories are based on true events. Well, we will see where this story leads us to. So let’s get started with this blog today.

Arabian Night

Also, known as One thousand and one Nights. Based on a true story, but no one knows the authors. Magic has been a part of our life every time. Many stories you know, many you do not know. In the 14th Century, there was a sultan. The sultan of Persia, The sultan has married a beautiful princess which he loves. The state was full of peace and joy. But everthing is planned by god. Now sultan found out that the princess betrayed him. She was in love with someone else and Only Married the Sultan to be the Sultan. The sultan was so angry that he killed her and the person she loved. The sultan cried for her. He curses himself for loving the princess. He thinks that every girl is the same.

This Bitterness took him to a stage that no one can think of. To take revenge on the princess for her betrayal, he decided to marry a woman and kill her before sunrise. So that she could not betray him. As all of this started, the sultan marries a woman every day and kills her before sunrise. This Concatenate Last for several months until the Solider could not find any more girls from any town. The sultan had a wazir, who had a beautiful daughter who was hidden from the sultan So that he could not kill her.

The Condition

But finally, The Daughter Agreed to marry Sultan. The wazir said, that I can’t allow it because I only have one daughter. The daughter said Don’t worry God will help me. I have the knowledge that my teachers gave to me. This knowledge is more than enough to soften the king’s heart. The Wazir put a stone on his heart and married his daughter to the Sultan. On their wedding night, they meant each other. But no one knew That from today many fantasy stories and legends will be born.

On the wedding night, The Queen asked the Sultan that why you do this. what has to happen to you. The Sultan doesn’t tell her anything but asks her if she has any last wishes. The queen insists on the Sultan and the Sultan tells her the story of the betrayal he has been given. After telling the story the sultan asks that you all are the same and even you. You can’t have me with sweetness. The queen was a patient woman. She said that She has a last wish. If the Sultan permits, I would love to tell. The sultan asked her to tell.

She told the Sultan that she wants to tell him a Story. If the sultan would love to hear I will be happy to tell. The Sultan became angry that said that I am not a child. But if this is your last wish I will grant it. The Queen said that I have conditions also that as stories are told at night I will only tell you the story at night till the sunrise, not After it. The Sultan agreed. The Queen was happy and start telling the sultan a story.

The Sunrise

The Sultan begins to listen to the first Story. As the queen told the story, The king gain more attention to the story. In the middle of the story, the Queen hears the sound of azan. And she stopped. With full curiosity, the King said why you have stopped. Tell me what happens next. I want to hear the whole Story. The queen said that the sunrise is on us and my time on earth is over. But the king said tell me the story. The queen said that I can tell stories only at night not in the day. As the executioner was coming, the King permitted them to stop, as she will live on more days. The queen is happy to know that the sultan has given him one more day.

But the King tells her that after this story finishes I will kill you. The queen is happy and goes to meet her father, the wazir. She tells him the whole story and tells him that She will make the sultans heart soften. She asks her father to not worry as she knows what she is doing.

One Thousand and One Nights

In the Night the King comes and asks the queen to start the story from where they left. The queen started the story and tells the prince, the whole story. As the story ends the King asks that it is time to die. But she manages to do something and tells the prince that she has another story that he would love to hear. Sultan with Curiosity ask her to Him every story she has. The Concatenate lasted for one thousand and one night. One night, the queen told him that she has told him every story she had in her pocket and She is now ready to die. The king had a very long time with her and he fell in love with her.

The Sultan Apologizes to god that whatever he has done please forgive him. The sultan and the queen lived happily ever after and she Told all these stories to their sons and daughter. And these stories have been moving on from century to century and will move on forever. The Legend of Arabain night ends. The king and the queen died peacefully. But the queen has left the world with whether the stories are true or not. Some say it is and some say It is just a fantasy.

Last part of the Blog

Well, guys, I have told you everything I got. But there is still more to come. If all of this is true that all the treasures, genies are also real. where are they now? Today’s Quote

Search the world With eyes.

but search yourself with you worth

That’s all Folks. See you in the next blog. Till then Read or Listen.

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