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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Another Friday, another story, and another Arabian night. After completing another story the prince was very happy but still, his mind won’t change to kill his wife. But the princess was too clever. She said to the prince, that has heard the story of Alibaba and the forty thieves. Princess explains a little and asks the prince if he wants to hear it. The prince asks her to tell this story of Ali Baba. That is how he killed all the thieves and become rich. Guys, you may have heard this story before but let’s heart one more time. The original story.

Character of the story

Ali Baba








The Confusion

The confusion is that Alibaba married Margina, but that’s not true. Alibaba was already married. Nor Alibaba married Margina with his son. Margina was a servant of Kasim. When Alibaba became rich, he one day visit his brother. He saw that Kasim was scolding a servant. He asks his brother that why are you angry with this woman. But Kasim won’t Listen and beat her. At once Alibaba said that I want to buy this servant now. Alibaba brings Margina home and feeds her with food. Margina thanked him. Margina is an important character in the Story but not the heroine of the Story. Because whatever she did was with the help of Nur, Ali baba’s wife. Hope That’s All.


Now the princess starts the story. Ali Baba was a young merchant who lived with his wife. He had only a brother named Kasim. After their father’s death, his elder brother took over the business and married a wealthy woman. Kasim is very greedy. He can do anything to have more and more money every day. As Alibaba and his wife is poor they can just afford to earn their living by cutting wood and selling them in the market. The story is about to get change as well as the life of Alibaba.

One Day

As usual, Ali baba goes to cut wood in the jungle. But today was a special day for him. Because he is going to know something that no man knows till now. He was cutting woods in the middle of the day. Suddenly, He heard some noises of horses coming through from out of the jungle. Ali Baba went to see what’s going on. So he passed the jungle and hide behind a large stone and see forty men on horses in front of the cave. The cave was powered by the Djinn. One of the men Came in front and said some magical word and the wall of the cave was opened. Alibaba heard and listen to everything.

The Cave of the Forty Thieves

A few hours later, the Men came Out and were gone in the jungle. out of curiosity, Ali baba wanted to enter the cave to see what’s inside. At that time he didn’t know that this curiosity will change his life forever. He went to the cave and wait for a moment. A Djinn appears and said that tell me the password. But Alibaba was thinking Whether to go inside or not. But Finally, he said the magic words and enter the Cave.

The Cave was enough big for more than forty men. Suddenly, His eye sees the view which was and is a dream of many people. He saw riches from all over the world. Riches are enough to set his life and his generation forever. Ali baba then Realizes that this is the cave of thieves. They loot everything from everyone and store it here. Alibaba was Humble and a good person. He never wanted the money of others. But this was the money of thieves. Alibaba took a bunch of gold coins, gold, jewels, and much more.

Kasim in cave of Thieves

Alibaba goes back to his home and brings all the riches to his wife full of joy. Alibaba and his wife become the richest in town. As days past Ali baba brings more wealth and become richer. But one day his wife Asked that where did you bring all of this wealth. He told her the whole story. but not knowing that Kasim’s wife was listing everything and went to tell Kasim. One day, Ali baba visit his brother. He saw that Kasim was scolding a servant. He asks his brother that why are you angry with this woman. But Kasim won’t Listen and beat her. At once Alibaba said that I want to buy this servant now. Alibaba brings Margina home and feeds her with food. Margina thanked him.

Kasim came to Ali baba and apologize for his behavior earlier day. Kasim asks Ali baba where did all of this money come from. Ali baba made some excuse, but Kasim asked him to tell the truth. Ali Baba didn’t want to tell because I knew how risky it was. But After insisting a lot Ali baba told him about the cave. Kasim goes from his house. Ali baba warns Kasim about the thieves. Kasim thought that he is making it up. Kasim tells his wife that he’ll go tomorrow in that cave and will become richer than Ali baba. This is his greedy that will kill him.

Qasim’s Death

The Next morning, Kamis goes in search of the cave. Into the jungle and then to the cave. When Kasim Reached their the Djinn asked for the password. Kasim told Djin the password and went inside. There is sees a lot of wealth and becomes happy to see the wealth. In this happiness, he forgets the password of going out. After loading the wealth on his horse he deiced to go out and bring more horses back to load more wealth. When he was about to leave. The Djinn asked the password for going out. Kasim got scared when he didn’t remember the password.

Now, Kasim was locked in the cave and had no idea how to leave the cave. As Kasim was Stuck in there Suddenly, he heard the noise of horses coming into the cave. The Forty thieves Arrived. Now the Cheif of the thieves was talking to his men about that some of our gold Is missing. How?. After some talk, A man saw Kasim and told the chief. The Chief Thought that Kasim was behind stealing his gold. The chief Threaten to kill Kasim Unless he tells the truth. Kasim got scared and told the chef everything. After telling the truth the chief Killed Kasim and asked his Men, go to the town and find this Ali baba.

Hide In the Night

After two days, Kasim’s wife got scared that Kasim hasn’t come home. She goes to Ali baba and told everything to Alibaba. Ali baba goes to the cave and sees his brother has been murdered. Ali Baba brings his corpse home. After some days have passed, The chief orders his men to find Ali Baba. The men went at night and Found Ali baba’s house. They marked the house with a big “X” on the door, So when they come it would be easy to find the house and kill Ali Baba. When the thieves were leaving Margina saw them.

Margina told Ali baba everything. But now what do we do? Alibaba asked margina. They marked “X” on every house So that thieves would be confused and will not attack. The next night when thieves came to town to kill Alibaba, they were shocked to see that every house was marked with “X”. They ran away, and when to Chief and told him about everything. Cheif is angry and Now he has a plan. Lets. Find Out, people.

The Oli Merchants

Now The chief goes to the town as an oil merchant with his 39 thieves. When he entered the town, everyone came to him to make deals but Alibaba came there and make a deal. Because he wanted the oil for his village. The chief was happy and there he first saw Alibaba. Alibaba offers the oil merchant to stay at his home tonight for a party. Margina Suspects the merchant.

The Death of 39 Thieves

When everyone was enjoying the party Margina went down where the oil cans were placed. Margina saw from a hiding place, that thieves are in the cans as they are coming out. Margina At once thought of a plan. She told Nur that, this is going on. They both Put Hot Oli in the Can and the Thieves died. The chief did not know What’s going on. At night When everyone was Sleeping, The chief Woke up and went to the oil cans and asked his men to come on and kill Alo baba. But No one was answering. The chief sees his men and is shocked to see that they all are dead. The Cheif Now wants to avenge his thieves.

The Final battle

The Next morning, Margina tells Alibaba the whole story And Alibaba is Furious and went for a fight with the chief. As they Fight Alibaba Kills the chief and Ends it once and for all. In the end, Alibaba gives Margina his Freedom. Margina Decided to stay with Alibaba and His family as well as Kasim’s Wife. The End.

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