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Aladdin and the magic lamp

The story which is ongoing for centuries in this world and will go forever. In every part of the world, they are different stories that have been told about Aladdin and the lamp. Different movies have been made, but for my first Arabian night story, I pick this one. This is a story in which some parts you are missing and some you have been told by elders of your family. So let’s get ready to read the amazing journey of Aladdin and the magic lamp.






Abu the monkey

Iago the parrot

The king of Baghdad ( the sultan)

The location in which this story took place:

This mythological story took place in the city of Baghdad. Most of the Arabian night stories took place in Baghdad but in different periods. if I have to say I give Baghdad the name: the city of myths.

Character details

The story of Aladdin has been heard almost everywhere in the world but with different content different story-line. But do you really know the story? If not then, today I’m going to tell you the story.


a young orphan boy lived in the street of Baghdad with his best friend a monkey named Abu. Yes, you heard it right a monkey. Basically, he lives in the street with a little room on the corner. He steals food to feed his hunger. But is that it? His life is just that he is a common thief. Or was it more to it? The life of Aladdin was just about to get change. The most important detail that I missed is that Our boy Aladdin is in love. Can you guess? Okay, let me tell you she is a princess, But not any princess she is the princess of Baghdad. Yes, you heard me, Right princess of Baghdad.


is the princess of Baghdad, princess jasmine. Jasmine is a princess that has never left the palace since the day she was born. Now she wants to go out of the palace and wants to see the world and its wonder. But the princess does not know how bad the world is out of the palace.


From the start, we heard stories of genies and their power. We heard that genies are all evil and bad spirits but in this story, it’s totally different. This genie is cool, awesome, and comedy. The genie was trapped in the lamp for centuries and in a cave with no one for him.


the bad boy this night. Jafar is the minister for his highness (Sultan of Baghdad) and with bad intention to be the Sultan one day and will rule the world. For this he knew he need to do two things:

To marry princesses jasmine, or to find the magic lamp and use the genie’s power to be the sultan.

Abu the Monkey

is Aladdin’s best friend. Aladdin found him when he was a baby walking in the street and now they both steal to feed their hunger.

Iago the parrot

is Jafar’s pet who can talk a little and helps Jafar in his evil plan to rule the world. he is the right-hand of Jafar.

The sultan of Baghdad

is the most generous king of all time. He is a good person, but he is old and wants his daughter to get married to a princess So that she could rule A sultana (a Queen). But your highness’s great headache is that his daughter doesn’t want to get married

The Story

So let’s begin. The Story start’s with a boy living in a street after his parents died. At the age of 13, the boy become an orphan and lived his life in a street. One cold night he was sleeping, suddenly he woke up to a sound he heard and saw a monkey was Shivering in the cold So he ran and put a cloth on him and then he introduced himself as Aladdin and he gave money the name of Abu. Since then they became friends.

10 years later

Aladdin is now a young boy but a common thief to feed his hunger with the help of Abu. but With a pure heart inside him. On the other hand, introducing Princess jasmine. The beauty which has everything. But ambitions to get out of the palace and see the wonders of the world. But Jafar is planning Something else.

 In these 10 years, Jafar has tried to enter the cave of Wonders but Could not do So. Because only a pure-hearted person can go through. Jafar now has to find the one with a pure heart, So that he could get the magic lamp for his motives. So he goes to the palace to see in his magic ball the person he needs. And with Jafar lago the parrot who helps him in his evil plan. but the interesting thing is that parrots can talk. Jafar with his magic power gives lago the ability to speak.

Aladdin Jasmine (The first meeting)

When You are destined to meet someone, You will meet that person whatever happens. One day jasmine decided to leave the palace without telling anyone. When She went to the streets She was happy to seethe out of the palace. but gets herself in some trouble. But guess what Aladdin was the person to save him. After saving jasmine they both go to the palace where Aladdin lives. They were about to introduce themself but the guard appears in front of them they were about to escape but the guards caught them. And Princess Jasmine at once reveals herself as princess jasmine and orders the guard to release the boy but the guard tells the princess that Jafar has ordered for this boy.

Aladdin Jafar and the cave of wonders

Jasmine goes back to the palace to see her father and Jafar and told her father that Jafar has done something but Jafar puts an explanation and convinced the king. Now Aladdin and Abu are in the jungle waiting to be hanged till death. Is that is for Aladdin? or something more is awaiting him. Suddenly he sees an old man which is Jafar in disguise. The old man tells Aladdin that he knows the way to escape, but for that, you need to help him. Aladdin agrees. The old man tells him that there is a cave that holds the riches of many countries, but in between them there is a lamp and I need it. I only need the lamp the rest of the treasure is yours said the old men.

At the right time when the guard was about to take Aladdin, they all escaped and went to the desert for the caves of wonder. When they reach the cave of wonder, the old man says remember that I need the lamp rest is yours. Bring me the lamp. Aladdin agrees and goes to the gave with Abu.

In the Cave Of Wonders

Down there they see riches that no man has ever seen but the warning comes and says that except the lamp you can’t take anything out of here. Aladdin sees the lamp in front of him and goes to grab it and he grabs it. When he came down and they were about to leave they forget the way. they saw a magic carpet that help them to through the way out. But Abu make a wrong step and steals a coin and the cave I about to go down and they are running and the carpet helped in go through the cave and when they reach the top they didn’t see that the old men push him down So that Aladdin will die in the cave.

But Aladdin holds on to something and the old man asks for the lamp but Aladdin asks for help but old men say first the lamp. Aladdin had no option but to give him the lamp, So he gave it to him. But the old men betray Aladdin and squeeze his hand and throw him in the cave and caved closed and Jafar escaped With the lamp Or did he?

Aladdin And the magic Lamp

Now Aladdin is stuck in the cave with Abu, but he doesn’t know that Abu stole the lamp from the old man. While outside the cave Jafar thinks he has the lamp in his grasp. When he sees his pocket he is shocked to see that the lamp is not there. Now down there Aladdin finds out the Abu has the lamp and he rubs it accidentally and a genie comes out from it and Aladdin sees a giant and runs. This genie is different from others. he is cool and hot. He tells Aladdin that he got three wishes that the genie will grant to him as the rule of the lamp. Aladdin tricks the genie and gets out of the cave securely. Now, what will be his three wishes?

The First Wish

After getting out of the cave, they went to an island where Aladdin has to decide his three wishes. But his wish is to marry the princes which cannot happen genie can’t do that and in law and order she can only marry a prince. So at once, Aladdin said to the genie “Can you make me a prince?” And the genie says “your wish is my command“.

Prince Ali in Baghdad

Now Aladdin is a prince and they set their foot forward to Baghdad. Meanwhile in Baghdad Jafar is in full control of the sultan ad wishes to marry the princess but the princess is rejected. When Jafar was about to say something they all heard some noise and went out to see what is it. There were riches, a lot of guard women, and much more. And in between them, there was Aladdin in his new look as Prince Ali the king of nowhere but everywhere as prince Ali enter the palace with genie and Abu. The sultan welcomes prince Ali to the palace but Jafar seems suspicious about known the prince.

The Magical Night

As the fun begins, Aladdin aka prince Ali is in the palace looking for jasmine but Jaffar has his eyes on Ali. Jasmine is sitting in his room suddenly she heard a noise from outside her and sees prince Ali. Ali offers her a ride on the magical carpet. At first, he becomes scared but later on enjoys the ride with the prince. Jasmine gets the idea that the prince is the same boy that she met in the market. But the night was so beautiful that she forgot everything and enjoyed the carpet ride. In the middle of the night, she asks the prince that he might know her friend Abu and the prince’s secret is revealed in front of the princess, She has many questions but the prince drops her off back in the palace, and the princess thanks the prince for the ride.

The Same night

After leaving the princess back to her room, Aladdin was going to back to his room. Suddenly Some soldiers captured him and presented him in front of Jafar. Jafar comes to know that Ali is Aladdin and threw him in the water. From nowhere God helped Aladdin and the genie came out of the lamp and bring Aladdin back to his room there was no second wish ever made by Aladdin. Genie helped Aladdin by breaking the lamp’s rule.

Jafar and the Magic lamp

The next day in the middle of the palace everyone Is waiting for Prince Ali. Jafar was About to say something, But the prince interpreted him and Jafar is shocked Aladdin’s alive. At noon, When Aladdin was busy with the princess Jafar searched Aladdin’s room and found the Lamp and rubbed it and the genie is now the slave of Jafar.

Jafar The new king of Baghbad

As Jafar takeover the genie he makes his first wish to be the king of Baghdad and at once he became the king of Baghdad. The king and the princess are now slaves of Jafar. As Aladdin is thrown away from home into nowhere and no one knows where is he.

Far from Home

Aladdin was thrown away by Jafar with the help of the genie. Aladdin now has to come back home to save his beloved Baghdad and the princess. While in Baghdad Jafar has ruled on everyone and wishes to marry the princess Which he will Now. Jafar was asleep and the genie take a quick nap and brought Aladdin back to Baghdad. Now for the final battle what will happen.

The Final Battle

Aladdin is back in Baghdad and Jafar doesn’t know that. Aladdin went into the palace to meet the princess and told her that everything will be alright. He has a plan to save everyone. The plan is to steal the lamp from Jafar.

Jafar Vs Aladdin

When Aladdin was about to steal the lamp Jafar sees him and capture him. bNow Aladdin knew that he is in big trouble. To save himself and others he gave the best greedy everyone wants to have “Power”. Jafar made his third wish to be the most powerful than a genie. And Jafar became a genie and Aladdin trapped him in the lamp. And Jafar was long gone as genie sents him away for Good.

The Last wish

The time is here to end the story and the blog and Aladdin makes his last wish to set the genie free from the lamp. So that the genie could live his life. Now the genie was free and Aladdin and Jasmine are married and lived happily ever after.

Last part of the blog

So finally we are here. Before leaving I always say a quote and today’s quote is

“Strange Tides are for those

Who knows How to get through them “

That’s all Folks See you in the next blog till reading and listening.

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