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In this blog, I Will tell you about the business which is going almost everywhere in the world. Everyone wants to do it, but no one knows how to do it. The mistake is in the basics. If your first step is not good, then what will you do? How will you accomplish it? I’m writing this blog to make sure your every doubt should be clear. Read this blog till the end, and you will know everything about affiliate marketing and how it works. 

Myths and reality about Marketing

On today’s date, everyone wants to be a millionaire and make their dream come true. Trending on one of the topic business, everyone wants to do it, and I have been one of the victims of this business.

I also wanted to be rich and make money with marketing, but I fail and, that doesn’t mean you will also. I’m writing this blog to make sure you all succeed. This blog is all about you not making any mistakes. I want to tell you how hard it is to earn money. 

What is affiliate marketing?

This means finding a product and selling it and earning commission from it.


join an affiliate program that will give a hyperlink that you need to promote to earn a commission.

But does anyone tell you how all of this works? 

No one will ever tell you that there is a lot of hard work on the back, the pain, and everything. 

If you want to start an affiliate marketing

Everything you should know to

  1. make sure to stick to one program from where you are to find the product. recommend ( digitore24)
  2. Need to find a landing page or funnels site. Here you can create pages or funnels to showcase your product for selling.
  3. Need ads to run on google ads and Facebook ads to promote your product.
  4. Finally, when someone purchases a product, you get a commission, you start earning.

Landing pages and Funnels in Affiliate marketing

It is a part of the blog where you need to understand and everything about the pages and funnels. Just like websites have pages, there is a new tech called funnels, where it is a page builder site to customize your page to advertise your brand without coding.

These funnels are customized templates that you can redesign according to your product. 

Why do we need funnels and landing pages?

We need funnels because the hyperlink or promotion link we are provided with needs a landing page to work. Otherwise, these links get blocked by Google and Facebook. These funnels are like tv ads, but in page forms, you need to read everything to buy the product, and then you will know that it’s good or bad. does it mean for you or not

Google and Facebook Ads

Now let’s talk about ads. What are ads? and how do they work?

Ads are the way to show the people of the world what is that you are selling. These Ads are basically, How you play with people’s minds So that they would buy your product.

Ads campaign in affiliate marketing

In affiliate, marketing ads have the same purpose as they help to gain a customer. But, do you know that you need to study ads before making them, yes you need a proper brief about them, Before setting them up and make them work. 

How to study ads?

For studying ads, you need to learn how to run them. There are many youtube videos on how to run, google ad campaigns, and much more.

What type of ad do you need to run?

 Most probably, you need to run conversions ads. Conversions ads mean, bring those customers who would likely buy your product.

There are also other ads you need to study for lead generations.

What are leads?

Leads are something you need to generate in this whole process, which means getting emails. From your customer through the landing pages you made. You can also make leads funnels to collect leads from your customer to sell them new items next time. These will be your future customers. 

What are pixels?

Pixels have been manipulating my mind for a long time. But now, I’m going to share you with all the knowledge I have on the pixel. It is a small code that you need to copy-paste on your funnel to know what process your customer is going through, whether he buys you stuff or making leads, adds to the cart, and much more. It helps you with all the producers of letting you know what activity your customer is doing on your landing page. There are many youtube videos on how to set up Facebook pixels. I will recommend some videos in the comment section.

The final part of the blog

So the final part of the blog is here as usual. Now I’m guessing if you made it so far, you have some idea how to make money online. Remember you need to invest something to regain in return. Nothing is free in this world and will never be. So before starting any business. Just keep in mind that you need to learn how much you need to invest. Is your mind capable of doing this work? Most importantly, is any outcome coming from your investment.

Make sure and double-check everything before starting any business. It is just a myth that if you run an online business, you will succeed 100%, and you will be Rich and whatever. These are all just myths and nothing much. Wake up guys, living an American dream is not that easy, You need to do both hard and smart work to live your dream and be successful. At the end of this blog, I write a quote to make you believe in something, that you are something, that you belong to this world, and one day the world will belong to you.

Todays Quote

              To be a legend in the world.

                  First, you need to be the hero in the world.

That’s all folks, see you the next, blog Till then, read and enjoy

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