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Affiliate Marketing, The trending Business. Making a huge amount of money for the people who are working on it. I know that you want to be the master of Affiliate marketing. Today we will discuss it So you Don’t have any queries related to that. After reading this blog you will know about marketing and affiliate marketing. Also, start making money online Just like other people. Now this marketing can be easy or can be hard. It’s up to your learning. Today we will discuss, what is Affiliate marketing? Its Platform, and how to sell products and earn money from it?. These will be the main topics for today. But with some more information according to my knowledge, I will try to tell as easily as I can.

More overdoing this business, you need to give time to it to make money. Now, Before starting this Topic just let me know in the comment if anyone Is interested in learning to Form me. If you think my way is easy for you to understand. So let’s do this.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling a product online to get a commission for selling that product. the more you sell products the more you will earn money. Commission starts from 50% to 80%. This means If a product has a value of $100 then you will have a commission of $50 to $80 on every product you sell. So Simple Sell as many products as you can and you will make money in no time. but make sure to have a niche product. So that you can focus on one and earn more money. In my Every blog I said that why should we have one niche. Let’s discuss that briefly.

Why One Niche is important

In a business like this One niche is important. Because you can’t focus on every product. The product is not gonna sell its self. You need to do all the hard work to reach your customers so that they could buy your Stuff. In the case of choosing more than one product. You will fail because you will do it quickly and will make mistakes. Your Mond will not be in one place. So try to pick one niche and do all of your hard work on that. And if your product is successful and making sales then you should go for another product.

Which platform to choose

Now there are so many platforms. These platforms are called Affiliate Programs. Now to choose which platform you are going to use you must go through three steps. These are very important. So,

1: check whether the platform works in your country or not.
2: Check whether the withdrawal methods work in your country or not.
3: Check that the product you need is in that program.

Now, I will recommend three platforms, which I think are the best for everyone. If you want to choose another it’s your choice.

1: DigiStore
2: Clickbank

3: Share A Sale

These are some platforms that you can use and make sure to go through these steps. Now you know what is affiliate marketing. which platform you need to use. Three Important Steps and more. Now it is time to tell you, How you will be using the Affiliate Program and its Product? And how will sell the products online to earn commission on a sale?

How To Use the Affiliate Program and its Product

I will not make it so Large. I will tell you in a small description that how to use these programs. So to use these programs you have to do the following steps.

1: Sign up for the Program.
2: Fill up the details.
3: Create a unique Username.
4: Now go and the dashboard and choose a niche.
5: Select a product.
6: Beneath the product clicks The Button “Promot now”.
7: It will generate a unique link.
8: That link is where your customers will find the product when they click it.
9: Now you need to promote that link. So that your customer clicks on that link and makes a purchase.
10: Now if the customer purchase from that
click, you will get a commission on that sale.

These are the step you need to do on any affiliate program. Now I have told you how to use the program. and how to get the promotional link of the Product. So now let’s Talk about how you will promote this link So that your customer buys the product and you make sales. Remember these promotional links are the getaway to the checkout of the product. To promote you need to do and go through different Processes to make your product ready to introduce to the market.

How to sell Affiliate Products Online

Now to make this easy for you. I will describe Four ways to promote your promotional product link/ Affiliate Link. These ways will help in making, Landing pages, E-marketing lists, Promoting your link, and bringing in the right customer. The Ones who are likely to purchase your product. These Fives ways are like Five steps connected to each other. You have to do it one by one. This will help you to understand and make affiliate marketing easy for you.

1: Building Landing Pages

Now the first thing you need to do is to make landing pages. landing pages are like a page of a website where the detail of your product, your product, and the form is where you collect emails from your customers. Basically landing page is what makes your visitors into customers. Now Landing Page is the first and important part of Affiliate marketing. You have to make a landing page that your visitor Could,t not Rissit. And in the end, he buys the product from you. Now for this, you need a proper platform to build any kind of Landing page.

The Platform you can use is ClickFunels. The best platform for Landing Pages. So I think you Got the First Point. But remember Making a landing page is not easy. It is what your Visitor sees and on seeing your landing page and what’s on it, he decided to make his decision.

2: Collect Email ( Email- Marketing)

Now the second thing is the first page of Your landing Page where you ask your visitor to add their name and email id to move to the next stage. When They put their name and email, Where they go. This Is What I will tell you and what are the advantages of it. Now you need to use a platform called Get Response and integrate it with your landing page. So When the visitor enters their name and E-mail, their data will be transferred directly to your email list which you have created on Getresponse and integrated with your landing page. Now you can send your visitor different marketing emails like Discounts and vouchers, just to make his interest. So for all of this Email-Marketing is Used. Playing with your visitor’s mind. Just to make him your customer.

3: Promotion link and Landing Page

Now The next step is to add your promotion link to your landing page. After the E-mail and Dircrtiption page, comes the Buy Now page. add the Promotional link to the Buy Now button. So when the visitor clicks on the buy now button it will take him straight to the checkout page of the Product. It is that simple. But these all are learning processes first, and then go for the Particle. Just make sure to put the promotional link in the right place. Otherwise, everything could get fail. Make sure to detail your Product and the link should only take your customer to the checkout page.

4: Advertising The Landing Page

Now we have come to the final step. Landing pages have a separate URL that has been given to you while you created the landing page. Now you have to advertise that landing Page link. So that the people can go and learn about what you are Selling. Advertising your landing page is the most important thing. Because Advertising is the way through which people will reach your landing page. Then to the promotion link checkout. So they make purchases so that you make sales. This is how the Affiliate marketing system works.

Additional Ending

One more thing. Affiliate marketing can be at its best. When you know everything about the product you are selling. Marketing is all about the bond between you and your product.

So, this is all about Affiliate marketing. But It just not ends here. There are many things to come in the future. I will make sure that you all get updated every time. I will new blogs on it. So my User won’t miss a thing. And more thing I will tell you with every new blog. So see you in the next Blog. We will discuss Five Skills you need to learn for a successful business of Affiliate Marketing.

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