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Advertising is the main portion or backbone of the business in my point of view. So today, we will learn the skills of how to advertise online. I have a Whole blog, in which I have told everything, every minor detail of online advertising. But I made a separate skill part for you. In this, We will be learning Four skills of advertising online. Now if you have read my blog of learning Ads then this would be easy for you to understand. It is not easy to do ads online. because you have to have full knowledge of it.

Now you know what advertising is and how it works, if Don,t then I’ll introduce a little bit before going to the Skills. Now these Skills are best for anyone and can be used as a strategy in any social media advertising or any other advertising platform. There are so many advertisement platforms you can’t even imagine. I will make a blog on where you advertise your product, blogs, or any other stuff you want to promote. So now Let’s Get started with the Little intro and then Skills.

What is Online Advertising

The Simple Definition can be for this. When you want to promote something by Investing your money on a platform that reaches out to millions of people so that they can spread awareness of your product on your behalf is Advertisement. This works when you communicate with an advertising company and tell them about your product. Afterward, the only work they do is brand awareness. People get to know your product. In this case, you make sales and more money. Now read the Skills carefully. Because these will work for you on any platform. and make sure to go through this at once So that you could understand what I am trying to tell you.

Advertising Skills

Skill 1: Pay less Make more

Now Sometimes this all can be very tricky. Advertising companies charge you more than you get the result. But most of the time it’s our fault. We don’t make the ads as we want them to be. That’s why we don’t get the results. Now how to overcome it. Remember, if you are making money, but give it all to the advertising company. you will get nothing. So, to overcome this, you need to do some things. Choose one advertising platform for the first time. let’s say Facebook. Now learn the whole process and then start advertising. Second, make sure to choose the location where you want your product’s awareness. In that way, you will be getting better results. Third, Choose a Lifetime Budget. This is for better results and pays less to the companies. Now by doing all of this you will get a perfect result.

Skill 2: Choose Brand awareness and Traffic

Okay, this is something most people don’t do. The Ones, who are doing online selling. They start their ads by conversion type. But don’t go for that first. These ads can be hard and can be easy. Also, they can be cheap and can be expensive. Now there is a neat trick that you need to learn here. Listen, Don’t go for conversions. Go for brand awareness first and then go for traffic. Finally, it’s Conversion time and you can make money. Now I know that was quick, but Hold on. The Trick is that First make an ad for brand awareness.

Now second is that You need to target the same audience you use for awareness. This is called Retarget marketing. Then use the same audience in conversion. In this way, you will have conversion and people will also buy your product. This is how you play with people’s minds. So this is how you need to go. Choose these two first. These are like the first and second Steps of your product promotion.

Skill 3: Retrageting Audeince

So, I have told you in the Previous Skill that what is a retargeting audience. Now, this is the skill you must learn Because it will make you more money. This is because you are using the same audience you sold your product to. So, If you have sold to 100 people 50 will purchase from you again. In this way, you will make more sales. But How to retarget right. Well, this could be as simple as you can.

Choose your audience first. Second, Choose the country. Third, Show them your ad. Now you have to target as many countries as you can with more than 5 to 6 ads. This will help you in getting the right audience and making them your permanent visitors with retargeting. So I think you understood this skill. This is very important but difficult to learn. It takes time and princes of mind to learn. If any problem, Just let me know.

Skill 4: Use every Kind of ads

Now the final skill is that you should use every kind and type of ads there are. Because sometimes the right audience doesn’t come from anywhere. The main reason for which we use adverting is to find the right customer for our product. So do that. But with a different Advertising Plan. You can USe Solo ads, Infeling Marketing, google ads, and much more. There are more like you can call someone, text someone. Use every method you know to advertise your product. This is the best and most important skill you need to make money online. As I said before things are different here in the online system. You have to be active every time. Ads can be of many types. Now you can make ads Through Canva. The best product for customizing anything.

So, this is it for today. I hope you liked these four Skills. Remember Advesting is not tough. Just the learning part is Tough. If I have to say then learn less and do practical more. In that way, you will learn everything. If you have any queries, just let me know in the comment box and we will solve them. This is just a process of you learning something from a fortune grabber.

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