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Who we Are

We are here! We are a blogging organization. Just to let you know. We are what we are doing. We do blogging. covers the entertainment/media industry. We write blogs so that we can talk to you, the person who is reading this. This about page is for the visitors of www. to read. We give you movies, T.V Shows, and game reviews. Now you must be wondering what is special about us. Everyone does this, but what we have that no one has, brings you three brand new topics that only we have.

1: The daily life ( In this you with get a daily blog on any and every topic just like a daily newspaper.

2: Arabian Nights (The one thousand and one stories that we will tell you in every blog.

3: Story Mind ( this is the part of our mind. You can imagine it like a writer is writing a story for your entertainment.

So Far, we think you have understood our blogging style, our love for write and much more. We are our best to give the best content, not just on-site but everywhere.

Mysterious Drake

We all Represent ourselves with the name mysterious drake at the end due to some of the writers don’t want to show themself nor their names. So we writers use this name.

Description About our topic

topics 1: We introduced it as a newspaper with new topics every day. There will be lots of blogs you can read for entertainment purposes and for news or to gain knowledge on anything like places, national treasure, plants, animals, and much more.

Topic 2: Story mind is a concept we made together. It’s just that we will stories or script if you say, just for entertainment purposes. These stories will entertain you. but I will take time as the script need time but will make sure to give you a new part every week.

Topic 3: Not a normal movie Review that we give you. It’s a twist with us talking to you. You will get the idea once you read my blogs. Movie reviews are for upcoming and previous movies and make sure it should be enough to make you like, or if you dislike, or what you want. Reviews are for you So that you can enjoy the movie and my blogs.

Topic 4:  TV show review is working like as for old seasons which are finished will be reviewed as season by season. The new seasons will be Reviewed as episodes by episodes. Whenever the first episode is aired. then the blog is uploaded. And one more thing every episode will be written on the same blog.

Topic 5: The story of One thousand and one Will be written one by one every 3 days. Some you might have heard some you Don’t know but will know soon after I write the blog on every story.

Topic 6:  We will give you a review of every game we play. After playing the game, We will write the review No wrong turns.

The Blogging Routines

We give you content on daily basics. Remember If You Read TV blogs and StoryMind Blogs which have seasons and Episodes We will Update the blog According to the time.

Example: If I wrote Episode One. Episode Two’s Timing will be written down Episode. So check the website on a daily basis if you love the content. when we Update our Content You Will Know.

Quick notice: This timetable routine will start from 5 Nov 2021

For More detail About us contact us.