ABout Us

We are here! Just to let you know. We are what we are doing. We do blogging. Blogfond.com cover the entertainment/media industry. We write blogs so that we can talk to you, the person who is reading this. We give you movies, T.V Shows, and game reviews. Now you must be wondering what is special about us. Everyone does this, but what we have that no one has, BlogFond.com brings you three brand new topics that only we have.

1: The daily life ( In this you with get a daily blog on any and every topic just like a daily newspaper.

2: Arabian Nights (The one thousand and one stories that we will tell you in every blog.

3: Story Mind ( this is the part of our mind. You can imagine it like a writer is writing a story for your entertainment.

So Far, we think you have understood our blogging style, our love for write and much more. We are our best to give the best content, not just on-site but everywhere.