Movies in 2021 to Watch (Top 5)

Now it’s time for the 5 best movies you could see in 2021. How to select I Don’t Know. Because 2021 has given us a lot of great movies to watch. If you Don’t want to waste your time searching for Which movies to watch. Feel Free to read this blog and Your confusion will be gone. Guys this blog can be changed Till Dec 31, 2021. Because I know there are lots of movies Coming. And they are going to be Blockbuster. Some of the movies which are on the list I have watched but have not to returned reviews on it. But After this Coming Week, I will write New Movie Reviews.

Number 5 SAS Red Notices

Tom Buckingham, a special forces operator, is taking Dr. Sophie Hart from London to Paris to propose. When their train is deep inside the Channel Tunnel, Grace Lewis and her team of heavily armed war criminals seize the train and hold hundreds of passengers hostage. Grace threatens to expose the British government’s darkest secrets and blow up the Channel Tunnel if her ransom demands are not met. Unarmed and cut off from his counter-terror team, Tom is the only hope that Sophie and the other passengers have to make it out alive.


This movie is directed by Magnus Martens. This film was a great action and adventure Film. good Job by the Director.

The cast

Ruby Rose

Sam Heughan

Tom Hopper

Hannah John-Kamen

and More

Why this is on the List

This movie is on the list. because It is one of the amazing films you will. The Action Sequence and Darma in the movie. and the actor are superb with the film.

Number 4 The Martian

Well, I know This Movie Was released in 2015, but it’s still good enough to watch in 2021. The Story is about a person named Mark Watney. He was with a crew On Mars Mission. When a Storm hits them The crew immediately left Mars Leaving Mark behind thinking he’s Dead. Now Mark is alone on Mars and has no way to go back home Until he waits for Another spaceship to come. Mark has a Minimum Supply of food on a deserted planet With very Little chance of Survival.


This movie was directed by Ridley Scott. He has done a great job On this Flim.

The Cast

Matt Damon

Jessica Chastain

Kate Mara

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Jeff Daniels

And More

Why this Movie is on the List

First of All, I don’t like this kind of movie. But I made Some interest in these movies. And I loved to watch these movies. But you should watch it and tell us in the comments about how you liked the movie. First I use to watch movies like So famous and all But When I started my Blogging Career. I almost watch every movie. And it’s Kinda Interesting.

Number 3 Venom let there be carnage

This past week Venom let there be carnage was one of the awaited movies. Because People start Loving Venom so much. The Story is now that Eddie and venom are still learning to be good with each other. Still have a few Differences Between them. But everything changes when a killer named Cletus Casady becomes one of the victims of the same alien symbiote. Now Eddie and Venom Must stop him Before Its to late stop.


This Movie is directed by Andy Serkis. Great job on the film. And I have watched It and will make a review Soon.

The cast

Tom Hardy

Woody Harrelson

Michelle Williams

Naomie Harris

and more

Why this movie is on the list

Well, what can we say? Still the best movie So far and With the incredible acting of Every actor. The Comic and actions scene were so good that you should really need to watch. This movie has a lot of fun and some serious acting stuff. I loved watching this film because at the end you will love the post-credit scene.

Number 2 No Time To Die

Our Very old Bond, James Bond is Back. This never gets old Guys, Seriously. James is back with a blockbuster where he is living a normal life after He leaves his active services. But this is James bond we are Talking About. His life gets disturbed when he is asked for help from an old friend Felix Leiter. This time the mission is to rescue a scientist Leaves Bondto an unknown villian who has a hold on dangerous Weapons.


This movie is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. Brilliant works and Loved the movie.

The cast

Daniel Craig

Rami Malek

Léa Seydoux

Naomie Harris

and more

Why This Movie is on the List

If Someone Asks me why this is on the List. So please go and Watch it First and then comment on us. Everything was great with the movie action scene and The style of Bond. this all-in-one movie is Great to watch.

Number 1 Cruella De Vil

Now tells Talk about the Number 1 on the this. This year we have given lots of movies but this one was the best. Well, you may have heard of 101 dalmatians. They how bad the villain of the series Cruella de vill wants to kill the dogs So that he could make a spot fur coat. Well, this is her story. Before becoming Cruella De vil, she was a young Girl Estella, who one day wanted to make her name in the fashion world. But this happens to her. Cruella makes her name when she meets baroness, A fashion legend. And when Estella befriends her they embraced her wicked side as Cruella.


This movie is directed by Craig Gillespie. But she made a lovely movie. I think no one can do a better job than she did on Cruella

The Cast

Emma Stone As Cruella De vil

Emma Thompson As Baroness

Joel Fry As Jasper

John McCrea As Artie

And More

Why this movie is on the list

Well, this movie was really really amazing. The best part was of Estella and Cruella Combination. Comic timing was perfect and well everyone did an amazing job on this Flim, you Should Watch.

Last Part of the blog

Well, I hope you Like this collection of 2021. These are all the best movies you can watch there are more but I,m sure you Will love these. Todays Quote

Remember Every good Saying at the Right time

Some Times when you Remember It’s Too late.

That’s All Folks. See you in the next blog. Till Then Read and listen

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