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Making money online in 5 best business Ways

Today, most people are earning online, giving up their 9 to 5. The Trend is almost running everywhere of earning online. But the most important thing of all is that no one has the sense of how to earn online, they just heard from someone that he/she is making money online, So why can’t we. Today this is the only mistake youth are making and investing their money online in the wrong place. Today I’m going to tell you why to put your money and where to invest. What are ways you can earn money through the online system?

There are a lot of ways you can earn money online, but I’m going to tell you just the five best ways to earn online with a small investment. So that you could live your dream. Remember, these ways are not 100% guarantee that you can earn money because first, you have to learn about these ways and then start investing. Remember, there is nothing free in this world you have to invest something to earn money. The investment could be your time, your worth. Money is the main thing you need to invest to earn money. without investing money there is no profit for you.

What’s in this blog?

In this blog, I am going to tell you the 5 ways to earn money online With a full guide Explaining everything and sharing my experience, and you can ask me more in the comment section. So let’s get started with the blog.

1: Online Trading

Today trading is one of the most profitable businesses I have ever seen but the most dangerous one also. if you learn to trade you can earn a decent amount of $100 or more daily. Trading is a risky business. you are on your own if you want to earn money through trading. You can start today with just $10 as a minimum investment.


Olymp Trade.

Expert Option.

My experience

My experience is A 50 on 50 on trading. I have lost a lot of money but gain also a lot of money. I am doing trading for almost +3 years of experience. But still I even myself lost a lot of money. it’s up to you and your knowledge of how you earn and how you spent your money.

Note: Again trading is a risky business, So try it on your own. 

For more details, you can reach me in the comment section.

2: Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the trendy businesses ongoing nowadays. To do this business you need to learn everything about marketing and how to work this business. Marketing is a strong tool in your hand, it’s in your hand you can work with anything. Affiliate marketing is when you promote or sell Someone’s else product to earn a commission that sale you make.






My experience

I love to market products for others because I earn commission on them. This business is not risky, but it depends on learning, reading, and skills. The most important in marketing is to know your product better than no one. Your minimum investment would be from $100 to $300.

3: Dropshipping

You may have heard of Dropshipping because now everyone is doing it almost in every part of the world and making a lot of money from it. Dropshipping is basically, a business with no inventory of your own. You just have to own an online store and have a portfolio, and when a customer purchases from your store. Your supplier directly sends the package to your customer. You keep a little profit from it.





My experience

I used Shopify for dropshipping, It worked fine for me. I make a decent amount of money. Your minimum investment would be $50 to 70 per month. If you want to learn more feel free to text me in the comment section.

Note: learning is the first process in making money online first learn and then invest.

4: Freelancing

This is one of the best businesses you will ever see because it needs you to invest your time in it. This business depends on the skills you have no the money you have. sometimes people don’t start a business because of lack of money but do worry if you have a lack of money, but are full of talent, this is the right business for you.

Apps/ sites




People per hour

My experience

For me, whats can I say I don’t have any talent, Just an ordinary person, But I have seen people reaching the top just being a freelancer. They have earned a lot of money and made their dreams come true. Working on your skills is the best business in the world because you are the king of your business. Just invest your time and Skill to make money online with this business.

5: Surveys and testing website.

This is the business which I nearly not know much of but know enough to make your interest in it. Simple as that you need to do some surveys to earn money and test some websites to earn money. most of the b people do this just by sitting at home and making money.






My experience

I haven’t used it much but I made a little amount of $10 once and you can make it also. by doing this business it is good to sit at home and money in your bed.

The Last part of the blog

Every time I make the last part, It makes me happy because I love what I write. Remember today, what I told you about these 5 businesses does not mean you will earn money at once, this business required knowledge, attention, Skills, and most important is time. if you lose any of this the business won’t work for you. Do all your Learning and then invest everything and you will succeed for sure.

Todays Quote

  Don’t run for the money 

                 Make money run for you.

because in the end, you will Run everything, not Money.

That’s All Folks, See you in the next blog. Till then, read and enjoy.

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